The Limited Potential of Dowsing

limited potential of dowsing

Written by Maggie Percy


To Infinity And Beyond!

We often like to say that dowsing has infinite possibilities. We never speak of the limited potential of dowsing.

The good news is that you define the limits. If you only want to dowse your supplements, you are limiting the potential uses of dowsing. This is not a bad thing. It's just a choice to restrict how you apply it.

We prefer to see dowsing as a tool that has the potential to make any part of your life better…if only you use it.

Don't think there's a limited potential of dowsing

Too often, people are afraid to step outside their comfort zone and dowse in new ways. Sometimes that fear is justified. If you have not studied dowsing; if you don't have a mentor; if you have not taken many courses, dowsing in new ways can be overwhelming. If this sounds like you, the situation can easily be remedied by more training and support.

Other times, people restrict their dowsing simply because it never occurred to them to use it more broadly. If you resonate with this situation, just reading this article could be a turning point in your dowsing journey.

If you are really stuck about ways to use dowsing, then you really need to check out this book, ‘101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing'.

Whatever limitations you have placed on dowsing, you can remove them at any time, often with only a small amount of effort. Dowsing is the greatest transformational tool we know of, but you have to use it to get those great results.

How do you see dowsing? As limitless? Or have you not yet thought about it? Has this article helped? Let us know in the comments section below.


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