How to Use a Pendulum

Pendulum dowsing

Written by Maggie Percy


The pendulum is the most popular tool of dowsers. Spiritual dowsers and healers love to use a crystal on a chain or a handmade dowsing pendulum in their work. Even though it's easy to use, there are things you should know about how to use this dowsing tool.

Beginners often will hold the pendulum wrong, inhibiting its ability to move freely. Sometimes they leave the chain too long, making it painfully slow to get the answer. It's easy to learn how to hold a pendulum for best dowsing results.

You can use a pendant on a chain or a metal nut on a bit of dental floss as an impromptu pendulum. Anything that has weight and is on the end of a length of flexible material will work. (Long ago, Nigel tells me he and some friends used a garden gnome on a length of rope to dowse. I think alcohol may have been involved…:)

Watch this video as Nigel demonstrates the most effective way to hold and use this popular dowsing tool. Then give it a try yourself and leave your comments in the section below.

How to Use a Pendulum

Have you been holding your pendulum right? Does it move too slow or too fast? This video will show you how you affect the motion of the pendulum by how you hold it.

It's so important to be comfortable with your dowsing tool and to know that you are handling it the best way.

Give it a try!

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