Intuitives As Rebels


Written by Maggie Percy

Intuitives As Rebels: A Scary Concept

Do you see intuitives as rebels? I believe being intuitive makes you a rebel, meaning it makes you unconventional. You become someone who is not ‘asleep', who exercises free will, or at the very least, who questions authority.

What does the label ‘rebel' conjure in your mind? If you are an American, it probably correlates with the losers of the Civil War, who are often referred to as ‘rebels'. So at some level, you think a rebel is a loser, or vilified, or dead. This does not motivate you to be a rebel.

Yet there is the truth that intuitives are rebels. An intuitive person is a thinking person, someone who allows herself to see hidden patterns, motives and hints of future outcomes. An intuitive gets a sense about whether a person is lying or whether a situation is healthy. In so doing, the intuitive becomes conscious and can make choices for herself rather than following the crowd. Since the crowd is usually going in another direction, though, this can be scary.

What Benefit Is There?

Why be a rebel? Why be intuitive? You are an intuitive being, whether you want to use your intuition or not. When you choose to follow your intuition, you often will be questioned or judged, but if you persist, your outcome is usually an improvement on your old life.

Your intuition is your built-in guidance system that can point out what path to take to reach your goals, whether you want to be happier, healthier or express your talents. Of course, you can let someone else be your guide–we all need outside help, but I believe that if you go on a journey of self-discovery, you become the person who best knows how to live your life.

Many Intuitive Paths

There are many ways to tap into your intuitive abilities. Tarot cards, I Ching and Dowsing are just a few. Any way that you consciously choose to consult your intuition as opposed to your rational mind is a step towards balancing your senses and your outlook. By choosing intuitive living, you choose to have more information, better guidance and happier outcomes.

Granted, intuitive living, like using your brain, takes a bit of practice. Most people aren't blessed with instant intuition. Most people aren't geniuses, either, but that hasn't stopped the education system from spending years trying to train you in the use of your rational faculties. Why does everyone think you have to be born psychic in order to use intuition? We all recognize that intellectual genius is an outlier, but that doesn't mean we give up on using our brains, does it?

Commit to learning how to effectively use your intuition and intuitive senses. That will make you unconventional, but you can live with that. You don't have to persuade or convince anyone else to see things as you do. Just enjoy a better life.

We have found dowsing to be the gateway to intuitive living for us. If you think you might like to explore dowsing, have a look at how simple it is in this article. But even if dowsing isn't your gateway to intuition, you can find one.

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