Interpreting Dowsing Results

Written by Nigel Percy

And The Winner With The Most Hugs Is…

Here's an example of interpreting results. There's a football match on (doesn't matter where you are, football is whatever it means to you). But you are a stranger to this concept. All you see are people running around, doing odd things and then celebrating. The celebrating, the hugging, the leaping with joy, they are what seems to be really important. So, based on your observation, you think that the purpose of the ritual you are watching is to have group hugs and that there has to be a certain sequence of steps which you haven't worked out yet, in order for people to hug each other.

Interpreting the results is a matter of perspective

Now, that's one perspective, and it's wrong. But it's based on what you saw and, because you didn't know any better, it makes sense to you. Except…it doesn't feel quite right. There's this nagging feeling that there's something else going on, some other point to what you are watching. You get that feeling from others around you, but you can't quite put your finger on it….yet.

And it's that nagging feeling when we dowse which is important.

Let's say you are dowsing about something, anything at all. You get answers and those answers, by and large, fit very neatly into your world view. They bolster the way you have been thinking all along and because that feels good, you are happy to accept that.

But feeling good is not the same as feeling right.

Just as in the above example, you can get a nagging feeling that maybe, just maybe, there is another way of looking at what is going on. Another way of interpreting the dowsing results.

What it comes down to is this: there should always be room in your dowsing for surprises, for new ideas, and for new ways of seeing the world. If we don't leave the door cracked open, even just a little bit, then we're unlikely to have a breakthrough in our thinking or understanding. There always has to be room for surprises in dowsing. It's all to do with our perspective and how difficult it can be to see something in a new light. And it's about listening to that little nagging feeling.

Have you had a result in dowsing that made you change your viewpoint? What was it? We'd love to hear about it in the comments section below.


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  1. Allyson Wood

    Hi I’m a learner at using my pendulum but I seem to always get very clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, even if sometimes it goes anti clockwise before giving me a ‘yes’ (left to right) or ‘no’ (top to bottom) answer. Is this ok, and accurate? Thanks xx

    • Allyson Wood

      I am very secure and steady in how I’m sitting whilst using it x

    • Nigel Percy

      The clarity of the answer is only part of it. More important is how accurate is the answer? If you get a clear ‘yes’ but the answer should have been ‘no’ then it doesn’t matter at all. Practice on subjects you can check for accuracy (there are plenty of examples scattered throughout the site) and get confidence in your dowsing.


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