How To Make A Dowsing Pendulum


Written by Nigel Percy


How To Make A Dowsing Pendulum

Bear in mind that a pendulum is simply a weight at the end of a string or chain which is held so that it can swing freely. A dowsing pendulum, then, is nothing that special. The only thing special about it is how much you like it.

That's why you'll see dowsers prefer a wooden pendulum or a crystal pendulum or a brass pendulum. There is no one ‘right' pendulum for every dowser, only the dowsing pendulum which feels right when you use it.

Beginners will tend to start with lightweight pendulums, as they are getting used to the whole process and, often, dowsing is a slower activity for the newbie. That means that weight is an important consideration. So, small, crystal pendulums tend to be favored, as well as lightweight wooden ones.

As dowsers gain in ability and confidence, so they tend to use pendulums which are heavier. Brass is a very popular choice.

First, you need to decide what weight of pendulum you want, bearing in mind that you can change it for another one later on. This is not a choice you will have to stick with your entire life!

Second, you need to decide what you want to hold. Do you prefer the feel of a slim chain or thick thread or even leather? How the pendulum feels in your hand is important. If you don't like how it feels, you won't like to use it for dowsing.

Let's start with making a really simple pendulum, but one which is very responsive. It's also incredibly cheap! All you need is a three-quarter inch nut and some dental floss. That's it! Tie the dental floss to the nut and then cut the floss to slightly more than the length you are comfortable with.

A word of advice here. To dowse with a pendulum, you do not need a long chain or thread or whatever. In fact, having a long chain is not usually helpful. Have a shorter length. This will allow the pendulum to respond more quickly and you won't be waiting for ages to see any movement, as you would have to if you were using a very long chain.

I find the combination of dental floss and nut very responsive. However, you might want to change the size of the nut to find a weight which is more suitable for you. Likewise, if you don't like the dental floss idea, there are plenty of other materials you can use to suspend the nut from. Find one which suits you best.

Some people like making pendulums from crystals and semi-precious stones. Often, these will be wound with copper wire or similar to allow the thread or chain to be attached.

Bear in mind what was said earlier. You can make a pendulum out of anything at all, as long as it feels right in your hand. Nothing else matters. If you want (and can afford) to dowse with a very large diamond on a gold chain, go right ahead. It won't make you a better dowser than someone using a nut on dental floss.

Did you find this article helpful? Do you have a particular pendulum you like and that you have made yourself? Share your thoughts and your tips in the comments section below.


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  1. Ronnie

    Props to you for cutting out the “magical” hype and getting down to earth about this!

    • Nigel Percy

      Thanks. Dowsing is a simple and natural thing anyone can do. There is no need to refer to it as ‘magical’ in any way, except, perhaps, for the effect it can have on you when you first start dowsing properly! :-)

  2. Sam

    Home made/ self made pendulums are great to begin with, but they usually lack the balance. This effects the movement and it also doesn’t swing with even momentum along all the axes.
    Also when it is held between fingers, the little cleft between the fingers affects its movement along various axes, making it difficult to dowse accurately over map or a dense scale.

    For this reason, I feel buying a good balanced pendulum is a much better option overall and many come with a bead at the end of the thread to hold, it adds to precision.

    Many expert dowsers suggest that these pendulums first need clearing up off accumulated energies by washing with special sea salt then keeping it in moonlight or bury it overnight etc… Is this all really necessary? How much do these rituals affect dowsing accuracy?


    • Nigel Percy

      It’s true that bought pendulums often look and feel good compared to something you’ve made yourself. But I’ve found that a 3/4 inch nut on dental floss is wonderfully responsive. The problem you mention of the cleft between the fingers is avoided by holding it in a downward pinch rather than letting it rest over the finger.
      As for the rituals you mention, if you believe they are necessary for you to be accurate in your dowsing, then they become so. If you use crystals to dowse with, then some cleaning does become useful. But generally speaking a pendulum is just a tool and nothing more and needs no special attention.


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