Finger Dowsing

Written by Nigel Percy

Finger Dowsing

Finger dowsing is a type of deviceless dowsing. If you prefer to read instead of watch, the transcript of the video is below.

Finger dowsing is type of deviceless dowsing. That is, it is a type of dowsing where you don't use any tools other than, in this case, your fingers.

There are numerous ways you can do finger dowsing, but in this video, we'll keep it simple and only share a couple of popular methods.

But before we go into them in detail, please remember that dowsing is a simple and natural skill everyone can do, which depends on you being in the correct, quiet state of mind after having asked a well-formed and specific question.

Back to finger dowsing. The first, and in some ways, the simplest of all the possible methods, is where you dowse by rubbing your index finger and thumb together.

It sounds too easy to be true, but it works. But, for it to work well you should remember a couple of things. If you've just put cream or lotion on your hands, or washed them with soap, it won't work. It relies on the skin being dry. Also, don't press the thumb and finger together hard, just enough so that they slide over each other easily.

Ask your question and, if the answer is a ‘yes', then the finger and thumb feel ‘sticky'. You're using the exact same pressure as before the question, but now the finger and thumb don't slide as easily. They stick a little. Obviously, a ‘no' would show as no change at all in how they move over each other.

A second method of finger dowsing is to link your fingers and thumbs together like a chain. To dowse, you simply ask your question and see if you can break the link by pulling your hands apart. This isn't a trial of strength, done slowly. It's a quick motion. All you're really testing is how your fingers want to react to that tug. If they hold together, it means that the answer is a ‘yes'. And if they break, it's a ‘no'.

You mustn't keep tugging and tugging. Ask the question and then a quick pull to see the response. That's all it takes. Nothing else.

It's just the same with the finger and thumb rub earlier. You don't keep moving them to see if it works. Either it will work or it won't and it will happen quickly.

The beauty about finger dowsing is that it is something that can be done anywhere at any time. Without the need for having tools with you, finger dowsing, or any type of deviceless dowsing, makes the skill much more widely accessible.

Plus, by getting rid of the tool and focusing instead on your own body, you will become a far better dowser more quickly, because, after all, dowsing is all about your body's response to the question. So if you get rid of the tool, you're removing one other obstacle between you and the answer.

Happy Dowsing!

Have you used a type of finger dowsing yourself? Was it successful? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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