Simple Confidence Exercise #2: Food Dowsing in the Store

food dowsing

Written by Maggie Percy

A Winning Combination!

Food dowsing may seem bland and boring. Start using dowsing in this way and you'll wonder why you didn't so it earlier!

You see, the fact is, you can't get good at dowsing unless you practice. And it makes sense to practice on things that matter. When you are new to dowsing, it makes sense to dowse about things you are not emotional about.

That's why the grocery store is a good place to exercise your dowsing skills. It's expensive to buy good food, and it's very stressful when you unintentionally waste money by buying produce that is spoiled or overripe, or when you pick a brand that turns out to be dissatisfying. But buying food is something you do consistently. It's not a scary new concept!

Becoming a good food dowser saves you money and relieves stress plus saves time. Food dowsing also gives you confirmation of your dowsing, which is a vital factor in building confidence and improving your technique and questions.

Food Dowsing Exercise

We are always saying that you should start dowsing about things that matter, but not things that you are emotionally attached to. Dowsing about food is a good practice subject for most dowsers. And even if you are a veteran dowser, you can benefit greatly from learning to dowse about foods.

If you are someone who has always had digestive upsets, food may not be a simple way to practice your dowsing. You may not have a happy relationship with food. You can use your dowsing to see how balanced your relationship with food, nutrition and being nourished is. If you are at least moderately balanced, than this is a good topic for you.

If you find you do not have a balanced relationship with food (it's less than an 8 out of 10), then use whatever method you like to clear your food issues and then come back to this exercise.

You may download the exercise sheet here.

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