How To Power Intention


Written by Maggie Percy

What Is Intention?

Before you can learn how to power intention, you need to understand exactly what it is. A wish is not an intention. A desire is not an intention. All humans have wishes and desires. They have preferences. But mostly they don't put strategies or plans in motion to achieve what they wish. To do that is an intention.

A little girl wishing for a pony is simply a wish. When that girl starts saving money to buy a pony and starts planning where to house the animal and take care of it, that is an intention. An intention is a choice to turn a wish into reality.

When we speak of intention, we are speaking of the first step in manifesting what you want. We are great believers in the Law of Attraction, and learning to power your intention is a good start to becoming a conscious creator.

How To Power Intention

You can google ‘how to power intention' and read a number of articles on this important topic. All of them offer value. In this post, I'll share my personal perspective on tapping into the power of intention.

First, the key to successfully using intention is that you must be conscious. This sounds easy, but it isn't. We live our lives almost exclusively on autopilot, via our subconscious. Habits and routine dictate how we think and live.

Intention requires a choice, a conscious decision to change things. You must invest time and thought to make your plan. You must revisit it now and then and tweak it. This all requires you to be conscious.

Most people fail to achieve their New Year's resolutions because they slip back into old habits. They don't find ways to stay conscious and focus on the new goal. Here are some steps you can take that will help:

  • Think about your goals. Write them down concisely in a journal. Use only positive phrasing. “I shall be fit enough to run a mile by October” rather than “I want to lose weight”.
  • Never use the word ‘try' in an intention. Yoda was right. Do or do not. There is no try.
  • Have intermediate goals and ways to measure progress. It isn't enough to say “I will become more compassionate”. You need ways to measure progress. Take the time to come up with some. Write them down.
  • Check in periodically on your progress. Write about it.
  • Celebrate progress. And don't use perceived failure as an excuse to judge yourself.
  • Be flexible and kind to yourself.

Why Is It So Hard?

In Lynne McTaggart's book The Intention Experiment, she demonstrates the power of intention to change even past events. Yet, throughout the book, her examples almost all refer to groups of people rather than individuals. The individuals she refers to who are successful are yogis and other adepts.

The instructions we give above sound simple, but they aren't always easy for a single person to implement. Try not to let yourself become discouraged by that. Her book is an excellent read that will motivate you to want to start using intention, and if you look on it as a journey, a way to become more enlightened, the process can be enjoyable. Becoming a conscious creator has many benefits that are worth the investment of time and effort.

There Are Many Pitfalls

It is simple in theory to use intention, but in practice, it is challenging. There are many potential pitfalls you need to address. But the good news is that this is an opportunity to change yourself. And to change the world or manifest a new reality, you must change yourself. Here are some things you probably need to shift:

  • Release fear: fear of failure, fear of rejection
  • Establish greater trust in the Universe
  • Get rid of faulty beliefs that say you are undeserving or powerless
  • Remove or at least reduce resistance to being happy and successful
  • Find a way for it to be OK for you to succeed even if no one else does; don't be afraid that change will ruin your life. It's true you may change friends and attitudes, but that is part of change
  • Learn and practice detachment. You must send your intention out and be detached for best results.

There are many methods that are effective for resolving the above issues. Meditation, guided visualization and self-hypnosis are great. Yoga nidra is my new go-to method for stilling my mind and focusing on the positive.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), The Emotion Code and many other methods are helpful and easy to learn.

Supporting yourself with essential oils, flower essences and crystals can be wonderfully helpful. You can begin to see that learning how to power intention is a journey. It's not something you achieve overnight. Enjoy the journey.

How Can Dowsing Help You Power Intention?

Learning to successfully tap into your intuition via dowsing can be an excellent way to learn to power your intention to manifest your goals. However, the catch is this: you must master basic dowsing technique to reap the benefits.

Dowsing isn't a healing method or an energy clearing technique. It's just about getting answers to questions your brain cannot answer.

However, when you set your goal for what you are dowsing about, you are learning the first step in powering intention. When you think carefully about how to phrase your dowsing question, you are thinking of possible outcomes and ways to achieve them. When you get into a dowsing state, you must be detached, a vital aspect of setting intention. And we always recommend you check how accurate your dowsing was as often as possible using your dowsing journal and by practicing dowsing daily.

For me, mastering dowsing technique has had the side benefit of helping me to become a more enlightened person and to become better at manifesting, that is, at using the power of intention.

There Are Many Paths

Of course, dowsing isn't the only way to learn to power intention. It isn't necessarily the best path for you. Perhaps you are drawn to learning to read tarot cards, or heal using crystals. Or you are fascinated with using sound for healing and transformation of energy.

It doesn't matter what path you choose. All healing and energy transformation techniques require focusing your intention. All intuitive methods have the potential of expanding not only your intelligence, but empowering you. Know this and use your favorite skill or practice to help you become a clear channel for Source Energy, the powerful creator you can be.

Have you found dowsing helps you power intention? Or are you using another method? Please comment below.

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  1. Jane G.

    Loved your Discovering Dowsing Course. It’s very thorough and provides a firm foundation for tapping in to our intuition. Thank you for helping to expand my vision.

    • Maggie Percy

      It is our pleasure, and we look forward to any questions you have. Just contact us through our support address.

  2. Natasza Tomaszewska

    Loved this article. I practice my dowsing every day, and love that you refer to all the other methods of self care I also use: healing crystals, meditation, essential oils etc. I suppose my only question regarding your article would be around dowsing for intentions because, I note in previous articles you suggest it is not recommended to dowse about your future? I suppose I am wondering how you can dowse about your (future) intentions/goals without (as a novice dowser myself although practicing daily and not for silly things) dowsing about your future…..? I am not being clear, I am referring to your subheading ‘How can Dowsing help your power of intention’? In addition, I do all the basics of dowsing as you’ve repeatedly and helpfully outlined….and I understand the point about clarity of the questions….I think I am just unclear how I’d power up my intentions via dowsing without it being about the future….? Because you have said historically that dowsing about the future can be inaccurate as your dowsing will merely pick up on your ‘intentions’ for your future? This is sounding antagonistic and it not meant to (haha) I really loved how motivational this article was – thank you for your contribution x

    • Maggie Percy

      This is a very good question, so thanks for asking! Let’s start by clarifying about ‘intentions’. The word ‘intention’ is being used to refer to two different subjects in this article, and I apologize for any confusion.

      One meaning of intention that I refer to is the use of intention to clear or transform energies. By ‘intention’ in that case, I mean a specific goal of clearing or changing energies. An example would be if you dowse about noxious energies in your house and find some, you have many options for clearing them. You could use symbols, colors, crystals, sound, etc. But many folks would use a statement of intention, also called simply, intention. They would make a prayer or statement asking that the energy be transformed to beneficial for all who live there. Or something like that. This is one specific use of intention among many.

      Another specific use of intention that a dowser might use is during health dowsing. If you dowse that you have a problem with one of your chakras, you have many options for healing or balancing it. One is the use of simple intention, again, often done with a statement or prayer naming your goal. And again, this is not dowsing, but the next step in a healing process.

      Powering intention to clear, heal or transform energy is a skill of its own. Too many folks don’t understand that simply asking for something doesn’t always make it happen. So I wrote this article about putting some power into your intention so that it actually works. So far, so good.

      How does dowsing help you learn to have powerful, effective intentions? Now we are talking about ‘intention’ in a more general way, but that’s ok, because it’s still about helping you to be skilled at powering your intentions, whether that is to find the perfect job, the perfect mate or to clear energies or heal something. It’s all the same skill.

      It is NOT the act of dowsing that makes your intentions work out. Dowsing and intention are two separate things. But my point is that as a masterful dowser, you have learned some skills. You have learned detachment. You have learned to create clear goals (one might say, intentions). You have learned to form a clear and specific question. And you have mastered the dowsing state, that altered state that taps into your intuition and gives you answers. As it turns out, each of these skills is also very helpful in teaching you to power your intentions.

      Why is that? Because in my opinion, one needs clear goals, or you can’t get what you want, because you don’t really know. And focus is needed to create outcomes. And detachment is required. All the skills of a masterful dowser are also skills needed to masterfully power intention. So dowsing is not the same as intending, but as a masterful dowser, you have skills that make you more likely to be able to power your intentions, especially if you apply the skills you learned in dowsing.

      Using intention is most powerful in general when anchored by something physical that resonates with you, whether it be crystals, symbols, colors or what. But with practice, even a simple statement done with clarity, focus and detachment can be very powerful and achieve results. My point being, a wish is just a wish and rarely accomplishes much, as it focuses on what you don’t have. But a true intention can be very powerful. You just need to realize it requires skills.

      There are even courses for this purpose, but I think that skilled dowsers probably don’t need an expensive course, but can probably learn by doing some research, reading and practice. So you don’t power intention with dowsing; you power intention by applying the same skills you use as a masterful dowser.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

    • Maggie Percy

      I also wanted to clarify about future dowsing. Yes, it is chancy to dowse about the future, especially if you have any motivation of fear. However, you can successfully dowse about the future if you are skilled and follow proper technique and are detached, when it is a subject you really need to know about and can’t get answers other ways.

      A good example is dowsing about any major life choice: buying a car, marrying someone, moving to a new location. In that case, clearly listing the goals you have for making that choice and asking how you’d feel on a 0-10 scale in five years if you chose X or Y, making 8 or higher a happy and successful choice, is a valid dowsing question. If you are skilled and detached, your answer will be accurate.

      However, if I ask if I’m going to win the lottery because I’m behind in my mortgage and I’m afraid of going bankrupt, that is pointless to dowse about, as I am too fearful and just want to hear something to make me feel calm.

      Or if I am dowsing above my current level of competence, that is pointless, too, as my skill isn’t yet up to the detachment or whatever.

      But it is valid to use dowsing to help you make good choices to create the outcomes you want in your relationships, health, career and living space for the future. And those goals or intentions are valid. In that case, I am using the word ‘intention’ a bit more generally than when I talk about powering intention to clear or transform energy, but it is in a sense the same thing. You are focusing your energy to create a certain outcome. You have the power and the right to do that, and learning to dowse well will equip you to more easily create the future you envision.

      • Natasha Tomaszewski

        Firstly, thank you for your detailed replies; hugely appreciated. So I went away and dowsed on the energies of the rooms in my home, setting the intention to have the energies positive and balanced – and it worked. That was with the use of ‘intention’ alone. Ordinarily I would use crystals to balance energies or burn sage, use essential oils in a diffuser. So, thank you as having a practical example was helpful for me to understand your points in reality.

        I also use dowsing to assess my chakra alignment and use dowsing to realign them too, so that was a ‘working’ example I was familiar with – using my intention via dowsing to achieve a goal.

        As a really personal point, and maybe of no consequence to you, I am preparing to emigrate to California and so I suspect this is why the article resonated so powerfully with me at first instance. Obviously i have tonnes of things to plan and arrange and I still don’t know HOW I am going to achieve this goal! I only know I have faith that I will achieve it. My career will have to undergo a huge change and I ‘intend’ to take the necessary steps to undertake that. I guess what I am saying is, this was a helpful exploratory exercise with you as it is critical in my life right now to set clear goals of what I intend to do to emigrate from one country to another. Additionally, although a novice, I know that dowsing is part of me and my lifestyle along with other alternative ways of doing things because they bring me comfort and confidence although, I am not dependent on my dowsing answers! I very much appreciate your guidance and suggestions and as I’ve said, have already tried a couple of the examples and found the results to be beneficial. Thank you again for your time and efforts. Stay safe x

        • Maggie Percy

          Thank you for taking the time to apply our suggestions and report back on your results. This will help others who read this article, so you are really doing a wonderful thing to share.

          We have found simple intention is usually pretty good for clearing energies at home, and pretty good for releasing attachments of all kinds from your body. And it can also work for chakra alignment. There is a ‘but’, though. So now let’s talk about graduate-level information that will help take you to the next level.

          Simple intention, when it works, can seem quite magical. But what you will discover is that things seem to ‘relapse’ to how they were in many cases. And this requires you to reapply the intention. For some conditions, this can become a nuisance or a burden. It threatens to make you feel negative and powerless to make permanent change, and often it will cause you to give up or feel you aren’t good enough to make it change permanently. And this is sad, because it doesn’t have to be this way.

          The use of an ‘anchor’, a physical object of some kind (like a crystal), is one way of strengthening your intention and often will make it last a bit longer. So you don’t have to quit using anchors; they are quite helpful. However, even an anchor will be found to often be inadequate for permanent change. So what’s next?

          If you continue to read our articles, you will see many references to self-work, and this is because we believe everything in your environment is a reflection of your energies. So the best way to make permanent change is to change yourself. There are many wonderful techniques, and we refer to those, but the point is to find something you like and use it often. From meditation to EFT, it is possible to remove fear, transform faulty beliefs and reset your point of view. This is NOT dowsing, but it is taking the information dowsing gives you and doing something with it to change your life. This will be very useful in your move, as it could help you have a fresh start.

          Dowsing is as you say a part of who you are. It’s a wonderful skill for knowing what to do. To remind our other readers, dowsing is NOT a method for healing, nor does it transform energies. We want to be very clear about that. Intention is often used after a person dowses and gets information, but it is a separate, optional step. You can dowse what is wrong or what to do and then choose NOT to use that information. You have still dowsed, but have not used intention. I hope that is really clear. There is much confusion today about what dowsing is, and we want everyone to understand dowsing and intention are separate processes.

          We look forward to your comments on our website. Good luck with your move.

  3. Joe Stanbro

    Still having issues with understanding what and how to do all of this.

    • Maggie Percy

      It’s pretty straightforward to use the steps given above. You think about the outcome you wish to create and then follow the instructions given in the article. If you get stuck on a particular step, please feel free to post on this page and tell us how you have applied what we suggest and where you are stuck, and we will try to give a tip to you. Of course, personal growth is a unique process for everyone, and we don’t have all the answers, which is why this article is general in scope, and you must apply it to your situation. And don’t look on it as a test. It’s a process, and you will learn to use the skill of intention AS LONG AS YOU DECIDE TO AND PRACTICE. Good luck! In other words, as someone (Tony Robbins?) says, don’t say “I can’t see how”, ask “how can I?” The latter shows intention to succeed rather than justifying what you consider to be failure. It’s the first step in using intention.


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