A Man, a Car and Ice-cream

Written by Nigel Percy

A Man, A Car And Ice-cream

A true story. And yet it also relates to dowsing.

A man had bought a brand new car. It ran beautifully. Except on Sundays. Actually, it was even more specific than that.

Sundays at his home there was always a vote taken after Sunday lunch as to what flavor ice-cream he would buy. Then he would drive to the store and buy it for the family.

This worked well except when he purchased vanilla ice cream. The car would always start up again if he bought a different flavor, but not if he bought vanilla.

Imagine how he felt trying to explain that to a mechanic, or back at the dealer's place where he had originally bought it! The car was looked at and tested, many times. And always, if vanilla was bought, it wouldn't start back up.

He eventually wrote a long letter to the maker in Detroit, asking if they could please explain what was going on. He liked the car and didn't want to change it for another, but it was ruining his Sunday family ritual

Finally, one of the chief engineers turned up on his doorstep and asked if he could please come along when he went to buy ice-cream.

Off they set. He parked the car as usual, switched it off and went inside. That day was chocolate. The car started up again and they drove back. The engineer scratched his head.

Could he go back out and buy some vanilla? Of course!

Off they went and the engineer this time came into the shop with the man. He picked and paid for the vanilla and got back in the car. It didn't start! They waited as normal, ice-cream beginning to melt. Finally, after several attempts, it started up.

The engineer was not to be beaten. He knew that every test possible had already been done on the car. So he went back into the shop and looked at where the ice-cream was stored.

A sudden insight occurred

The only ice-cream stored near the door was vanilla. All the other flavors were deeper inside the shop. He noticed that it took longer for the man to buy the chocolate flavor because he had to go further back and then return to the counter to pay.

He suddenly realized what was happening and what was the cause of the problem. It had nothing to do with the vanilla ice cream. It had everything to do with how long the car's engine was off.

For the short time it took to buy vanilla ice cream, a vapor-lock occurred in the engine. (For non-techies it simply means it wouldn't start.) But the longer time it took to buy other ice-cream flavors allowed the vapor lock to vanish of its own accord.


And, yes, there is a moral to the story

In dowsing, we can so easily get caught up in one answer or be led down one avenue of investigation that it seems impossible to think that there might be other answers as well.

That is why it is absolutely vital to remember what every new dowser hears at one time or another; keep yourself out of it.

Just because you think you might know what is causing something to happen and it feels comfortable to keep on thinking the way you've always thought, does not mean that it is the right way to think.

Always stop, let go of your attachment to the answer and try again if ever you find yourself going down the same, familiar territory.

Just tell yourself, ‘It's NOT the ice-cream!'

Have you got a story about a time when you were attached to the answer and it all went a bit strange? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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