How To Make A Dowsing Pendulum

Written by Nigel Percy

Make It Simple!

The first thing you should realize when watching this video of how to make a dowsing pendulum is that the only thing which counts in the end is whether or not a tool works. You might prefer one type of pendulum over another. You might even want to spend large amounts of money on a dowsing pendulum with a precious stone or two in in, but the ultimate deciding factor on any tool is that it works.

A pendulum is a simple tool. Ideally, you should look to make it as simple as possible to create your own.

Should you bother to learn how to make a dowsing pendulum?

If you have ever wondered whether it's worth your time and effort to make your own pendulum, then spend a few minutes watching this video and you'll have your answer.

I show you one of the cheapest and easiest pendulums you can make using nothing more than a three-quarter inch nut on dental floss. It's that quick and that easy. And, here's the surprising part, it's also one of the most responsive and nicest feeling pendulums you can find.

If you don't believe me, then try it yourself. You won't be wasting money, that's for sure!

Weirdest pendulum?

how to make a dowsing pendulumTowards the end of the video, I let you in on the strangest pendulum I've ever seen being used. It's not one you will want to use yourself. I'm pretty sure about that! But it does prove my point that pretty much anything at all can be used as a tool in dowsing.

Don't be restricted in your thinking about what you should use as the perfect pendulum. Let your imagination run riot.

All that matters is that, whatever you end up using, it should be something that feels good and which is responsive to you when you dowse. That's all that matters! Nothing else at all.

What is your strangest pendulum? What is it made from and why do you like it? Let's see what dowsers are using by sharing in the comments section below.


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