I Just Got Excommunicated!


Written by Maggie Percy


What Happened…

As a moderator of the biggest private dowsing group on Facebook, I am interested in seeing how other groups are doing. As of this writing, there are 4 other private FB dowsing groups.

I was a member of all of those groups at one time. But I've been excommunicated from 2 of them. I just got notice today of the second hatchet job. But I'm not upset, because it's a sort of milestone for me. Let me explain…

Some dowsing teachers have made themselves gurus and set up dowsing as a religion. Sound incredible? Well, it's pretty basic. Spiritual seekers in general are looking for meaning in life. Most of them have not found that organized religion fills the voids they feel exist in their spiritual lives, so they look beyond religion.

So they come upon a person preaching that dowsing is a magical ability that they can use to change anything they don't like in their lives. Just swing a pendulum, and it all changes. For the most part, these gurus are encouraging you to apply your intention to broad things that really can't be easily measured for results. Things like raising the frequency of this or that, or changing an ‘energy'. In other words, they are asking you to take it on faith that what they say works.

Accepting things on faith is a sign of religious dogma. Catholics accept the Pope is infallible and Christians in general accept that Christ died for our sins. They don't require any proof or even that anyone defend these claims. They are dogma, and thus must be accepted.

In a religion, those who ask questions about dogma and aren't ready to swallow them whole get excommunicated or run out of the religion. And that's what happened to me today. I got run out of a group for having a different opinion. Not for being harsh or critical, but just for thinking and offering a different opinion of what dowsing is and how to best approach change. That opinion was unwelcome because it contradicted dogma.

People are quite touchy about dogma. They get angry if you ask them to prove that the Immaculate Conception or virgin birth are real. You aren't allowed to ask about that, and you certainly aren't allowed to have a differing opinion. If you do, you don't belong in our religion. Take your questions and opinions and leave!

I believe dowsing should not be taught or lived as a religion. Dowsing is a natural human ability anyone can learn. It can easily be demonstrated that you can use dowsing to get answers to questions you cannot answer rationally (which is what dowsing is). And you can prove those answers are correct or not. No need for faith. No need for dogma.

While it is natural that so many spiritual seekers can be caught up in the dogmatic perception of dowsing, this does not help them grow, nor does it help dowsing become credible. People want to see results. The way we teach dowsing, you can get results and measure them. Dowsing works. You don't have to accept it on faith. It is credible and practical.

So I don't mind that they kicked me out of church for speaking up. I do feel sorry for those left behind, who won't have a chance to see that there are other opinions and viewpoints about dowsing. It's through hearing other people's differing viewpoints that I have learned and grown so much in my dowsing.

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