Lightworkers are in Danger


Written by Maggie Percy


Here's Why

Dowsers shouldn't call themselves “Lightworkers”. Not if they want to be safe.

I just used a word I rarely use–‘should'. But I did it on purpose. I want to get your attention.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. It's common for healers and energy workers to call themselves “Lightworkers”. So what's wrong with that?

Nothing. Unless you like being safe. If you are a crusader and see yourself as someone fighting the forces of Darkness, then that is what you get. You get the forces of Darkness to fight.

There's also an aspect of snobbery here which shouldn't be overlooked.

In a dualistic world, it is tough not to think this way. Lightworkers often find that it's hard to accept that darkness has just as valuable a place here as light. But it's true. You cannot have one without the other. And the harder you try to eradicate one, the stronger it gets. Why? Because the balance overall remains the same. Think of the symbol of yin and yang. Equal amounts of white and black. To keep the symbol intact, if you make the white bigger, you have to also make the black bigger.

Or think about it this way. What do Superman and Batman have in common? Superpowers used for good. And what do they attract? Super-Villains with nasty superpowers they use for evil. This is not a coincidence. It's how the world works.

I wish I had a dollar for every dowser and Lightworker I've met who experience the “Superman” syndrome after they commit to using their gifts for ‘good'. I'm not saying it's wrong to commit to sharing your gift. But if you haven't done enough self-work; if you still have a judgmental attitude about right and wrong, you're in for quite a bumpy ride. If you saddle up as a Lightworker, prepare to meet the forces of Darkness.

Lightworkers attract the opposite

That which you fight grows stronger. You are giving your power to it by judging and fighting it. What you resist, persists. We've all heard the sayings that remind us of this, but do we always apply them? Sadly, no.

I've known prominent professional dowsers and healers who find themselves spending hours a day clearing entities and negative influences and energies. Sometimes it all spins out of control or affects health seriously. But this situation can be avoided.

Don't put out a neon sign saying you're a crusader. Don't be a crusader. That's often how lightworkers see themselves. Just share your gift in a nonjudgmental way. Know that you are making a difference, but be aware when you are judging or labeling people or situations as ‘good' or ‘bad', ‘light' or ‘dark'. That judgment can attract powerful negative energies.

If you find yourself beset by nasty energies, don't be scared or upset. It's teaching you about the reality you are creating. It's teaching you about protection. It's just an opportunity to learn to be detached and nonjudgmental. To see the whole world as perfect, even if it isn't to your liking. It's a HUGE lesson, but it can transform your life and make you a lot more like the Dalai Lama. And he seems to be a totally cool person.

Do you think this is a good argument about ‘lightworkers'? Share your reasons in the comments section below.

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  1. Sherryl

    You have a good argument. My opinion about Light-workers are that they are idiots not accepting the balance of light and dark, order and chaos, etc. They probably aren’t idiots but that is a gut reaction when I hear Light-worker.

    • michelle

      Not accepting the balance? What an asinine thing to comment. Lightworkers attract people who have suffered horrific lives…people who want to unleash…confess…confide in them. Lightworkers soak in that sadness…that “darkness”…like a sponge. The empathy level of understanding…is off the charts. It leaves a Lightworker drained…emotionally, physically…mentally…spiritually.
      Sounds like yin/yang to me. And it seems a Lightworker is nothing short of accepting of both light and darkness to be able to do what they do.

      • Maggie Percy

        I doubt the person who wrote this comment two years ago is going to reply. So I’ll say that her comment was intended to say that if one accepts that duality means you need both polar opposites and stop judging, you are better off and safer. Which of course is one of the points I was making in the article. Be what you value. Don’t fight for peace. Create peace. Fighting attracts fighting, not peace. Judgment attracts judgment, not harmony. It’s a lesson we would all do well to learn. Everything has a place, even if only to provide contrast.

  2. gargoyle

    Aren`t we All Lightworkers? Coming from the Light and returning thereto? Growing sparks and flames of infinite spirit, striving to attain yet bigger Light of Life?

    • Maggie Percy

      Your comments do not relate to the content of the article, and they are merely assertions of belief, not facts. But even if they were facts, they do not qualify as a response to the points made in the article that those who see themselves as Lightworkers put themselves in danger. You are making my point. Those who choose to see themselves as Superman or the super good guy will attract super villains and very detrimental energy.

      Light cannot exist without Dark. You are confusing the concept of Source energy with the New Age nonsense about Light, which is more of a religious and judgmental thing. Source energy is neither good nor bad, light nor dark. When Source energy manifests into physical form, it can be either and it can be both. But in the physical realm, you cannot get rid of ‘bad’ and still have ‘good’. You cannot get rid of ‘Dark’ and still have ‘Light’. The harder you try to deny reality, and the more you judge, the more likely you are to attract the very thing you are fighting.

      • gargoyle

        sure enough, without darkness light can`t shine so just mentioning one is obvious statement of discrimination from another..
        ..had not written anything about “getting rid” or “figting”..
        ..Universal Absolute is without quality and form also being ultimate and infinite is far above man`s finite conception of reality and well beyond his capacity of imagination.
        Knowing the love from hate i care for the first one to overflow the latter..

        • Maggie Percy

          Perhaps you would care to comment on something specifically from the article, which addresses the dangers of seeing oneself as a Lightworker or warrior against darkness.

          • gargoyle

            the only danger i can see for one calling himself this or other is bonding oneself with the chains of description. (if someone is for real, he does not need to brand himself, realness emanates forth shining with universall truth which defend itself always)

            On the other hand if one is boasting vivid imagination with some romantic tendencies and calling oneself lightworker though living in fantasy and having no cognition of facts, i conclude this unit of perception as not being able to harm itself, directly or indirectly even with sufficient resources (too goofy, too droney)

            On yet third value: Ghandi said that..”man is what he think`s he is and what he say`s he is”..

            then from Above and Beyond all that:
            “each unique-all equall” viewpoint is setting my own unique experience of existence in “my universe” of particular-like no other set of rules (my truth is true to me, someones truth is true for him, the Real Truth is in the Middle on the axis of paradox) where neither, both, all and none of them are valid

            • Maggie Percy

              It’s all in definitions, which make communication possible. Your position is not clear to me based on your description, which has jargon I am unfamiliar with, but having common definitions for terms and a common understanding of what something is for allows us to communicate meaningfully between our sometimes separate realities or different perceptions.

              Regardless of which reality you are living in, it is dangerous to play with fire. Some things go across all boundaries. Setting oneself up as the sheriff in town will attract certain experiences. I stand by what I said in the article. This article is simply a warning that if one judges (as opposed to prefers) one extreme aspect of duality and tries to eliminate or fight the other, they are at risk. What you resist persists and what you fight grows stronger. These are simple truths.

      • Lisa


        You judged someone for responding to an article in a way in which she understood. One doesn’t need to qualify to pose a response if that were the case, I am unsure that you would qualify. You wrote, “The harder you try to deny reality, and the more you judge, the more likely you are to attract the very thing you are fighting.”
        So what are you fighting?

        • Maggie Percy

          You didn’t give enough details in your comment to allow a response. Who is the ‘she’ that I supposedly ‘judged’? I see no comments in this thread by a woman whom I replied to in a way that could be called judgment. If you would identify the post, the statement and my reply, that would allow me to respond.

          The only limited comment I can add to what you say is that I don’t judge. I have an opinion, like most people, and I try to support it with logic and arguments. Disagreement is not judgment. Judgment is saying someone is bad or stupid for what they believe. When I say it’s dangerous to have a certain outlook, I’m not judging; I’m stating a fact. We can learn from our mistakes. I’ve made plenty, and this article points to one area I have learned a lesson in.

          Lots of people do things without thinking of consequences or just because someone told them they could. Others go off half-cocked with good intentions and end up dying from brain tumors. The point of my article is good intentions aren’t enough, and crusading is dangerous. I tried to make the point that fighting against something makes it stronger, and that duality leads to problems in some situations. Did you even read the article? I am not knocking the good intentions of people, nor am I judging them; I am merely saying it is dangerous to be a crusader against the ‘Dark’.

  3. Anonymous

    According to the law of attraction if you are light shouldn’t you then attract light and not the opposite darkness? Also fact of the matter is superman and batman are fictional comic book characters not meant to be based on reality. They have to fight bad guys so that the writers and artists will make money. But furthermore, if you were to read the comics you’d find they don’t just decide “hey I’m now gonna look for evil to fight” there is already a bad guy causing havoc that the police can’t stop that they feel the need to

    • Maggie Percy

      According to the Law Of Attraction, you attract what you vibrate at, but you also attract what you give attention to. If you are a “Lightworker” defined as someone who fights “Darkness” or “Evil”, you will find that giving your attention to evil and judging it will expand it in your experience and attract it. Whatever you give attention to, grows. This is fundamental to the law of attraction.

      We did NOT say anything about avoiding being “light”, whatever you think it is. Our point is what you focus on is attracted into your sphere of influence. Focus on lack, and you get lack. Focus on ill health, and you get ill health. Focus on fear, and you get fear. Focus on darkness, you get darkness.

      The comic book hero analogy is just that. Comics have a great deal of ‘truth’ to them. If you see yourself as the superhero of light, focusing your attention on vanquishing darkness, you will attract darkness in the proportion that you focus on it or fear it, give attention to it or judge it. Therefore, comic books stories go along with the Law Of Attraction in that way.

      You seem to be missing the point we are trying to make, or else you want to cling to an opposing viewpoint, but aren’t able to argue it clearly. Are you saying you disagree with the main point of our article or quibbling about how we are making our point?

  4. Carol

    In my experience, this is absolutely true. Back when I was naive and trusting, I was told about a “healer” who wanted to help “lightworkers” develop their abilities. She was a crusader. I signed on and immediately attracted some kind of negative entity. It became a cult-like situation that she eventually threw me out of because I was supposedly a danger to her. I have not been able to shake the entity – I resist, it persists. I ignore it and I feel stronger. I’m working on healing the parts of me that it clings to in the hope that it will eventually go away. I know of at least one other woman who worked with her and had this same problem, except that she went to the dark side. Lesson learned? I certainly hope so.

    • Maggie Percy

      I’m very sorry to hear you had this experience, but you’ve obviously been able to find an important lesson and apply it. We live in a world of duality, and we cannot banish one half of everything. The contrast is necessary. Our book The Busy Person’s Guide To Ghosts, Curses and Aliens might be helpful to you for dealing with the entity. You can see it here. Try to avoid using terms like ‘dark’ and ‘light’ with judgment, because that does seem to perpetuate the problem. Most entities are simply misplaced beings who can’t find their way ‘home,’ and usually a statement of intention helps them move on, but never send them to the Light, because you don’t know where they belong. Send it to ‘its right and perfect place,’ and let the Universe sort that out. Usually that works. Another helpful hint is if you can dowse and can find the resonant energies within you that are causing attachment, you can work to clear them using some method like EFT, which weakens the attachment, and eventually it moves on, because you don’t resonate with it anymore.

      • Carol

        Thanks so much, Maggie. I just ordered the book you suggested (the set actually). I like your suggestions and will give them a try. All the best to you!

        • Maggie Percy

          If you have any questions about the content of our books, please write me at [email protected] or contact us through any of our sites and ask me. Good luck!

  5. Carol

    Thanks, Maggie! I’m going to start on the first question today. :-)

    • Maggie Percy

      Good luck and enjoy the guides.


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