Are You Giving Your Power Away?

giving your power away

Written by Maggie Percy

Are You Doing This?

What does dowsing have to do with giving your power away? Plenty!

Dowsing is a very powerful activity. It is YOUR powerful activity. You get to choose whether to dowse or not.

Dowsing is so powerful that it can hugely improve your life, but only if you use it.

You're Afraid…

If it's so powerful and effective, why don't you use dowsing every day? Because of fear.

We've done a lot of surveys of dowsers, and there are many types of fears that stop people from using dowsing more often, but one of the biggest is fear of what others will think of them.

The people whose opinions you most fear are those closest to you. While many dowsers are shy about pulling out a pendulum in a public place, even more are afraid to dowse in front of family and friends.

If you have skeptical or negative people close to you, and you want people to like you, it will probably be hard to dowse in front of them. They will make fun; make skeptical comments; judge you; even threaten you with bad consequences. It's so unpleasant, you just decide not to dowse in front of them.

Pretty soon, you aren't dowsing much at all, and that makes you a bit resentful about their control over you.

They're afraid, too…

The reason they are acting this way about dowsing is because they are afraid of it. If dowsing was useless, they wouldn't have fear. You don't have to attack things that have no power.

When a family member or friend makes fun of your dowsing, they are afraid. They won't admit it, but they are afraid of the power of dowsing. They are afraid you know something they don't.

If you quit dowsing because of their opinions or because you think they won't like you anymore, you are letting fear rule you. You are giving your power of choice to them and their fear.

How not to be giving your power away: Try a compromise

There's no point arguing about dowsing or trying to persuade skeptics. History has shown it doesn't work. Ever.

But…You don't have to quit dowsing. You don't have to fight about dowsing or try to convert people.

Here's a simple compromise: if you have skeptical family or friends, don't be obvious about your dowsing. Use a deviceless technique. We call it ‘stealth dowsing'.

As long as you aren't holding a tool, people can't easily tell when you are dowsing. You can get dowsing answers right in front of people who are unaware that you dowsed.

That way, you remove the fear from the equation. You also get to use your dowsing ability any time you want.

If someone questions your choice that you got with dowsing, just be honest and tell them it felt right or you had a hunch. Dowsing is focused intuition, and while it is more effective than a hunch or feeling, it's in the same family.

So don't give your power to others. Use dowsing often. Deviceless dowsing is a great compromise when living with skeptics. If you can't change your people-pleasing tendencies and you don't feel like a big fight, stealth dowsing is the way to go.

Have you ever realized you were giving your power away? How did you recognize it and what did you do about it? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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