Finding What You Are Looking For


Written by Nigel Percy


Seek And You Shall Find!

There's one aspect of dowsing which is not quite like real life. Well, not so much. In real life, you can go searching for something and find something else.

For example, you can go to the kitchen drawer to look for those toothpicks you were sure were there, and while rummaging around you discover that ghastly bottle-opener your neighbor brought back for you from their holiday. You thought it had gone forever, and are slightly sad to see it again.

But, the point is, you discovered it by accident when you were looking for something else. It was right there. You couldn't miss it.

But, in dowsing, it's not quite the same.

If you go looking for a particular thing in dowsing, the chances are you will either find it or not.

Notice the difference. You'll find it. Or you won't find it.

There's no third way here. There's no, ‘Oooh! Look what I stumbled across when I was searching for the cause of the pain in my leg, which I'm pretty sure is to do with diet.'

Because you were looking for one thing, the dietary cause of the pain in your legs, you weren't able to be open to any other answers. So, you never saw them, felt them, heard them or came across them in whatever you come across answers when you dowse.

What is it you are actually finding?

If you set out looking for one thing, you're pretty much guaranteed to find it or not find it. That's because you don't allow room for any other answers to come in.

On the other hand, such an idea could be valuable, in the right circumstances. For example, let's suppose you are dowsing to find water. But what you really want is drinkable water flowing at a rate of at least 30 gallons a minute. You're so fixated on these numbers, that anything else is ignored. But, guess what? You find exactly 30 gallons a minute in the right place and everyone is happy.

Now, consider for a moment the reverse of what I started off by saying. I said that if you look for one thing, you'll find it (or not). What if it works like this: If you look hard enough for something, you find it, because (and here's the kicker), you created it.

Is that outlandish? Is that too strange to think about? Is it madness?

Or, is it, perhaps, a possibility?

Could you really find water like that?

Could you really find other things like that?

Are you really willing to say, for certain, that you can't? Or, are you willing to allow yourself to start thinking that you can find what you are looking for?

What do you think? Can you actually be finding at the same time as creating what you are looking for? Share your thoughts about this in the comments section below.


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