“How To Profit From Dowsing” August 2019

Written by Maggie Percy

Using Dowsing To Advantage

Anyone can learn how to profit from dowsing. We're not talking about winning the lottery, but rather, making your life better in everyday ways, such as:

  • improving your health
  • finding a compatible mate
  • taking better care of your pets
  • choosing a good school, career or life path
  • saving stress and money by making good choices about small and large purchases

In this recorded presentation, you will learn how to use dowsing to make your life better in three key areas: health, money and everyday life. What have you got to lose? You can learn to profit from dowsing.

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  1. Roger Perry

    I suspect that I may have some subconscious blocks that interfere with my dowsing accuracy and thus my confidence as a dowser. Can you suggest the best way forward under these circumstances?

    • Maggie Percy

      My first question is what ‘symptoms’ do you have that makes you suspect this is true? When people have past life experiences that cause them to have trouble, it usually manifests as not being able to get a particular tool to work. This is fairly rare, but easily cured. For example, when I first took dowsing and was using a pendulum, I did fine. But when we moved on to L-rods, the one in my right hand was ‘dead’ and wouldn’t move, even though I could use the one in my left hand. The teacher said it was due to a past life when I was killed for dowsing or divining with a rod and he said a statement of intent to clear that past life influence. I immediately was able to dowse with that tool.
      If you have symptoms like this, you can make a statement with the intention of clearing any past life influences that are preventing you from dowsing in this life, because you know dowsing is safe to do now, and you don’t need to fear it. Any statement that feels appropriate and specific for this purpose should work. And if past life problems were the issue, you will immediately see improvement.
      More often, problems with accurate dowsing are due to self-doubt and a lack of confidence that is totally normal when learning a new skill. Remember how I mentioned learning to drive? It seemed like you had to remember SO MANY different things, it seemed you’d never master driving. I wondered how I would ever master it, yet I soon was able to do it with confidence. You need to learn proper technique and just get out there and dowse to get past this normal period of self-doubt. Knowing proper technique will give you good results, which give you confidence. Confidence cures doubt, and training and practice give confidence when learning any skill.
      Feel free to reply to this with your symptoms and more details if this doesn’t seem to answer your question.

  2. Khal Ottway

    As far as I know not everyone can dowse it is an energy that you have that picks up the magnetic field around you. I have the ability which is very strong I can find all three water gold and spirits with great accuracy. Not sure if getting hit by lighting has anything to do with it or not but I do like going to a place where they say there are ghosts and I detect them and even get names coming in my head as to who they are.
    Thank You
    Khal Ottway

    PS. Alot of people think this is BS but it’s not at all.

    • Maggie Percy

      The people who watch this presentation don’t need to be convinced that there is lots out there we can’t see or explain. So did you watch the presentation, and if so, what part did you like best and did it get you interested in learning dowsing?

  3. Steven Moore

    l think this is a great course,very helpful.

    • Maggie Percy

      Thanks, Steven. We’re glad you enjoyed it. There are plenty of other recorded presentations here under the category Videos. There are about 50 short You Tube ones, but there are also several longer recorded presentations. Enjoy! And if you have questions, post them on the page and we’ll answer them.


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