The Fastest Way To Become Accurate In Dowsing


Written by Nigel Percy


The Fastest Way To Become Accurate In Dowsing

Being accurate is, obviously, something all dowsers should strive for. But, very often, dowsers will take it on faith that they are accurate and automatically assume that everything they dowse about is real and true and spot on. And they do that because they have never taught themselves how to be accurate or practiced being accurate.

Most of us, as well, like things to be short, sharp and quick to master, if possible. This is true of dowsing. Often newbies will ask about the fastest way to become accurate as if it is a sort of switch they can flip and hey presto! they are suddenly accurate.

It might sound strange, but perhaps it might be of use to use a quotation from a philosopher; Aristotle in this case. He said that in order to be a good person, you have to practice being good. In other words, it?s not something that happens to you out of the blue, nor is it something which you can acquire overnight. It is a process.

The same is true for becoming accurate in dowsing.

I said earlier that some dowsers take it on faith about their being accurate. This is because the things they tend to dowse about are things they cannot possibly verify one way or another. They?ll be dowsing about actions of aliens or spirits or something completely invisible which they assume exists in their environment and assume that the answers they get are always correct.

But, if you truly want to be accurate, then you have to dowse about things which you can verify yourself. Without that, you might just as well make up the answers to your questions.

That doesn?t mean you have to stop dowsing about other invisible things. But it does mean that you should spend the majority of your time on things which you can verify.

For example, you can do simple dowsing exercises such as dowsing how deep or where a water or sewage line is outdoors and then go and find out if you?re right.

But don?t do pointless stuff like dowsing playing cards for color or suit, or dowsing coin tosses. Sure, that?s verifiable, but does it really add anything to your life? Dowsing is for getting answers to questions your rational brain can?t supply. It should be used to enhance and improve your life, and sitting at a table dowsing playing cards does not fit that description. After a while you have no interest any more and it becomes dull and boring and your accuracy drops off dramatically.

To become accurate, don?t give yourself endless tests, use it to dowse about things around you everyday that you can then check up on. Is that meat done yet? Will my sister-in-law like this as a gift? Will I enjoy that film or this menu item? Where?s the thing I?m looking for in this store?

The list is endless. It?s up to you to practice!

When and how did you start to become accurate in your dowsing??Are you more accurate in only a few areas? How did you discover this? Let us know your story in the comments section below.


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  1. Christopher Kenny

    Dear Nigel,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for dowsing. Please may I ask a question:
    With pendulum dowsing, a response ( answer ) usually comes quickly, but (in my case) is often incorrect. With device-less dowsing, my answers do not come easily, so I wonder what is the best way to propose (the dowsing question) . Should I state the question once, and try to suspend my mind in mu-shin, or should I repeatedly ask the question until an answer evolves.
    Chris Kenny

    • Nigel Percy

      Hi Chris,
      I would suggest making sure your question is as good as it can be, which includes having a goal, a clear reason, for asking it. Once you have it, then focus on it as closely and as clearly as you can. At that point, you enter the dowsing state: emotionally detached but interested (which is not strictly speaking mu-shin) and allow the answer to come.
      In deviceless dowsing, you might need to find which method works best for you, as there are many varieties. It could be that you are using one method which is not as swift for you.
      As with many aspects of dowsing, there is a need for experimentation to discover what works and what doesn’t. For example, the pendulum issue you refer to might be because you are distracted by it and unable to focus as well. Or it might be the wrong type of pendulum for you, or it could be the type of question you are asking. So many variables to eliminate, but it can be done!
      I hop that helps somewhat. Happy dowsing!

      • Christopher Kenny

        Dear Nigel,
        Thank you for your prompt response. I will begin using your recommendations today.


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