How To Dowse Past Lives

Written by Maggie Percy


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If you are new to dowsing, you may want to read our post Dowsing Past Lives first.

How To Dowse Past Lives: Introduction

If you want to improve your life with dowsing, at some point you will need to learn how to dowse about past lives. Past life trauma can lead to allergies, phobias and all kinds of negative patterns of health, wealth and finances in this life.

Please note that this in-depth training is one of 30 post-graduate level trainings included in our Discovering Dowsing course, details here. We share this training so you can have a sneak peek at one of the many advanced applications for dowsing that we cover in our course.

Warning: you must be an accurate dowser to benefit from this training.

If you are right-brain dominant, dowsing past lives will excite and delight you. If you are left-brain dominant, you may be skeptical or afraid of anyone finding out you believe in such ‘nonsense'. Either way, this is a natural subject for dowsers to explore. And you will be surprised that it is way more than just a source of entertainment. It forms the basis for a lot of what we used to do in consulting sessions with clients. You can use the information from this lesson for fun, for personal growth, or for profit (or all three).

Past Lives: Real or Not?

My training and background are in science. I was raised to be skeptical of things I couldn't prove scientifically. But my mother is a highly talented intuitive. We grew up around a person who used intuition in amazing ways, and even did some miraculous things that science can't explain. I believe that this is why a Whole Brain approach comes fairly easily to me. I saw both sides of the coin as I grew up, and I can see that using both left and right brain together in a balanced way gives better results than using either alone.

So let's approach the question of other lives in a balanced way. I never gave much thought to past lives during my youth. It sounded intriguing, but the religion of my childhood did not believe in reincarnation, so it was relegated to mystery or fantasy.

As an adult with two degrees in Biology and many years working at NASA, I revisited the subject of reincarnation and read about scientific studies that seem to prove conclusively that reincarnation does occur. The evidence was quite strong, though it couldn't prove that everyone experiences reincarnation. All it did was show that some people do. Nonetheless, that was still compelling.

Christianity and Islam are the two major religions which generally deny reincarnation. However, Eastern religions by and large accept it as a concept and there is a growing number of Westerners, including Christians, who believe in reincarnation as a fact.

When I became interested in dowsing as an adult, I was eventually led to energy work and healing methods. All of those methods are quite right-brained in that they are open to whatever information is out there, regardless of whether it is conventional or not. I found myself dowsing about things like aliens and past lives, and strangely, it all made sense. It was as if when you fall down the rabbit hole of quantum physics and ‘energy work' you discover a rich, complex world that resembles fantasy more than ‘reality', yet it is real.

The space-time continuum is not fully understood. Many theorists believe that time is not linear. That means the past doesn't come before the future, and the future doesn't come after the present. The truth is that our perception of time may not be accurate.

Quantum physics allows for the possibility of other times and places. These other times and places may energetically connect with what we perceive as NOW. They may be running in parallel dimensions. It is difficult to conceive of how it all works, because we don't think beyond our own 3-dimensional version of reality, or 4-dimensional, if you include time. But there are scientific theories that suggest and support the existence of other realities.

You don't need to fully understand quantum physics or the space-time continuum to dowse about other lifetimes. You can get useful information by using some basic concepts. With respect to lives, keep the terminology ‘past', ‘present' and ‘future', and add ‘parallel' and ‘other' just to cover all the bases.

Be open to expanding your understanding of how things work, and try not to reject any idea, no matter how crazy it sounds. Do as a friend of ours says and put it in your back pocket to be examined at a later date if you can't accept it right now. Try to avoid judgment of any kind concerning this area of exploration. If something seems strange or ridiculous now, it just might change into something really useful later on. So don't dismiss the new and the strange just yet. Personal growth is about change, and you may be surprised how much your perceptions change over time.

Why Bother About Other Lives?

For many reasons, we have found it useful and sensible to accept the belief that we have lived other lifetimes. This is not a totally outlandish idea, as most of the world's people believe in reincarnation. It's just that in Western culture, it is not a common belief. If you are willing to be open to the possibility that past lives may exist, then your next question is going to be, “So what?”.

If it isn't this life, what's the point of knowing about it? Or maybe you feel just the opposite. Any other life intrigues you and seems more interesting than your present one. Whichever way you are feeling, there is more to it than you ever imagined.

Other lifetimes affect you now. You create karma by your actions in other lives, and that karma exists in you today as a mute testimony to other times and places. (Karma is basically the energetic result of every decision you make and action you take. It is neutral. Karma is somewhat like the physics law that states every action has a reaction. Karma is a natural fact of life.) People tend to classify karma as good or bad based on their subjective feelings, but it is best not to emphasize judgment. Just know that your actions have consequences, and those consequences can follow you from one life to another in many forms energetically.

Phobias that can't be explained by present life experience usually stem from a bad experience in another lifetime that left a strong negative impression. Past life regressions have shown this to be true, and that the phobia can be cured by dealing with that other life.

The significant people in your present life were also significant in other lives. A person you have an unexplained jealousy of in this lifetime may have stolen your beloved in another lifetime. An adversary you face in this lifetime may have been an enemy in a past life. Problem relationships usually have a karmic element, and finding out about the experiences in other lifetimes can often lead to resolution of the problems.

Your health is often a reflection of other lifetimes. My dairy allergy, which began the day I was born, stemmed from several past life experiences around dairy farming that were very negative and caused me to react negatively to dairy products in this lifetime. When those lives were cleared (it took about 15 minutes), my lifelong allergy to dairy products cleared immediately.

It has been found that one way curses can be used more effectively is by causing you to connect to other lifetimes, making you more susceptible to the curse for a variety of reasons, such as you had a negative outcome with the person in that lifetime who is cursing you in this, so that intensifies the results. It's kind of like programming an outcome.

These are just a few examples of how other lifetimes can affect you now. As a dowser, you can discover other lifetime influences and resolve them.

Dowsing About Other Lives: Pitfalls

Dowsing about other lifetimes can be fun. There's no doubt about that. It can be entertaining to find out some of the experiences you had in other lives. It's unlikely you were anyone famous, but you may have been close to someone famous, or you may have had an important part in some historical event you read about in school. Most lives, though, are pretty ordinary. But even ordinary other lives can hold the key to resolving present life problems.

The biggest pitfall to dowsing other lives is the ego. Your ego may reject the facts. It may fear the truth. It may want to be massaged. If the ego gets involved in your dowsing, you won't get accurate answers.

The bad news is you won't know your answers are garbage. You may believe you were Napoleon in a past life. (Not to say you weren't, but it isn't likely, there are quite a few ex-Napoleons around) You may want to think you were always a great person in every other lifetime. You never did anything you would consider ‘bad'. You can't accept that you poisoned your mother in another life. Or you may feel so disempowered in this lifetime that you wish for a past life when you were powerful, a life you can tap into. That wish will influence your dowsing.

The best advice for dowsing other lives is to develop that detachment we speak of so often. The more detached you are, the better your dowsing becomes. Detachment is what comes from releasing judgment. The more you judge things as right or wrong, good or bad, light or dark, the less detached you are. And it follows that your dowsing won't be accurate.

How to Dowse Past Lives: An Exercise in Other Life Dowsing

While I have no qualms about dowsing for fun, I prefer to dowse about subjects that seem important to me. So this exercise will give you a chance to find out information on another lifetime that is affecting you in this one. Go through this exercise step by step to learn how to dowse past lives. Then feel free to post a question on this page.

First, think about someone you have difficulties with. It can be a person you are currently struggling with, or someone from your past whom you no longer see. It doesn't matter. But it should be someone you have had strong issues with.

Remember to detach yourself from the process. You are going to dowse some questions. You are merely curious about the answers. You have no judgment. This may be harder than you expect. If this person has betrayed you or done something you think is horrible, you won't find it easy to detach. But that is very important. Be open to whatever the dowsing says is true.

Dowse the following questions and record your answers, filling the person's name in the blanks:

  • Have I ever known the person who is presently called ____________________ in other lifetimes?

How many other lives have I had in which ___________________played a significant role? (Bear in mind how you define ‘significant' will affect the numbers. I consider significant to mean they contributed in a major way to outcomes for you, either positive or negative, in that life. To dowse how many lifetimes, I just say 0, 1 digit, 2 digits, 3 digits…and so on until I get a ‘yes' response. Then I take that response, say, 2 digits, and test 10, 20, 30, 40…until I get a ‘yes'. Then I ask ‘less than 20' or ‘more than 20'. I go from there to pinpoint the exact number by saying the numbers in sequence until I get a ‘yes'. I then double check by asking if that is the number of lives in which this person played a significant role. It sounds clumsy, but it very soon becomes very quick.

The number may be small or large. You may assume that if the number is large, this person is someone you share a lot of karma with. But that can be true even if the number is small.

Now make a statement of intention that you want to find out the details on the most significant life that is affecting your present life negatively. This assumes you will just be dowsing about the details of one lifetime. Ask the following questions about that one life:

  • What is the time frame: past, future, parallel or other?

You can then dowse how many years before or after this life it was, if it is past or future. If parallel, that doesn't matter. If other, you need to choose a lifetime that will give an easier answer. Go back and ask for a significant life that is past, future or parallel. For example, if it dowses as a past life 1000 years ago, that gives you a time frame for reference.

  • Now you can ask for more details. Ask if you were human, on Earth and what gender you were (male/female). Do not assume it will be a human life, or even a life on Earth. Those are easier, but it's not guaranteed that is what you will come up with. Ask the same questions about this person. Was he/she human, what gender, on Earth? Now you know what you were and when.
  • Next, you can ask questions about what relationship there was between you. You can dowse if you were related by blood, by marriage, by business or were strangers to one another.
  • If you were blood relations, find out if you were mother and son, sister and brother, etc. If you were related by marriage, find out if you were married to one another or were in-laws of some type. If you were related by business, see if you were competitors or partners, etc. It is highly unlikely you were strangers, but if so, that's fine. The relationship will suggest things that may occur to you intuitively before you even dowse. Don't reject those thoughts, but be open to testing them out.
  • Once you know the relationship, you can begin to see how things were between you. Don't assume they were bad in that life. Maybe they were, but maybe there weren't. See what emotions were on each side. Love? Hate? Jealousy? Envy? Did you love each other? Was it reciprocal? Was there animosity between you? Was there a misunderstanding? Ask questions that paint a picture. Don't assume you were nice and he was bad. Often, it is the reverse. Just be open to whatever the answers are.
  • Here is an example of an exercise. You may decide you want to ask about your sister Joan. In this life, you and she are not close. She seems to be very jealous of anything good that happens to you, and you don't recall ever doing anything to deserve that. When you dowse, you find you had 43 other lifetimes with Joan. The most significant one for the jealousy in this life is a past life on earth, where you were both human females. You were sisters, just like now (that is not always the case). You both fell in love with the same man, and he chose you. She went on to commit suicide out of despair. So in this lifetime, she has carried the jealousy over and it activates strongly due to cellular memory. (Remember you are just as likely to be the villain as the hero in other lifetimes.)

Dowsing Other Lives Can Change This Life

There are many useful things that you can do with information about other lives. Using a similar set of questions to the above exercise, you can find out how other lives impact you in this life. Some examples:

  • Curses from other lives can affect this one. They can activate at any time, or can be active and then dormant and activate again later. You can disempower the curses once you discover them. Use whatever clearing method tests as most effective. Another article goes into the subject of clearing techniques in more detail.
  • Allergies can usually be cleared by dowsing the energetic cause from the lifetimes affecting you. There may be more than one lifetime causing you to be allergic. You may only need to know the details of one or two of those lives. Then use a clearing method that tests well for getting rid of the energies. We have spectacular results using this method.
  • Relationship issues often stem from other lifetimes. You may think you know why you don't get along with someone, but it's likely to be about other lifetimes as much or more than this one. Dowsing about other lifetimes as in the above exercise will help you to see how karma carries over. You will also have compassion, because in many cases, you were the victimizer, not the victim. You will start seeing that judgment is counterproductive, and that it is best to release it. You can heal relationships by having an understanding of what drives them.
  • Phobias often stem from other lifetimes. If you can't explain your phobia, or sometimes, even if you can, it will help heal it to find out about other lifetimes that it started in and clear the energies of them.
  • Issues with your life's purpose often will relate to bad experiences in other lives. If you can discover why you are afraid of being a leader, or why you do not want to be well-known, you can clear those energies and be more successful in this life. Another lesson will go into more detail on dowsing about beliefs.
  • It is not advantageous to be energetically connected to other lives. Dowse how many other lives you are currently connected to. If the number is greater than 0, use whatever clearing method you wish to disconnect from other lives; to clear issues that perpetuated those connections and to clear whatever came over as a result of those connections. This is very useful and healthy to do.The goal of dowsing about other lives is to allow yourself to enjoy this lifetime more and to have greater success in it. Do not use dowsing about other lives as an escape from this life. Focus on living life in the present. Do whatever you can to bring your energy fully into the NOW. Don't dwell on what happened in the past in this life, or what happened in other lives. Your dowsing about other lifetimes can bring greater success, understanding and balance to this one.


This type of dowsing can eat up a lot of your time, as one thing leads to another. As always, try to remain detached and unaffected by what you are dowsing. If things start getting exciting, take a rest and come back to it later.

Start off with dowsing one person's past relationships with you and take it as far as you can before you go exploring any other lifetimes. And, as always, keep the skeptical aspect of you inside and dormant. It can be useful to note down what you find for later reading, maybe years later. You might well be surprised at how much more sense it will make for you then.

If you enjoyed this advanced training, why not get our Discovering Dowsing course, which has 29 additional trainings like this in addition to Basic and Advanced Dowsing courses? Each of the post-graduate level trainings is about 3000 words in length and has detailed instructions. As our student, you also can ask us questions about the course content at any time through our support address if you own the physical product and online if you buy the online course. Learning how to dowse past lives is just one of the many wonderful things we'll show you in our course. Enjoy the privacy, attention and sense of community at the online Discovering Dowsing course.

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  1. robert favreau

    When I use my devining rod I get readings all over the place. I can for example drop my key chain anywhere and my devining rod will pick it up. However most other people that I hand it to get no readings at all whereas mine are overwhelming, it really blows my mind !

    • Maggie Percy

      That’s great, but what do you think about the subject of this post? Have you done any past life dowsing? If so, what results did you get? Did it convince you there was practical use of it for you?

  2. fred mulch

    i have been dowsing past lives with a pendulum for a while now. i really enjoyed this. is this a course for sale on just past lives?i have “ask the right questions”. i have yes/no questions down pretty good and i can read alphabet and numbers charts.i have lot’s of books , but yours are the most BENEFICIAL for me to study. even my intuition (not my higher self) say’s so.thanks,fred prescott AZ.

    • Maggie Percy

      We only have the one course, but one of the postgraduate trainings, which is presented on this site for free, is in past life dowsing. So we can help you learn to do this. But there is one caveat. We believe, as do some other experts, that if you want to become a good dowser, it is best to spend 80% or more of your time dowsing ‘tangible targets’. Past lives are intangible. You cannot prove your dowsing is accurate. So we suggest everyday dowsing as a good starting point. Hone your skill and spend no more than 20% of your time dowsing intangible targets. It will pay off.
      By tangible, we don’t mean coin tosses. We mean subjects you care about in the real world where your brain cannot help you and dowsing can. Our free book “101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing” is a useful resource for some topics to dowse about. Start with things you are unattached to but want to know the answers and move up to more important topics. Learning detachment is a huge part of honing your skill.
      We look forward to answering your questions. If you get our course, the material is presented in a stepwise fashion, and you have access to us for getting your questions answered.

  3. fred mulch

    okay . i’m ready to purchase the full course . but is there more to know in the full course than is what is presented here ? past lives are my main thrust as i can already do boring yes/no and more challenging dowsing charts . i’m not into card tricks or showing off to friends, i’m only after the truth. thanks-fred- prescott AZ.

    • Maggie Percy

      The course contains lots more information than is on this site, also in a fashion where you are led from simple to complex topics. On this site, we answer questions, but we cannot tutor anyone in detail. If you want us to mentor you, the Discovering Dowsing course is the place to be.The online version gives you the quickest response and the ability to learn from other students’ questions. Usually we answer posts in one to two days, but until mid January, our response time will be slower due to our move to Georgia.

  4. Isabel Jensen

    I my dreams i have seen myself marriage to my husbond, sharing a daugther with us in this lifetime and in past life. A have seen my self as a mistress to a very public person in another life. Every time i would see this person on TV, it made me feel bad, until a saw my past life with him and the relationship we had, which was bad for me. Having dreams about it, i tried to use the pendulum to confirm it, starting with simple yes and no questions. I had my answers, made a white light meditation on the issues, Done.

    But when i try to get answers for the from my lastest lifetime, during 2WW, my pendulum stands still.
    I feel attached to russian and british war graves. I get emotional around them. Have found myself in the middle of nowhere in the Netherlands, in front of the graves of two falden british soldier, saying “i am sorry, if i had any part in your death. Walking though af cemetrary in Copenhagen, end up in the area of british wargraves and I react. Going throug the german section, much much larger i felt it but my reactions was not the same.
    In Berlin, i wasn´t moved by the jewish, american, french memorial sites, I went to the russian war graves. Put a coin in the ground, I felt the urge of going to the museum where to peace treaty ending 2WW was signed, feeling peace standing in front of the treaty.
    When i try to pendulum this life time, my pendulum stops, Its just stands still. I take as i am not allowed or ready to go there.

    Thanks for a great website.

    • Maggie Percy

      I think you are correct, that you are still too attached emotionally to that lifetime to dowse accurately about it at this time. However, that doesn’t mean you will always be that way. By learning to dowse the way we teach it, you will learn to become detached. You will merely be curious, and you will be able to allow the answers to come through, no matter what they are. Perhaps this is guidance that you would benefit from releasing judgment; I have certainly found that learning to dowse helped me with that. We’re glad you are enjoying the site. We look forward to your comments and questions.

  5. Barry Mc Carthy

    Hi Maggie,
    I had someone determine that I had been a healer in a previous life, that was discovered about 2006 on a course.
    Recently I dowsed to ask if I was a healer in a previous lifetime and got a yes.
    My life was terminated for that and I don’t know the time past when that occurred. I asked if my previous life was affecting my ability to heal & general success and received a yes answer.
    I need to change the effects from back then so that it doesn’t effect me in my current lifetime.
    Any suggestions how to eliminate the effect on me now ?:

    • Maggie Percy

      This is a really good question. It illustrates why it’s good to have a toolbox with several healing and energy transformation methods that work for you. Are you in our Discovering Dowsing course online? If so, this post is one of the trainings, and it would be great to post the question there as well, so other students could see the answer.

      If you have our book “The Busy Person’s Guide to Energy Clearing” (which you can get for free by signing up a, we talk about clearing methods there. In fact, we talk about them in all the Busy Person’s Guides. You can use very simple methods like color, sound, crystals, symbols or even numbers to transform energy or heal. Sometimes a simple statement of intention will transform or heal an energy.

      Dowsing will guide you to the best method. First, formulate a goal. You desire to transform any energies from that other lifetime that are affecting you in this one. You want to break any connection and clear any issues that perpetuated a connection. Make a list of all the methods you feel comfortable with, including statement of intention, which is simply saying what you want done. Dowse if any of those methods is a 10 on a scale of 10 for completely and permanently accomplishing your goal. Sometimes a simple statement works fine. Do whatever dowses as best. If none of them is a 10, try to find another method. Do whatever dowses as best and then dowse to make sure it worked. Remember that sometimes it can take a bit of time for a really heavy energy to clear, so you can dowse if it will be clear in 72 hours just to be on the safe side.
      It really is easier than it sounds. Give it a try. This method becomes easier as you use it on healing or transforming any energies that are having a negative effect on you. As you become a better dowser, your focus improves, which often leads to intention being easier and more effective to use. Good luck.


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