The Language Of Dowsing

the language of dowsing leads to poor communication

Written by Nigel Percy

What Strange Words!

The language of dowsing is not very conducive to helping it become more popular, more used. Now that, in part, is going to be because dowsers are a separate group. Any such self-identified group tends to create and use specialized words and phrases which help to reinforce that group identity. A general term for this is ‘jargon'.

The use of jargon establishes credibility within the group. But, if you use it outside the group, then it makes whatever you say unclear or makes you sound stupid, or, worse, makes the listener or reader feel stupid.

Now, dowsing, like any other group, has its own jargon. This language of dowsing is something which is ‘picked up'. A word like ‘energy', for example, has a whole slew of meanings in dowsing. But, by and large, other dowsers at least have a feel for what its use would probably mean, give the context.

Where the language of dowsing goes wrong

However, when dowsers start to sling words and phrases around which mean something to themselves only, then they are not only distancing dowsing further from non-dowsers, but, worse, they are also confusing dowsers themselves!

Take, for example, the idea that someone proposes (without any justification whatsoever – which is not unusual, sadly), that a certain procedure should be carried out in a certain manner in order to bring about specific results. In this case, let's say that, in order to become healthy, you should place something in a northern direction. Such an action will manifest what you desire.

Sounds strange so far, doesn't it? That's because there's no justification, no reasoning being offered. It's take it or leave it.

It gets worse. The idea is that you have to be energetically strong in that direction in order for it to work. And you discover that with dowsing. (This is where dowsing comes into it, in case you were wondering!)

You dowse to find how energetically aligned you are with that direction. It's not about energetic alignment in that direction, which could conceivably have some meaning. No, it's about being energetically aligned with that direction. Huh? (Let's gloss over the idea that you can spin a pendulum and make yourself strong in that direction which has nothing to do with dowsing.)

What can it possibly mean to be ‘energetically strong' in relation to a certain direction? What is being tested when any dowsing is being done around this concept? And how can anyone else really know what this is all about? It makes no sense.

Poor language means poor understanding

Whether or not the concept is a good one or not is completely buried under the choice of language. There's no jargon here. It's more like a private language. But, then again, there's also the possibility that the person saying or writing it has no real idea of that they mean either.

Taking a phrase and using it to mean whatever you want it to mean does no-one any good at all. It serves to hide the real meaning intended and also distances anyone else who is not gullible and swayed by a ‘neat' phrase, from having any understanding at all about the subject.

As dowsers, yes, by all means stick with our jargon! It helps identify us to each other. But, please! Don't just throw phrases around which sound good but mean nothing because either I will think you are trying to sound clever or that you can't be bothered to take the time to explain what you mean. Either way, I will dismiss what you say because you have decided to make yourself a group of one with your strange use of words.

(And, yes, the example I used here was taken from real life.)


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