Finger-Thumb Dowsing

Written by Nigel Percy

Finger-Thumb Dowsing Is So Easy!

Deviceless dowsing comes in so many forms. We know of about 20 different ways of dowsing without using any tools at all. Finger-thumb dowsing is probably the most common way of dowsing just using your own hand and fingers.

Sometimes it is called the finger rub method. It doesn't really matter which term you use, because it is such an easy way of dowsing. Like most of the deviceless dowsing methods it is very simple to learn and easy to perform in virtually any circumstance.

All you need is to develop confidence in what you do.

Would anyone ever know you were doing some dowsing if they saw you rubbing your index finger and your thumb together? Of course not! It is a very unobtrusive method indeed. Finger-thumb dowsing can be carried out virtually anywhere under any circumstances.

Again, the only thing which is important for you, the dowser, to know is that there is a consistent and dependable difference between your ‘yes' and your ‘no' response. That's where practice and confidence play their part. That can be acquired by regularly dowsing; making it something you do every day in one way or another.

Obviously, finger-thumb dowsing won't work if your hands are oily for whatever reason. So, if you have just washed your hands with soap, or exposed the fingertips to another source of oil, you should not try to use this deviceless method. The chances are it will not work at all and you'll end up frustrated.

Apart from that brief proviso, check out the brief video below which takes you through this popular method of dowsing without using a pendulum or any other tool.

Finger-thumb dowsing is just one way of dowsing without tools, but is quick and easy to learn. Is this what you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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