‘I Don’t Trust My Pendulum’

Written by Maggie Percy

Your Pendulum Is Your Friend

I saw a one-line post in a dowsing forum recently, and it sparked a whole train of thought. The line was, “I don't think I trust my pendulum.” A number of people had replied that they agreed with this statement. It appears that such dowsing problems are common.

It brought to mind something my mother would always tell us kids when we would fuss about something we were trying to do: “A poor workman quarrels with his tools.” I wish I had a nickel for every time she said that…

What does that have to do with dowsing? I think we all have a tendency to project our frustration outward. When our dowsing answers appear ‘wrong' or we don't feel confident dowsing, we naturally focus our disappointment and frustration on what we think the cause is.

‘I'd trust my pendulum if…'

Some people will conclude they can't dowse, or that dowsing doesn't work, or maybe that it just won't work for them. Others talk about their pendulums mis-informing them, or suggest that maybe some entity has hijacked their dowsing. Nobody that I've heard (so far, anyway) has said, “I would trust my pendulum if I were a better dowser.” Everyone assumes that they are a good dowser from the get-go. But is that really the case? I doubt it.

I have almost never heard anyone saying, “I must need more training or practice in dowsing.” Yet that's the best answer, in my opinion.

A great concert pianist can make a rickety upright piano sing, but an untrained amateur will have a problem getting “Chopsticks” to sound good on a high quality grand piano. Good tools make the job easier, but they don't make the job.

I recall my shock one time when someone looked at a prize-winning photo I had taken and calmly said, “You must have a great camera!” Well, I had a good camera, but 3 chimps with high-end word processors won't end up creating the works of Shakespeare, no matter how long they type.

Remember, the ‘I trust my pendulum' thing is really about the tool and its response. But it's only responding to the question you posed. So, maybe the reason is not the pendulum, but the question, or your state of mind.

Bottom line is that you shouldn't feel bad if you get a ‘wrong' dowsing answer. No one is perfect. Not even the most veteran dowser. But don't fall into the ‘poor workman' syndrome. Don't go and buy another pendulum. If you aren't happy with your dowsing performance, seek out training and practice, practice, practice.

The solution may not be glamorous, but the good news is that almost anyone can do that! And we're here to help!

How did you lose trust in your pendulum and how did you regain it (or have you never regained it)? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Mohan Kathe

    I ask my pendulum about cricket result. My question was, ” will India wn against Australia in Cricket match today? The answer was No. ( Pendulum moving horizontal) In real the match won by India. The same question after 2 days , the answer was No. Again India won. Frustration to an extent that I felt like throwing pendulum in sea water. The other day I learnt about calibrating pendulum on YouTube. The question was ” please show me the clear sign for ‘Yes’ the pendulum moving horizontal. And for ‘No’ the pendulum moving vertical. I was happy. Again the other day the cricket match between India and Australia. I ask the question to pendulum “will India win against Australia in Cricket match today? The pendulum moving vertical means the answer is No for me. In other words, Australia will win. On that day Australia has won. Confidence and trust rose. But today the same question to pendulum, it moving horizontal means Yes for me. I happily told my dad that India will win today for sure. But in the evening when I came back home from office, my dad told me that Australia has won.. I have lost my faith on pendulum. I re calibratie and that now I see for Yes, it is moving clockwise and for No anti clockwise. I am not sure. I again ask the pendulum the same question to show me the clear sign for Yes and No. Horizontal for Yes and for No the pendulum moving horizontal. The pendulum appears fake to me now. Maybe in few days I will go to sea shore and throw this pendulum in sea water. No matter what ‘pendulum dowsing is not my cup of tea. It is a cup of poison.

    • Maggie Percy

      I am so sorry you are frustrated with pendulum dowsing. Don’t give up yet. Many people think that getting a yes or no answer is dowsing. Dowsing is much more than that. It is a natural skill, but a skill nonetheless.

      For example, playing cricket is an athletic skill. You have to learn rules, techniques and get yourself in shape if you want to play well. Just swinging the bat is not enough, right? Would you throw the cricket bat in the sea if you couldn’t play well immediately when you tried? Of course not. Because you know it is a skill, and skills require practice and training.

      Dowsing is a skill with many important parts to learn: asking the question well, getting into a dowsing state and be detached, being two of the most important. Most dowsers have no knowledge of the dowsing state, an altered brain state required for accuracy. Most dowsers have not learned detachment or how to ask the right question. It is not surprising that as a new dowser you are experiencing this. You are too focused on yes/no responses as if that is all dowsing is.

      You need to learn how to dowse properly. We have a very good course on this skill that will help you master all the proper techniques. If you really want to dowse well, get the course. It is unlikely you will master dowsing simply by altering your yes/no responses. For details, visit http://discoveringdowsing.com/dowsing-course.

      We prefer you start dowsing without a tool at first. You will be less likely to develop bad habits that way. There is no magic in the tool. The magic of dowsing is in you. You can learn to dowse if you wish, but it requires a commitment of time and effort.

      Don’t be discouraged that you cannot magically master dowsing overnight. It is a skill, not a psychic power. Good luck and let us know how you do!

      • Tracy

        I tried dowsing for the first time the other day. I bought the pendulum to check on the status of my chakras but, after doing a little more reading, I realized it could be used to ask questions of my higher self so I programmed it and had a lovely session of getting amazing (and as far as I could tell, accurate) answers. The next day, my chakras readings were really weird. I moved to asking questions of my higher self, and got such strange answers that I asked if I was talking to my higher self. The pendulum responded with a no. I asked if I was talking to a being of light and the answer was a firm no. I got pretty freaked out and asked it to leave. Firm no in response. Can you tell me what to do about this? Is this not safe for me? Also, is dowsing not safe at all for children to do?

        • Maggie Percy

          It appears you have some of the common misconceptions about dowsing. I suggest you clear your mind of whatever you think dowsing is and however you learned to use a pendulum and start over using the articles and videos on this site. There are a few basic steps to good dowsing. And we spend a lot of time talking about what dowsing is and how to do it well.

          Dowsing is not channeling. The answers don’t come from God, your High Self or anyone else. That is channeling, and channeling without training is potentially dangerous. Either your dowsing answer was correct, because dowsing is not talking to your High Self, or you connected with some spiritual being. And this whole concept of ‘light’ being safe is vague and undefined and not nearly enough to give you protection. So I repeat: clear your mind of whatever you think dowsing is and invest time in reading and watching on this site, and we’ll put you on a safe path for becoming a good dowser.

          Dowsing the right way is totally safe. I suggest you use this site to learn how, get our free ebook “101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing” and start dowsing about everyday things so you can see your accuracy improve. You cannot become a good dowser if you only dowse intangible things. Keep that to less than 20 percent of your dowsing.

          Get Barbara Brennan’s book “Hands of Light’ if you want to pendulum dowse your aura and chakras. It is great.

          Children make the best dowsers, but they need to be taught the right way.

          Dowsing is safe when done properly. It’s just another way of getting answers to questions. Just don’t play in the astral realm. It’s like playing on the railroad tracks. Do everything not with fear, but with respect that comes from taking the time to learn the best way to do things.

    • Barbara

      I believe your answers come according to your relationship with the art. MY answers according to my pendulum and MY system is Yes answer swings back and forth, to me and away, the harder it swings, the stronger is.your answer. No answer is left to right, question hazy is when it swings in circular motion, reword question or be more specific. Sometimes we can put too much wording in and it points to too many answer options and your Angels and Guides answering need more specifics. Never assume they can read your mind, they can, but if you’re going to consult pendulum then let’s answer specific question with specific answer. Like when you’re Googling a question it doesn’t pull up what you’re looking for, then says “Try Less Wording To Narrow Your Search” , sometimes more is too much, it leaves too many options for an answer, hence you’ll get circular swing. To the right, clockwise is Be More Specific, to the left, counter clockwise is don’t understand what you’re asking, hence, be more specific. My pendulum has never let me down.
      Your question, Will India win over Australia is too vague. You got a Yes answer because SOMEDAY they will, it wasn’t wrong. “Will India Win cricket completion over Australia when they compete this Saturday” something like that needs more specifics. Also build relationship with your Guides and Angels so they know how you’ll receive your answers. For me, it’s as I described above. If you have to remember What Does That Mean? Then you’ve already broke communication stream, I guess is an easy way of explaining it. Also, try warming your pendulum up first. (This is when it gets cool!) Talk to your pendulum like im talking to you, explaining, “Im going to swing a No answer” Using Your Mind Only.. Concentrate on pendulum swinging side to side. Be specific! “I’m Going To Sway A NO Answer, Left to Right”, This is you programming your pendulum but it is also you communicating how you’ll perceive your answers, they will flow with whatever it takes to get you answer you request and you aren’t breaking communication stream. SO with that being said.. Concentrate on pendulum swinging left to right. Move it with your mind! Baby steps and you’ll see it twitch a little and move a little bit left or right. You’ll freak out a bit but you know you seen it move! Don’t worry, Angels are having as much rejoice as you are.. When you settle down try again. I PROMISE YOU, you can do this! Don’t be hard on yourself as your Angels and Guides are there to help with this. It may or it may not take a few runs at it, even to get that first twitch, “It Ain’t No Thang” Do Not stress about it! Practice once a day, or as many times as you want, it WILL happen. Your Ego can get in the way telling you, “You CAN’T Do This”, Snap right back “Oh YES I Can!” Give yourself the time you need to connect with yourself and keep saying out loud, “I CAN Do This!” Then watch that puppy start moving with intent! You’re focusing left to right for NO answer, when you get that down, move to circular clockwise, focus pendulum stirring and slowly rocking a circular motion going clockwise, then counterclockwise. Then tackle YES answer. Swinging to you and away from you. This one takes a little more concentration because you feel the “Willing It To You” which is a Push, Pull, intent. Push away, Pull it to you.. I myself go the extra, because you’re so amped on being able to do it, you want more! I myself go angle, angle, or diagnal both directions. No, not to my knowledge does it mean anything but you can program it too. Say, left diagnal means incoming energy is of “Interior Energy” meaning “YOU or someone close to you, family, spouse, best friend are the one creating the energy, around you,” depending on focus of your question. “Exterior Energy”, Cosmos, something, someone outside your circle creating energy. It’s how YOU will understand interpretation, YOU ARE training pendulum, Angels and Guides, They just want to get the answer back to you in a way you will perceive as a right answer. Always show respect and say “Thank You” after each question. It also let’s them know next question separates from last. 2 diff. questions.
      Warming up any pendulum is this manner “I” feel connects me to it and is the ringing of the phone when you are calling Angels and Guides, kind of a “HEY, I Need You’re Help Please!” They are always there, just for the record..
      I hope this helped and not too much over-kill.

      • Maggie Percy

        All good points. Practice makes perfect. Everyone can learn what their yes and no answer are, and other more complex answers, as you say. It isn’t the same for everyone, but you give good examples to help illustrate the topic.
        Be very cautious about regarding the pendulum as if it gives the answers. It does not. It amplifies your body’s reaction so that you can see it better. Much as a bit and bridle are aids for a rider, the dowsing tool is actually a crutch, and as with training wheels on a bike, you would be wise to discard it as soon as possible. In fact, we prefer to teach deviceless dowsing first, because you avoid a lot of misconceptions that way, plus train yourself to be more intuitive and a better dowser.
        Angels and Guides are definitely here to aid us, but they are not involved in the dowsing answers or process. You might ask them to protect you while you dowse, but they aren’t giving you the answers. That would be channeling, not dowsing. You can ‘talk’ with other beings, even your pets, using dowsing and yes/no questions, but don’t fall into the misconception of thinking someone else provides answers. You are turning within and using your intuitive abilities to discover the answers to your question, much as when you think, you are applying your rational mind to a problem.
        Everyone needs a good dowsing course if they want to master dowsing and be accurate. Anyone can learn to dowse. Our course is a great way to start, and we highly recommend it. http://discoveringdowsing.com/dowsing-course.

        • Barbara

          I myself am always learning.. Thank You.. I will check this all out but I’m sure I have learned more than I knew.. Thanks

          • Maggie Percy

            We are all learning. And I totally agree that anyone who wants to can learn to dowse well. We love to help people master dowsing, and we don’t feel it is a psychic gift only a few have. It is a skill that takes time to master, but anyone can do it.

      • Barbara

        PS.. People putting too much emphasis on the ability to do something “its going to be hard”, or “could be hard,” or “maybe it’s not for you.” Let me say this.. WHATEVER anyone else can do, you can do! Release that “Maybe It’s Not For You” thought! Immediately! There is absolutely NOT anything out there in the Universe that someone else can do that you can’t! I DO NOT CARE WHAT IT IS! Dowsing or driving a race car or quilting, or Healing Someone! I DON’T CARE WHAT IT IS! WE ALL CAN do it and do it just as well as the professional! WE are our own blockage.. And People programming us to have to climb Mt. Everest to learn something. Know This Please, whatever they can do, You can do and learning it IS as easy as lifting your foot to step over a pebble, Forget Mt. Everest. People who give vague answers or say it’s not for you are one of 2 things, 1; Either from a darker energy source and trying to stop you from knowing who and what we are and can REALLY Do, or 2; in the same boat you are and have limited knowledge at question at hand, even if they have done this for years and years and have a plaque that says they’re certified .. in which case, put your question out to the Universe and it WILL get answered, sometimes it calls for patients but that all depends on how you put it out there. AND that is a whole new conversation for another time.. ? I mean no disrespect to those who have those plaques, not at all.. My teachings have taught me, The harder it is (the way it is put out there to learn by) the darker is your teacher or the way “they” were taught. ANYTHING should be no more than stepping over a pebble (metaphorically speaking) If you want to do something, don’t say I think I can, say, I’m Doing It! AND MEAN IT! The Universe answers in mirror back to you, “I think “I” can” brings back “I think “you” can” compared to ” I Can” comes back “You Can” “I Want” “You Want” compared to “I Have” Universe says “You Have” or “I Will’s “”You Will” are you understand concept here? How you word it depends not only if you’ll get your request but how soon you’ll get it. Coming from the “I already have perspective” means “YOU ALREADY HAVE” and request will barrel at you faster than you can say the words.. I think means your thinking and no request has been made. Watch your words if you want it now.. (just saying) Or Maybe I’d have answered your question sooner? Maybe.. lol.. Hope this helps also..

    • asher

      Maybe if you stopped asking it useless questons it would work better for you.

      It is a misuse to use it in such a way.

      • Maggie Percy

        I think a lot of people are clueless about what to use dowsing for, what it was intended to do to help humans, and they can’t think of anything good to ask questions about. That’s why our book, “101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing” is free to download on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, etc. I always urge new dowsers to get our book so they can see how many useful topics they can dowse about.

        Though you are a bit harsh, it is true that dowsing requires an element of ‘need’, meaning you are asking about something you really want to know. Also, it should never be used for tests, parlor tricks and things like that, because often in those conditions, you won’t get focus, because it is not an appropriate way to use dowsing. Lastly, it is foolish to use dowsing for something you can get an accurate answer to using other means.

        Most people don’t have the benefit of a good dowsing course, so they don’t understand these things. I suggest that anyone who wants to learn to dowse well and get accurate answers get our Discovering Dowsing course. See the sales page on this site for details: http://discoveringdowsing.com/dowsing-course.


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