Energy Streams From Your Finger Tips

Written by Nigel Percy

Energy and your hands

We all take our hands very much for granted. They are amazingly complex mechanisms.

But they are also much more than that. They are also where the energy we are all part of can be discovered with the aid of a pendulum, and the video below will introduce you to some ideas you can follow.

Dowsing is a wonderful tool. It allows you to discover things that you cannot see. Things like the energy which flows through you all the time. It's amazing when you let your pendulum show you the energy pouring from your fingertips. This video takes you through the simple process of using a pendulum to check on the energy flowing from your fingertips.

Energy at your fingertips!

The fingertips are really good places for using a pendulum, because they are easy to access with a pendulum. The central part of the hand, the palm, is where most healers are familiar. It's where there is a big chakra which is central to most energetic healing. You can discover about how to use dowsing to explore the hand chakras.

The great thing about dowsing over the fingertips, though, is that you can see differences in the energy that can be due to past injuries or blockages. By following the process shown in the video, you can discover a great deal about yourself.

You don't have to do it every day, but checking up on how the energy is flowing through you is a useful thing to do. If something is not quite right further back up your arm, then it will usually show itself in a difference in how the energy comes out of the fingertips. Of course, you have to know how it is normally to know whether there is any difference!

Watch the video to see how to do it (it's really easy!) and then begin to experiment for yourself. Like so many other things, you get better at dowsing because you dowse. And the more you dowse, the better you get.

So, watch and then practice. And share your results in the comments section below.

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  1. Barry

    Great, I didn’t know about hand chakras , now I do, thanks to Nigel

  2. Nigel Percy

    Happy to help!

  3. Gary


    I got an Isis pendulum, I have been trying to work with it and for all I try, i get wrong answers. we established yes/no, we established my name with a bit of effort and that is about it. I try clear questions, i even write things my name or some name down and ask, is this my name? no, answers. then I ask is the temperature 74? 75? no, answers. I tried an object at the end of a string, same thing happens. so I am right about ready to give up.

    The pendulum is responsive, just wrong, both of them.

    • Nigel Percy

      First, there’s nothing wrong about the pendulum. It’s just a tool. The answers are wrong, not the pendulum. I am assuming you have come to dowsing after hearing about it and wanted to try it out? Good for you. Anyone can learn to dowse. But what you should understand is that, while dowsing is most certainly a natural human ability, it is also something which requires some basic training. There is a whole host of free information on this site which will help you in your quest to become an accurate dowser. Dive in and watch the videos and read the blog posts. However, if, after looking through the site you feel that you want more help, then I suggest that you take a look at our Discovering Dowsing course (available on this site).

  4. Litza Meira Beers

    I made a mistaking not to watch all the videos. Incredible what the pendulum can do.
    Thank you

    • Nigel Percy

      Remember, it’s the person holding it that’s the most important part of it all…

  5. Monica

    I feel energy in my fingers without pendulum, on any binary questions which already happened in the past easy, some days better than others, maybe depending on the moon faze. I’ve tried future is more tricky, with some errors. I’m thinking if someone else have this kind sensation, or I’m going nuts:)

    • Maggie Percy

      If you’ve joined our tribe, you have received the three videos on how to dowse without a tool. Dowsing the natural way is done without a pendulum or rod. It is not strange. You are not a freak. Anyone can learn to read the messages their body is giving them when they dowse.

      Our bodies are always giving us messages. Just as every physical symptom you experience is an expression of an energy issue or imbalance that you can ‘hear’ and use to your advantage. By learning to dowse, you become more in touch with these nonverbal messages.

      Many things can affect your accuracy, but if you learn proper technique and practice, you will become less affected by outside forces and influences.

      As I mention in the article, if you view time as linear, that will affect future dowsing. However, quantum physics has shown time is not linear, though that is very hard to picture. The point is, how you view things does affect your dowsing.

      Don’t worry, you are doing fine. There are a lot of helpful articles and videos on this site that will encourage you. Take advantage of them and feel free to ask questions.

  6. June McIntosh

    Is it significant that both my index and middle finger are anti-clockwise? (Thumb and ring are clockwise; pinky is anti-clockwise.)

  7. June McIntosh

    Also, I pendulumed with my left hand over my right fingers, which felt weird cos I’m not used to holding pendulum in my left hand. Here’s what happened: all right-hand digits except pinky were weakly anti-clockwise for a few seconds and then went to immobile. The pendulum over the pinky went vigorously side to side and kept going. I don’t know how to interpret all this!

    • Nigel Percy

      I’m answering both of your posts here, June. The direction of spin can, I think, vary according to what’s been happening with your hand and fingers. For example, have there been any injuries to any of your fingers which might help you to understand what you are seeing? As for dowsing with your left hand, because you’re not used to it, that would most likely explain why it went to a standstill. It takes a bit of practice to be as comfortable dowsing with either hand. It’s not something I’m particularly good at. So, if you wanted to see how your right finger tips were doing, you could use a diagram of a hand and dowse over that, or, if you felt confident enough, imagine your right hand and dowse each fingertip while holding the pendulum as normal. What you’re asking to be shown is the flow of energy from the fingertips. What you don’t want is to have it blocked and nothing flowing. as for how that energy leaves you, much depends on what’s happening to your hand and even your arm. Old injuries, scars, bruising, even medication could alter what’s going on. Remember that the energy flow within and through you is dynamic and always shifting, so don’t always expect to see exactly the same response each time.
      I hope that’s given you some ideas to explore.


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