Health Dowsing Basics You Need To Know

Health dowsing

Written by Maggie Percy


What Are The Health Dowsing Basics?

In order to successfully dowse for health, you need to know and apply the health dowsing basics. Health dowsing is one of the most popular dowsing applications, and we have used it for ourselves and clients for many years with great success.

Here are the health dowsing basics you need to master:

  1. You need to be confident and accurate with dowsing in general
  2. Never dowse about something you are emotionally attached about
  3. Don't dowse over your level of competence
  4. Take the time to create clear goals: what you want to know and why
  5. Formulate a specific and detailed question
  6. Be ready to dowse a series of questions, because one probably won't be enough
  7. Always get a second or third opinion before acting on your answers

You Need To Be Skilled

The biggest mistake folks make when health dowsing is trying to dowse about something that is above their skill level. Check out this post that lists the dowsing basics. You need to be confident about these foundational steps before you health dowse.

We suggest you spend a reasonable time on everyday dowsing about things that are not life and death. Build confidence. Convince yourself you are accurate at least 90% of the time. Improve your dowsing skill by learning from your mistakes. This is a post that shows you how to do turn wrong answers into learning experiences.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Get and read our book?Dowsing For Health: Awaken Your Hidden Talent. It's a workshop in a book and will help you with technique, teach you to avoid pitfalls and even provides many questions and protocols for particular types of health dowsing.

But You Don't Need A Biology Degree

It's true health dowsing is a complex application with many pitfalls, but anyone can learn to do it. You don't have to be a doctor or a biologist. You just need to have the desire to master this amazingly powerful tool for creating the health you want.

Get Started Now!

Don't procrastinate. When you want to be able to dowse about taking your sick cat to the vet or what caused the allergic reaction you had to a meal or discover the cause of an ongoing symptom, it's too late for that crisis.

There will always be health challenges and health questions in life. Maybe you aren't a masterful health dowser today. But if you learn the health dowsing basics and study a bit and practice, the next time you desperately need to know an answer about the health of yourself or someone you love, you'll be ready.

Have you used health dowsing to discover ways to improve your life or resolve a health challenge? Please comment below.

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