How To Use L rods

how to use l rods

Written by Nigel Percy

How To Use L Rods

After the pendulum, L-rods are probably the most widely used of the dowsing tools. However, they can give people problems, particularly at first when trying to make them behave properly. So learning how to use L-rods is something which every dowser should get to grips with. Some people can't seem to get them moving whilst others can't seem to get them to stop!

It doesn't matter if your favorite tool is a pendulum, a bobber or no tool at all. To be a competent dowser, you should have some knowledge of the major tools. That is why knowing how to use L-rods should be thought of as being in the ‘standard curriculum' of any dowser.

As you'll see in the video below, L-rods come in various shapes and materials and sizes. My preference is for something very basic indeed; nothing more than bare steel. However, that doesn't suit everyone. Just as pendulums vary tremendously in the way they feel, so L-rods can be just as sensitive.

Once you learn how to use L-rods, you'll find that, for a lot of your dowsing needs, you don't really need both of them. One works perfectly well. But, as they are invariably sold in pairs, you'll start out using them in pairs.

However, it's worth pointing out that, if you have trouble with both of them to begin with, why not start holding just one and seeing if you can get a response in that before moving to two at the same time? You can swap hands and get the feel of it. Then, change up to using both.

This short video demonstrates how to use L-rods. The trick, as you'll see, is getting them to be at the perfect angle so that they swing freely. And don't hold them down with your thumb! That's a common problem when learning how to use L-rods, so avoid that if you want success!

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