Emergency Health Dowsing For Pets

Written by Maggie Percy

You And Your Best Friend

Have you ever been in this situation (or do you worry that you may): You discover your pet has an injury, and you don't know exactly what caused it, it looks bad and you aren't sure what to do? Health dowsing can come to the rescue! When you have as many pets as we do (we've had up to 12 at any given time), this sort of thing is bound to happen at some point. (In fact, those of you who have human children instead of furry ones, the same thing applies). That's where dowsing can be a true life-saver!

Health Dowsing for Pets:

First Rule: Don't Panic!

It was a Saturday morning–isn't it always a weekend when things like this happen? Our oldest cat, Cleo came up to me. I petted her absentmindedly. Then I noticed a big bulge under her chin. I mean BIG. My first reaction was fear and panic. Oh my God, something's wrong with her! What happened? Rattlesnake? Wild animal attack? Scorpion bite? That's the problem with an active imagination. You can create all kinds of creepy scenarios. “Come on, Maggie, get a grip!” I told myself. “Breathe deeply. In and out. Investigate. Gather data. Then dowse. All will be well.” I think it's natural to have a panic reaction in situations like this. The key is not to let it take over. So I did the best I could to detach from my emotions.

A Bit of Detective Work…

This is where the left brain comes in. I did some detached fact-finding and analysis.

  1. When could this have happened? After a bit of thinking, I remember a big brouhaha on Thursday night out in the back yard after dark. Cleo had shot in through the pet door with her hair on end. Very unusual for her. When I had gone outside, our two dogs were sniffing the ground near one of the gates eagerly, as if an animal had left the yard in that direction. I didn't think too much of it at the time. We live out in the desert on 4+ acres, and we have lots of wildlife. It rarely threatens us. Bottom line: whatever it was probably happened Thursday night. Almost two days earlier. And it probably was an animal attack of some kind. And probably not one of our own.
  2. How bad was her injury? I took the time to examine her carefully. Thank heaven she's a placid creature. She let me look, poke and prod. The swelling was enormous, and when I gently pressed the area, a lot of fluid poured out of it. There was a gash as well as a pretty large portion of skin that had been removed completely, as if something had grabbed her neck and ripped the skin off. She had obviously been scratching it, as most of the fur on her neck was gone. On reflection, she hadn't been eating well (she's never a big eater, so I hadn't thought much of it). It probably hurt to chew and swallow. My conclusion was that she had a serious injury that needed some kind of treatment. I was also concerned about her not eating, as that would detract from healing.

Health Dowsing Resolves Health Questions & Support Healing

healthdowsingOnce I'd gathered the facts, I was ready to look at options for helping her heal. And I had some important decisions to make. Decisions that could cost a lot of money, trouble, time, effort and maybe even cost her life.

This is not the type of dowsing you want to plunge right into as a beginner. I have established a number of questions that have meaning and work for me that relate to whether I should seek professional help in a health crisis or for a symptom. Since each person is unique, you will need to create a series of questions that have meaning and work for you.

I happen to have a large number of tools for natural healing, plus a lot of training in Biology. This perhaps gives me more confidence than the average person. But the truth is, you don't have to be a doctor or Biologist to dowse about health. First, set your goals clearing in writing. For me, they include:

  • I want to go/take my pet to the doctor/vet if that will be the only or much better way (quick and safe) to resolve the problem
  • If it will make things worse to get outside help, I don't want to get it
  • If it won't be any better(in terms of time, side effects, results) to get outside help than if I do what I can at home, I don't want to invest the time and money in a vet appointment

I have spent a good deal of time and effort making it very clear what my priorities are, and they may not be the same as yours. Some people will put money first. Others will put the health and happiness of their pet first. I am not making any judgments. You create the list that speaks to your priorities. After you have your priorities and options written down–I strongly recommend writing them down–you can dowse about what to do. Since I've already done these steps, all I had to do was dowse. Here are some examples of what I dowsed. You might have other questions.

  • On a +10 to -10 scale, what is the overall level in effects on Cleo's recovery of treating her myself?
  • On the same scale, what is the overall level in effects of taking her to Dr. _______? (Different healers will have different scores.)

I didn't get a good number for going to the vet. It was a much better score to care for her myself. I got Nigel to dowse, too. For things like this, have someone else back up your dowsing.

Next I asked:

  • Do I have a method or methods of treatment that are an 8 or higher on a scale of 10 for healing Cleo quickly and safely with no long term side effects?
  • If yes, I list dowse which are the best. Then I dowse how often and when to use them, etc.

Here's a book that will help you to use dowsing for your pets in a variety of ways.

Once is not enough!

Dowsing pendulumEvery day, I repeated the questions about the vet and what methods to use. Things can change from day to day. So each day, start over. Retest what therapy or method to use, if going to the vet doesn't test well.

I used a combination of salves, ointments, essential oils and The Emotion Code to help her healing. In fact, I did Emotion Code work on her while we were in the U.K. Each day, Cleo got noticeably better, in spite of continuing to scratch. An Elizabethan collar wouldn't work, due to where the injury was, so we just had to ride it out. This was a particularly important issue, as we were going to the U.K., and she was not fully healed when we left. So we had to be sure she would not get worse while we were gone.

As you can see by the video here, she is doing quite well now. Have you used dowsing to save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of vet and doctor's bills? We have! If you get your dowsing up to speed, it can save you more money than you can imagine. And that's not even talking about how much stress it saves you…

Have you ever had to do health dowsing for pets? Share what happened in the comments section below.


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  1. Sue

    Do you have pet dowsing charts? I have not found any for sale or otherwise on the internet. Sue

    • Maggie Percy

      We don’t offer charts, but the queen of charts is Juanita Ott at mirrorwaters.com. If she doesn’t have what you need, she may know who does.

      Another thing to think about is that chart dowsing is just list dowsing done another way. If you have a good idea of the choices, you can make a list, add ‘other’ and dowse the list. If you don’t know what to put on the list, then you need to have some help on that. If you still can’t find any charts, I would suggest going first with the big picture. You can make a small chart or list with physical, emotional/mental, energetic and other listed. Then you can dowse what the most significant root cause of the problem is. There may be more than one. You can ask what % is physical, if you get physical as the answer. At least that gives you a start. Going deeper depends on your knowledge of those subjects, but include ‘other’ in any chart or list, and that will make you able to get something that isn’t listed. Good luck!


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