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Maggie Percy

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Maggie Percy

Maggie Percy, co-founder of The Dowsing World Summit and co-owner of Sixth Sense Solutions, came to dowsing while searching for ways to heal her physical body. As with many people, Maggie found her problems to be an opportunity to discover wonderful new ways of looking at life and living.

Originally from a very rational, scientific background, she chose to integrate dowsing and intuition into her life in a significant way, and she and her husband, Nigel find this ‘whole brain' view of life works far better than just using one side of the brain or the other.



Maggie came to dowsing and spiritual things late in life as a result of a health catastrophe. On the long and winding journey back to health, which started in 1990, she became interested in empowering herself to be healthy. That led to other forms of empowerment, and inevitably to energy work and then dowsing.

Dowsing became Maggie's passion, with a special interest in using it for health and personal growth. She met Nigel in 2000 through their mutual interest in dowsing and overcame many obstacles to go to the U.K. to meet, and later, marry him. On returning to Arizona, they started offering their services professionally online and locally through their business Sixth Sense Solutions.

Currently, Maggie enjoys teaching people how to get the best results using dowsing in all areas of their lives by focusing on mentoring students of their Discovering Dowsing course.

Maggie's Recommended Reading:

Ask The Right Question: The Essential Sourcebooks Of Good Dowsing Questions
One of the hardest things to learn in dowsing is how to ask a good question. If your question sucks, your answer probably will, too. This book gives you tons of tested dowsing questions, plus shows you how to make good questions yourself.

Maggie and Nigel are authors of nearly 30 books, but this remains the best-seller for dowsers. Visit Sixth Sense Books and sign up to get free ebooks by the Percys.



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