How to Dowse with a Crystal Pendulum

Written by Nigel Percy

The Popular Tool

Many dowsers start out with a lightweight crystal pendulum. I certainly did and I still have it (somewhere!). They can certainly be attractive to look at and the fact they are lightweight means they can respond quickly. Learning how to dowse with a crystal pendulum is what most dowsers do, at first.

Personally, I don't use crystal pendulums any more. In fact, the only one I still have is that very first one I bought so many years ago. I prefer a heavier pendulum now, usually made out of brass. The fact is, I don't often use a pendulum at all any more, as I prefer to dowse without tools. It's called deviceless dowsing.

How To Dowse With A Crystal Pendulum

But, back to how to dowse with a crystal pendulum. The most common problem dowsers make, no matter what tool they use, is starting off with the pendulum dangling lifelessly at the end of a long chain which has been looped over their index finger. They then wait for ages (or, at least, that's how it seems to me), for the pendulum to start moving.

These pendulums are usually very light in weight and so can move quickly. But, you have to have the pendulum moving first in some sort of neutral swing so that it can show you a yes or a no quickly. And that is achieved by making sure that you only have about a couple of inches of chain and you are holding it pinched between your finger and thumb, not dangling over a finger.

The video of how to dowse with a crystal pendulum also speaks about another aspect of them which doesn't apply to brass and wooden ones. That is the issue about them needing to be cleaned. Not all crystal pendulums will require this. It depends on the type of crystal as well as how often you dowse. If in doubt, you can easily find out about it on the internet.

Did you learn how to dowse with a crystal pendulum when you started out dowsing? Do you still like them better than any other tool? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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