Be Happy!


Written by Nigel Percy


Happy does not always mean easy!

This is about being happy, believe it or not. My father was a butcher. It's hard work. I know, because I worked with him for a few years part-time. Very hard work. But my father didn't mind. And everybody knew he didn't mind. And they knew that because they could hear him whistling in the shop when they were still outside and a few doors down.

Not only was he happy in his work, he was also always eager to find new ways of working with meat. He was never interested in dealing with suppliers who only sold cheap meats. He always wanted the best.

Someone once came in and asked him if he would supply them with a boned chicken for a special occasion. The only concern was that it had to be boned from the inside so that, when finished and tied, it would look whole and complete. Of course, he said yes and then went away and studied and practiced. The end result was perfect!

Being happy and dowsing

And, of course, you're wondering why I am telling you all this and what has it got to do with dowsing?

The answer is simple. Very simple.

When you dowse, you should be happy! You stop being happy when you start worrying about whether you are doing it correctly, or you are using the correct technique. You can't be happy in those situations.

And when you are happy, it shows. Things become easier.

And, if you are intent on being a good dowser, then you will naturally want to be the best you can be. That means learning as much as you can.

It means trying new things.

It means not following what others say but doing what feels the best thing, even if it seems harder.

Dowsing is not hard. It's simple. Very simple. But don't let that simplicity stop you from enjoying it!

Do you have a story to share about how being happy (or not) affected your dowsing? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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