Map Dowsing Techniques

Dowsing a map

Written by Maggie Percy


An Introduction…

Map dowsing is an advanced application of dowsing, and there are many map dowsing techniques, way more than I can cover in a single blog post. So I'm going to pick an easy one and walk you through it. But first, let's talk about what map dowsing is. When you dowse a map or sketch, you are usually working at a distance from the property or person you are dowsing about. The map or sketch is a representation of that property or person's body. You use the map to dowse the location of whatever you are seeking.

You might be dowsing for treasure or gold, but more likely, you are dowsing to find a lost object or to find a good location to drill for water or oil. Archaeological dowsers dowse for things like a burial location or the foundations of a ruined building. You can dowse the floor plan of a house looking for a lost object or noxious environmental energies. It can even be considered map dowsing if you dowse over a sketch of the human body to determine the location of the cause of a symptom.

Map dowsing might seem like a really weird concept to you if you are new to dowsing. You might ask, “How can anyone use dowsing to find things in a different location using a map?” But think about it this way: what is a map for, and how do you use it? Have you ever looked at a map of another location, maybe a vacation spot you planned to visit? And did you find your hotel or a popular beach or a favorite tourist destination on it? And you said, “Ah, there it is!” You were confident you could find it. You weren't at that location. You'd never been there, but you knew the exact location of something.

When you dowse using a map, you are doing much the same thing. You don't have to be there to find what you are looking for. You are tapping into your natural intuitive ability and asking the question about the object you wish to find. Dowsing gives you the answer to that question, and you don't need to be there any more than you need to be on location to find useful information from a road map or city street map. You do need to be an accurate dowser to get a correct answer, though!

As I said in the beginning, there are many map dowsing techniques. An easy one to do, one that you can use with a pendulum or without any dowsing tool at all, is by drawing quadrants on your map or sketch. Take your drawing and divide it into 4 equal squares by drawing straight lines through the midpoint horizontally and vertically. Label each quadrant with a number or letter.

Remember that you need a great dowsing question in order to be accurate. You need to get into a dowsing state. And you need to be detached about the answer. Then ask if the item you seek is in Quadrant A? Quadrant B? Quadrant C? Quadrant D? You should only get one “yes” answer. If you don't get a “yes” answer, then maybe the item is not located on that map.

Assuming you got a “yes” answer, you then divide that quadrant into four parts as before, labeling them, this time with numbers if you used letters before. Ask the same question about each quadrant. When you get a “yes” answer, repeat the process until you have a small enough quadrant for searching. It can be helpful to name the quadrants using different things each time, so there is no confusion during dowsing. You may need to get a map with larger scale to drill down to the point where a search would be worthwhile.

There are many other map dowsing techniques, but this gives you a good idea of how to get started.


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  1. rosemarie

    This a very helpful information, and helps a lot. I have enough to get started now, I’m very excited.

    • Maggie Percy

      Glad it helped, Rosemarie! Remember dowsing is a skill, so practice a lot, and you’ll get better and better.

  2. Cheri

    Hi Maggie, that was a very helpful read, thank you! I just have a couple of questions…one is how do you practice, exactly? Like have someone hide something and you try dowsing to find it, or what? I currently have a lost cat and an animal communicator told me he was at 2 o’clock from my house and I’m worried that that might skew my results. Of course, that was a couple of weeks ago, so I’m not sure I’m convinced that information is still accurate, but I have too many acres to cover to get a completely wrong reading. Am I just looking for a strong “yes” vibe when I go through the quadrants? Thanks again for a very helpful article! I look forward to hearing your response so I can try to start using this technique.

    • Maggie Percy

      Detachment is vital for this kind of dowsing, and that takes practice. About something like a lost pet, it might be too challenging. Your question is key. You want to know where your cat is NOW. He’s probably been a lot of places. That makes it hard. If you have people helping to find him, that adds thought forms that dowse as the real cat, because belief and emotion create thought forms. It is a mess. First, you want an accurate dowse about whether the cat is still alive. Hard to face, but necessary to be detached about. Then, where is he NOW? Not where has he been or where others think he is. Lost animals are hard to find with dowsing. It not only involves good dowsing; it involves karma. What caused the cat to go missing? What is it possibly teaching you? Have you learned the lesson? Finding the cat is a small part of the problem. I spent 18 months helping someone find a lost dog. The dog didn’t want to be a show dog and didn’t trust women. Unfortunately, that was all he had. We found his location, but we could never lure him back. There was too much karma involved. Be open to looking at this as something bigger than the cat going missing. That might help you find him faster.

      As to practicing dowsing, never doing silly tests. Always dowsing real things that matter, but not big things at first. Like where to find the best parking place; what to choose on the menu, etc. If you get our courses, we go into detail on this. You can see them in The Dowsing Store at Dowsing is meant to be part of your life. Use it in your life. Start small and work up. We’re here to help. I’m sorry about your cat, and we hope you find him/her soon.

  3. Cheri

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply! I actually read your e-mail while I was out looking for him in the two o’clock area around my house where the animal communicator said he was. She said he’d left because he was coming of age. He is about a year old. I take in all the cats and dogs people dump out and try to give them a great life pretty much getting to do what they want, so hopefully my karma is good when it at least comes to them, though I do try to live by the golden rule in general with every living being I come across. I tend to agree with the communicator that he just got too far away from home, which is why he can’t hear us calling, though she did say he knows his way back. Kind of a quandary, really. I really want to find him, but if he needs to do this, I hate to interrupt that. Unfortunately, due to 10 rescues plus my other non-rescue, I have too many mouths to feed to spend any more money on “help”. That’s why when a friend told me about dowsing, I decided to try to learn it myself. I think I can be subjective though. I will definitely try. Thanks again for the prompt response and tips.

    • Maggie Percy

      It’s certainly worth trying, but if you have emotional attachment, it will challenge you. You must be detached about the answers. If he hasn’t been neutered, that could be the motivation. If he has been neutered, it could be more complex. We are like you, and we’ve had as many as 12 rescue animals at one time. While I definitely would never allow any domesticated animal the freedom to roam, sometimes they get loose in spite of your best efforts. If he escaped, that is one situation. If you let them roam, it’s totally another. People who allow pets to roam often get this type of situation to remind them it isn’t safe to let pets roam. If he escaped, it could be he is having issues with another member of your furry family. If he is low on the totem pole, he might run because of that. If he is low in the hierarchy and wishes to be #1, he might leave to find a family where he can be that, rather than wait for it to happen naturally in your large family. If he’s scared of the other cats, that could drive him away. If he is really tuned in to you, and you often think about how you can barely feed the ones you have, he might be leaving to lighten your load. I have had a few cats who were really tuned in to me, so much so, it reminded me never to think negative thoughts. I can’t say what is going on. You obviously are doing your best. If you currently allow your pets to roam, consider getting a cat fence or one of the other many ways of allowing safe, limited freedom. If you already have that, think about the cat’s personality and see if any of the above descriptions fit. He might not return if some of them are the motivation. But if he left to help you, you can still communicate with him and tell him how much you want him back and how much you need him. It all depends on why he left. There will be a lesson here for you, if you are willing to look for it. Good luck!

  4. Amy

    Hi, I just started dowsing in general, tried map dowsing and failed horribly! My question is, does it have to be a paper map? Or can i use google maps on the computer?
    I understand the whole don’t be attached, but Im also looking for a missing pet and I figured this might be a good way to rule out possible sightings if that makes sense?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Maggie Percy

      Map dowsing is a good application for finding lost objects and pets, whether the map is just a sketch of the floor plan of your house or a map from online or a paper map. It doesn’t matter what you use. You have two major challenges in this case: 1. You need to have good dowsing skills, and most people don’t. Without practice, you don’t get detachment. Without training, you might have problems with focusing and getting into a dowsing state, and you certainly won’t be able to ask good questions. If you are lacking in any of those areas, your dowsing won’t be accurate. 2. Each specialty of dowsing has its own pitfalls and issues. That’s why you will see dowsers specialize. Water dowsers rarely are health dowsers. It’s like playing an instrument well. Few people play several instruments equally well, and no one plays all the instruments in an orchestra equally well. Most people don’t realize lost object dowsing is a specialty with its own skill set. I know of no one who has mastered it. Just because I’m a good dowser doesn’t mean I can find lost objects easily using dowsing. I have other specialties.

      The major problem with dowsers is they don’t hone their skills or get training. They want to use it for something important like finding a lost pet or diagnosing symptoms of illness without having put time in learning the skill. Dowsing is a skill that requires training and practice. Start with simple things and work up to harder challenges.

      Your interest in map dowsing is great, but don’t expect too much of yourself if you haven’t been practicing and trained in dowsing, and even if you are a good dowser, this is a challenging situation that would be hard for a master. Don’t be discouraged. Do give it a try. And let us know how it goes, and if you have questions.

  5. britney Smith

    Dear Maggie,
    Thank you for this website and all the information you give.
    I would just like to ask you if I would be able to pay you for a dowsing service to locate my
    cat since you have no attachment to him and have experience.
    I have been looking for a year now.
    I’m physically and mentally exhausted. My Dad passed away, 2014. My cat went missing 2015 of the same month my Dad had passed (december. it was the 1 year anniversary month of his death). Now my cat has been gone for a full year. and I have spoken to mediums and I have had no luck. I believe he was stolen, and the person who has him keeps calling me from a blocked number (every month since my cat has been missing) and It has me in an awful mental state.I suffer from depression and my cat was the only thing that got me through my sadness. I really really need him. Especially now.
    Is there anything you can do to help me. I would give anything.

    • Maggie Percy

      I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you! It’s terrible to lose a pet. They are like family members. We don’t offer a service for finding lost things or pets. Although we have had some remarkable successes, our success rate isn’t enough to offer it as a service. Lost pets are a very complex issue. It’s not a matter of just finding the pet like he’s a lost set of keys. Pets have their own agendas and energies and karma, and you have yours, and it all gets mixed together.
      Obviously what you really need is closure so you can move on. If you believe the phantom calls are related to the cat and may be from the person who took the cat, you should notify your service provider immediately and ask a trace be put on the line so you can find out where these calls are coming from. Even if it isn’t about the cat, someone is stalking you and harassing you, and that is against the law. You need to set boundaries and take action to show you want it to stop and also to see if when you discover who it is, you can find the cat.
      Normally, I would think it was wishful thinking to believe the cat is still alive at this late date, but I think in that, you are correct. I also believe the cat is being cared for well. I could be wrong, but that’s what is coming to me.
      I suggest you take action to discover who the harassing calls are coming from.
      Another thing you can do is put your intention clearly out there. You want your cat back safe and sound as soon as possible. But then take all action you can and put it in the hands of the Universe and go get another cat if your cat doesn’t show back up in a reasonable period of time (after you find out who the calls are from, etc.).
      Focusing on the cat not being there and making him the only thing that makes life livable is perpetuating this problem. You want him back because you love him. Don’t make it anything else, or it will make it harder to find him. When you say things like that, you create drama and tie him to all kinds of other beliefs and issues that are not being resolved, and which will further the problem.
      That is what I would do.

  6. question

    Madam what is successratio for getting waterin map drowsing

    • Maggie Percy

      Success rate is never 100% in any human activity, and success depends on the skill of the dowser, as dowsing is a skill that must be mastered. Professional water dowsers generally are 95%+ accurate.

  7. azhar

    Hi Maggie. Hope you doing well. i just want to ask what is “dowsing state ” actually ?

    • Maggie Percy

      Just put ‘dowsing state’ in the search box on this site, and you will pull up a number of articles on it. Basically, it is an altered state of the brain that allows you to reach out and grab the answers. If you aren’t in a dowsing state, you are not dowsing. We have written a book on this subject, and you can see it on the page with the first article that comes up in the search. It is difficult to explain and takes time to master.


    I have a stone pendulum an wondered if that matters I can hold it in my hand an ask questions an it answers quit well would it work on maps too

    • Maggie Percy

      Let me first correct a perception that can lead to inaccuracies and lack of confidence in dowsing. The tool does not give you the answer; it is just a tool. You would not say your saw tells you where to cut; it is just a tool for helping you make the cut. You may not have intended to convey that impression, you may know that, but try not to think or say that, because it will lead to a disempowering viewpoint that gives all the power of dowsing to the tool.

      Dowsing tools are usually (but not always) a’ crutch’ to amplify the answer for people who are beginners or who are not yet tuned in to their intuition enough to ‘get’ the answer without some fairly large ‘sign’. This is much like using aids like a bridle and bit and spurs to control a horse rather than taking the time to learn more natural methods of communication. Tools are useful, but relying solely on them will block your growth as a dowser. Pendulums are useful when doing map dowsing, as are tiny L-rods, but you can use any deviceless technique with the same results.

      The good news is that dowsing is always about asking questions and getting answers, and so it does work just fine when asking questions about something using maps. You will want to adapt or choose the method that best works with your approach. An L-rod can be useful for tracing negative lines of energy across a map, while a pendulum can give quick yes/no answers, as can deviceless dowsing. You might even want to start with deviceless or a pendulum and then if you find a negative line of energy, use a small L-rod to trace it on the map. Be flexible and experiment.


    Thank you for your knowledge an know how I found a line on my map an didn’t know what it was or why it looks like where someone was walking an buried stuff an that was kinda my question I was general about it an it’s only my first time but my stone would look like it had a magnet in it an would pull back to the center of where I was dowsing we just started looking for artifacts around our town we are the second oldest city in the USA st.marys ga an we have had lots of artifacts an gold found an lost here my kids are young but love every min spent with me metal detecting an looking at maps of our town thanks again

    • Maggie Percy

      Dowsing is a good way to find artifacts. For that application, being able to ask a good question is vital in order to save wasted time digging for things you don’t want. I think it’s a great application for teaching you to refine your questions and make them clear and specific. Include exactly the type of thing you are looking for and how deep you are willing to dig as well as it being on property you are allowed to dig up. Good luck!

      • Mary

        Maggie, Please help! What advice would you offer to someone who has consulted an internationally know map douser to find lost animals. I have consulted 3 times. Each time I have received my dogs highest energy points and their geographic location.
        Extensive searched each area extensively, I have found no one in areas that has seen or even possibly had seen a dog.
        My dog is still out there and I’m getting no where with my current map douser. Even though he is supposed to be one of the best his information has yet to be helpful in finding my dog. I’ll ‘ve been working with him for a year and 5 months. What would you do?
        Greatful, Mary

        • Maggie Percy

          Dear Mary,
          I’m so sorry you are going through this. It is so frustrating and heartbreaking to lose a pet. There are a LOT of things to consider in a situation like this. I don’t know how to apply this to you, or even IF it applies, but you can take what resonates with you and run with it.

          1. There are many, many energetic reasons behind the loss of a pet. It is wise to look at your situation and its specifics to determine what energies were expressed. For example, a client told us she went away and a neighbor or friend watched over her horses. Somehow, her prize horse got out and got injured badly. Based on what our client said, it appeared that there was an ongoing issue between the people, and that energy manifested as harming the horse. Say you have a child whom you are constantly chiding for being irresponsible, and one day, he accidentally (or on purpose?) lets the cat escape; obvious issues there besides lost pet. Or you give birth to a new daughter, and within weeks your dog has run off when the gate is left open; dog is jealous or feels left out. You can imagine a ton of emotional and energetic issues that go into these scenarios. It isn’t ever ‘simply’ a lost pet. The loss is about something. When we worked with clients, I always told them it isn’t enough in most cases to consult a psychic or dowser about a lost pet. In most cases, you need to find out WHY it happened, and not just the physical causes, but the emotional and energetic ones. Then, you work on clearing those issues while searching for the pet, so that there is new energy which changes the home situation, hopefully allowing the pet to return. I spent over 18 months working with a group who were trying to locate and trap a lost Bernese Mountain dog in the Donner Pass area who had run off during transport to his home by a relative stranger. We were able to find where he was; there were many sightings; he just plain wouldn’t come in. He hated being a show dog and mistrusted women; all but one person in the group was female, and he came in very late in the process. Most people don’t realize the complexity of lost pets, and if they do, they are either uncertain how to do the work on themselves or scoff at it or feel they don’t have time. To me, that is why most lost pets do not get found. In the case of Bear, the dog in CA, we women couldn’t convince him he wouldn’t have to show if he came in. Freedom issues of one kind or another are fairly common in runaways. I urge you to look at the circumstances of your pet loss and work on rebalancing and clearing energies that contributed to it.

          2. Loss of a pet almost always includes boundary issues. The number of people who lose animals because they don’t keep them restrained on their property is amazingly high, and it is an example of weak or nonexistent boundaries. Animals need boundaries and so do people. Proper fencing is a sign of good boundaries. People messing with your gate is a sign of a boundary issue of a different sort. Losing a pet because someone lets the dog out the door is a sign of boundary issues as well as an issue with people or a person being irresponsible, showing a need to control or be perfect. Boundary issues are varied, but usually enter into a lost pet situation. You need to look at how strong your boundaries are, how clear they are physically, how well you say ‘no’ to people, how you regard others in terms of trustworthiness, etc. Control and perfectionism also enter the picture if other people are involved.

          3. I don’t know who you are working with, but dowsing is not 100%, and most people who dowse are not necessarily specialists in their field. I have found that most people think a competent dowser should be able to dowse about anything. This is false. Each specialty has its own pitfalls and techniques. I am a good health dowser or environmental energy dowser or even personal growth dowser. I am not an expert water dowser or lost object dowser. My success rate is great in my fields, the ones I have studied and practiced for many years. In other applications, my results are not so great most of the time. I don’t know if the dowser you are working with is a great dowser, but even if he is, that doesn’t make him a great lost pet dowser. Someone who dowses maps for gold or water or diamonds is not going to necessarily be a good lost pet dowser. They are way different applications. If this person has told you unequivocally that his success rate at finding lost pets is 90%+, and for a large number of cases, then he is an expert. Did he say that? Being internationally known as a map dowser does not necessarily mean the same thing. And even if he is sincere and is an expert at finding lost pets, no one is 100%. If you have consulted him several times with no success, you need to look at your own energies and also consider finding a new expert. It could be your energy is not compatible with his. It could be you unwittingly are now thinking ‘nothing works’ or something similar. This happens A LOT. (When we worked with clients, I loathed it when a new client told me, ‘Nothing I do seems to work.’ That is a belief that is hard to overcome.) We don’t realize we are vibrating with failure energy, that we have essentially given up hope and are focusing on what is instead of what we want. We all do this, and it is hard in this situation. What you focus on is what expands. After 17 months, I’d be surprised if you truly are vibrating with hope and positive expectations.

          Those are just a few of the complications you are facing, and they are going to be unique to your situation, and you need to think about how they apply and get to work on shifting some energy. If that means finding a new expert, fine. But self-work is in my opinion the key if you don’t get instant success.

          Lastly, this is hard to face, but sometimes, a pet leaves us by dying or running away, and that outcome is final. It is meant as an opportunity of some kind. It’s hard to see sometimes, but loss can be a growth experience. It can teach us things we need to know. We are each different, but learning to let go is hard and is a good lesson to learn. Sometimes guilt or codependency or fear keep us from moving on, and in those cases, tapping or working to release those feelings can help us let go.

          Our oldest cat had to be put to sleep last weekend. It is so very hard to lose a member of your family, and I sympathize greatly with what you are going through. Our oldest cat Cleo was my greatest teacher among our pets, and losing her highlighted some important lessons I needed to come to grips with. I couldn’t even guess what lessons you may have, but your dog loves you, and if your dog is lost or your dog is gone for good, he or she is your teacher. Maybe what you need is to have someone expert dowse if your dog is still alive and in physical form on earth as _______(insert his name), and if you get ‘no’, then work on moving on. Don’t just ask if alive or in physical form; he may have died and be in another body by now. Most so-called dowsers don’t know how to ask a good question, and this type of subject is a hard one. If you believe dogs have spirits or souls, he is still alive no matter what. That can mess with dowsing answers. Define all terms and be very, very clear. Just make sure you find a dowser who is truly competent, because truly expert dowsers are hard to find. We no longer offer dowsing services. We teach people how to dowse. So I can’t suggest anyone or do it myself. In any case, these are some of the key things to consider when moving forward.

          We are very sorry this has been going on for so long, and we hope you are able to resolve it soon. Thanks for taking the time to write. Let us know how things go. I hope you find your dog.

  10. Beth

    Hi, I have recently lost my pet and was not until now aware of dowsing but someone contacted me (who I don’t really know but had seen my post about my cat) and she messaged to say she had been dowsing and thought my cat was at an address, this turned out to be my address but she didn’t know this. She said my cat was alive but trapped under a shed and couldn’t move. We have checked everywhere but it’s very distressing to think of this. She mentioned she is only training and therefore was concerned to say something but felt she had to. If someone is training should I ignore the information do you think? It’s so hard to as so worried my cat is trapped within my house or garden!

    • Maggie Percy

      I’m very sorry for the loss of your cat. Dowsing for lost pets is a difficult dowsing specialty, and not one of mine. There are so many pitfalls. If you have truly looked everywhere and still can’t find your cat, I would think the explanation is that she did indeed locate the energy of your cat in the place where it was most common: your home. That could explain why she dowsed the cat was there. New dowers often have trouble making a good question, and she might not have defined terms clearly. Even the term ‘alive’ can have vastly different meanings.

      You have a couple options. You could send this dowser a detailed sketch of your property and ask her the exact location. That would settle it once and for all, I should think.

      Or you can ignore it, since you have already searched and haven’t found the cat on your property.

      In addition, I have been told the following people are good at dowsing lost pets: Lori at, Elaine at, and Tim at Perhaps consulting one of these could verify the other dowser’s info.

      Dowsing is not 100% accurate, even for the best dowsers.

      We wish you luck in finding your cat.

  11. Miss D Connection

    Dear Maggie,

    I have read your post and the comments with interest. I have just begun working with a dowsing pendulum and am willing to maintain a fully open mind as to the possibilities. Still, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on a situation I find myself in:

    I recently enjoyed a very brief exchange with a potential romantic partner at a music club I attend in my home city of 3 million people. Although I received indicators of interest, circumstances unfortunately meant that we neither exchanged names nor numbers- in fact she might reasonably have thought that I was not interested. In truth, in 40 years I never felt such a strong and obvious sense that this was someone I should have in my life? which is saying a lot since I wouldn’t say I had ‘been looking’, as I was hitherto so very happy with my simple, single ways. I am prepared to be proven wrong, but would certainly be glad of the opportunity to meet again and find out!

    My questions to you have to do with expectations from dowsing as a potential means to creating a second opportunity (my intentions are assuredly honourable):

    * Could one potentially use dowsing to identify an event or location where a reunion might be facilitated- with a map, triangulation, event list, etc.? (In the absence of her name, I am able to evoke a reasonable impression of her by recalling our uncommon eye contact)

    *Could dowsing help to discover the name of the person, with a view to social media/other research?

    *Are there any other ways I might ‘lawfully’ create new circumstances to continue our conversation and ascertain compatibility/interest? Living in the end, Neville Goddard, etc.?

    * As I am emotionally invested, would it be adequate to maintain genuine curiosity about answers while handling the pendulum, in order to prevent my wishful thinking distorting results?

    Many thanks indeed for your kind attention, and I hope your answer will also be of interest to other visitors to your excellent page. If I succeed in meeting the young lady again by means of your guidance, I will surely purchase a couple of your books for myself and others! Meanwhile I shall familiarise myself with the rest of the site. Thank you for providing this information.

    Warm greetings from Germany

    • Maggie Percy

      These are all excellent questions, and some touch the subject of dowsing ethics. While dowsing can potentially answer any question you can think up, it is not always ethical to use dowsing. Dowsing can be an invasion of privacy like a phone tap or an intrusion on free will. We don’t use it when it becomes either one. So the broad answer to your question about finding this person or finding out about this person is this: I would restrict my dowsing to noninvasive, nonintrusive, nonprivate questions.

      Here are some things you can dowse: (for nondowsers, you can practice tapping into your intuition in other ways, like getting in a meditative state and making your intention or question clear, then trusting you will be given guidance in some way):
      1. “On a scale of 0-10, with 8 or higher being progressively better, how is ______(name of place) on a ________(give day and time, like Sat night after 8pm) for bumping into/encountering by chance _________(describe the person, since you don’t have a name; make it specific, perhaps by date and time and location you first met).” Make a list of places you think are possible choices and see how dowsing ranks them. You might find that you should dowse each week, as the location that is best will change. If you don’t get an 8 or higher, it’s not a place to visit. That may be the hardest part–if you can’t get a high number. But trust your dowsing. On the other hand, if you get an intuitive hit, follow it without dowsing.

      2. Dowsing is great for testing compatibility. It’s too early in your relationship in my opinion since you don’t have a relationship, to test compatibility. But why not start making a list of what you would like in a life partner/friend/lover (whatever type of relationship you seek)? Think about it and add and subtract. Get a clear picture. This helps you manifest the person and also be sure the attraction is for the right reasons and not some karmic crap suckering you in.
      When you have found the person again, you can spend some open-minded time with that person and ask the compatibility question. Our free “101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing” has relationship questions, I believe. Use them. You can get the book on Amazon or wherever you buy books online. Links available at

      Unless you are a practiced dowser, detachment may be hard, and that will be important. That’s why dowsers need to use dowsing a lot. So start now and learn detachment. The free book I mentioned is a great starting point. Work up to harder questions. Learn the signs of attachment and find a way to clear it. I use EFT, but whatever works…Another suggestion for all who read this reply is get our “The Nature Of Intuition” book and start learning how to use your intuition in general. Dowsing is a laser-focused tool, but becoming self-aware and using your intuition in general ways is amazing and easy to do. You are manifesting this reality. Start taking control by becoming self-aware. Bottom line is if this is meant to be, it will happen. But relationships can be meant to be for various reasons–resolving past life karma being one, and not always a happy one–you want to decide what experience you are looking for rather than being pulled one way of another with no understanding of why. I myself have found powerful attractions to bad karmic relationships in the past. But the most amazing attraction was to Nigel, who is a perfect life partner for me. Until I felt that connection, I wouldn’t have known the difference, but it is very different.

      Maybe this person was meant to get you thinking about having a life partner; maybe this person isn’t the one. Your intuition will guide you if you create some clear goals/questions.

      • Miss D Connection

        Dear Maggie,

        Many thanks for your detailed and thoughtful reply. I take your points on board and will apply what you suggest, and wouldn’t dream of invading the privacy of the person concerned beyond seeing if a public encounter can be created. I will also start working my way through a couple of your books.

        I agree, we can’t know if there is compatibility yet, but hopefully we can yet find out. Other interesting questions for my attention are my own relationship to the idea and reality of a relationship, with this or another lady. I like that you say: ‘When you have found the person again’, and not ‘if you find the person again’! Time will tell, but I will have some fun becoming a dowser in the meantime, and I greatly appreciate your encouragement.

        If we indeed meet again, I will drop by this page again to let you know!

        UPDATE FEBRUARY (I left this comment unposted for several weeks in a minimised tab and just came back to it): Sadly, I never had my second meeting with the respective person. While I have been careful to avoid obsessing, I certainly didn’t meet any candidates in the interim, so I have continued to keep my eyes peeled for that young lady, and ‘living in the end’ of us being in contact. I can’t say never, but as 4 months have already passed, I must confess to diminishing hope that she would still be available even if we did fortuitously cross paths. Who knows! Anyway thank you again for your suggestions. I have been getting to know the pendulum for more personal understanding and support in my future-building. I enjoyed your free book and will try some other titles soon when I buy an e-reader.

        Very best wishes!

        • Maggie Percy

          I’m sorry things didn’t turn out as you wished. I have two comments (based on my own experience, so just weigh whether they might apply to you or not).

          Firstly, sometimes, as hard as it is to admit, we are being protected. The first guy I fell in love with would have been a total disaster as a partner, but I didn’t realize it until I got a bit older and wiser. I now feel the Universe protected me from a big mistake. This might not be the case, but my point is that in the moment, you can feel loss and sadness and feel terrible, but with time, you can sometimes see how it was actually better for you.

          On the other hand, there is also the issue of unrequited love. Our culture plays up to that theme in movies and books, and some of us have programming along those lines. I certainly did. It never seemed that I got love easily from anyone, so that became my ‘norm’ and I found myself in situations where I was not loved or couldn’t get love. Not the extremes some go to, like loving a person whose sexual orientation is opposite to mine or a priest, but the whole falling in love with a married man thing is often an unrequited love or “I don’t deserve complete commitment” energy.

          Your not finding this person may be protecting you or it could be an example of a pattern of not being able to get happiness and love. You can examine your history and watch over time and come to a conclusion. Also, dowsing will reveal if you have subconscious beliefs about not deserving love or being unable to get love or not even wanting love, or love equalling being alone or something weird like that. The subconscious is strange and can block us, and dowsing is a great way to uncover such things and then you can find a method to clear them. By clearing them, you open the way to a new experience. You have a great attitude, and using dowsing to develop self-awareness will help you eventually find your perfect partner. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  12. Robin

    Hi Maggie, I was dowsing seriously for some years but must confess I was a failure at the whole thing. However, I figured out that I’d be holding so much trauma from violence and torment from my childhood, and being attacked and tormented over the years by a number of sociopaths, that this kind of work requires a steady, calm, and relatively balanced mind.

    I’ve been doing a lot of personal work recently to clear up at least some of the past, working through Tom Bird’s, Write to Heal. Incredible experience! I’m only half way there but it’s a wonderful work in progress.

    Pendulums don’t suit me; or I don’t suit them. I seem to prefer rods or bobbers. Will you be so kind as to tell me what you feel are the best devices for map work, please?


    • Maggie Percy

      So many things can affect your ability to dowse, because it is such an empowering activity. Those who have been traumatized are often stuck in victim mode, and that is not empowering at all. By working on healing your past trauma, you have chosen not to be a victim, but a victor. Congratulations! That will certainly help you become a better dowser. Keep working on that, learning to take responsibility for your life experience. It can be challenging, but it will pay off.

      If you don’t like pendulums, for map dowsing you can use a tiny rod. I suppose a bobber would be ok, but large tools might be harder to read over a map or sketch. Any tool or even no tool will do; you simply have to learn how to ‘read’ your answers. We are in the process of adding a page with links to tools we recommend, and hopefully it will be up by January 2020. If we can find a tiny L-rod, we’ll add it to the page, because I have used them for map dowsing with success. Bottom line, any tool that works for you is fine.

      • Robin

        Most interesting reply, Maggie. You are one of the very few ‘thinkers’ I’ve encountered. Too many ‘practitioners’ are so absolutely sure of themselves about this work, yet most of them couldn’t find their backside in broad daylight with both hands.

        I have a device in mind for map work, and am currently seeking an industrial jeweller/designer to weld it for me. A one foot length, and one and a half inches wide of copper, about an eighth of an inch thick, with two one and half inch long pieces of copper tube weld/braised vertically, about three of four inches apart, to contain copper L-rods.

        The device is then slid across a map in one direction until a positive reaction is had, then from a 90 degree angle, the device is slid from the other direction until there is a positive reaction. I believe this has serious merit.


        • Maggie Percy

          It took me a while to visuallize the design, but when I finally ‘got’ it, it seemed to me there are a few questions you’ll want to answer. Please excuse me if my questions are silly because I’m not picturing it right.

          Question 1: Regardless of the material used to make the device, it seems to me that when dowsing, since the tool is magnifying your body’s response to the question, you need to be holding the tool. If you don’t use a tool, you need to be sure of your interpretation of your body’s responses. This sounds like an ingenious way of covering map distance, but even if your hand is on the base part, I don’t feel that is enough contact and control to have the tool indicate your body’s reaction. Also, in speaking to Nigel, he points out that any perturbation of the surface or environment could contribute to the rods moving, and it would be hard to know what caused the motion. This would seem to be the biggest question to answer.

          Question 2: I’m trying to picture why the two holders for rods. I often have used a metal ruler when map dowsing, so I think I’m visualizing this correctly. Are you doing this to cover more territory? But if so, the problem is having two tools operating at once trying to answer the same question. I’m picturing one responding when it hits the right spot, but how are you connected to both? This is a variation on the first question.

          This seems an ingenious way of partitioning the map and covering distance fast and well, but it doesn’t seem to me that it will fulfill the necessary conditions for you being able to actually dowse the map surface. The reason being, if I am seeing this correctly, that this clever tool device is not allowing you to actually hold the tool while it moves, and copper or not, I am unconvinced you have enough contact for your body’s micro-responses to move the rods.

          We don’t yet know how the ideomotor response works or even what is required to get a tool moving, but one thing I feel pretty sure about is the tool will work better if held on your body, preferably your hand.
          I’m not saying you can’t get a tool to move when not holding it. I’ve done that, but that’s psychokinesis, not dowsing. I personally don’t think psychokinesis is how dowsing works. Psychokinesis works by intention, while dowsing is more a response to a question.

          If I’m not seeing the tool correctly, please forgive me. I think an easier way to map dowse would be wonderful. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things. The proof is in the pudding. If it works, great. But according to my understanding of dowsing tool use, the tool works best in hand, and in the hand of a dowser who knows proper technique.

          There isn’t any magic tool that works better, in spite of marketing you see online; I’m sure you know that, but maybe other readers of this post don’t. The magic is in you. If you can find a way to bypass the tool altogether, you’re better off, because as we say in our book “The Dowsing State”, studies have shown the brain wave patterns of deviceless dowsing are more complex and seem to be richer in some ways than dowsing with a tool.

          I have never tried dowsing a map without a tool, because I don’t map dowse a lot. But ultimately, for those who intend to map dowse, polish your technique and find a way to dowse the map without a tool. Maybe hold your palm face down over the map while moving it along the line of a metal ruler laying on the map and stop when your palm tingles or gives you another change. Or blink dowse and stop when you blink. Etc.

          Bottom line is invest in technique rather than tools, because it is your ability to tune in to your body that is the biggest part of dowsing, and your ability to ask a question that will deliver useful answers. In other words, technique is everything and self-awareness is vital. Does that make sense?

          I applaud you for thinking up new ways to approach a gnarly issue. Don’t be discouraged, but hopefully you’ve taken our course and understand the key aspects of technique and can address them in any design or experiment you conduct. I find that many dowsers don’t understand that a yes/no answer is not the biggest part oof dowsing technique. Those who are reading this post: map dowsing can be a challenge, and you need to have the basics mastered for best results. Know what the basics are, and my hint is getting a yes or no doesn’t begin to cover it all. A good question based on a clear goal, proper dowsing state, detachment and allowing the answer to come through and interpreting it correctly are all needed for success.

          Please feel free to post again if I have misinterpreted your design or gone off in a wrong direction.

  13. Robin

    Thanks for a most considered reply, Maggie, that has never occurred to me previously on the internet. In fact a lot of the time there is simply ‘no’ reply. ‘Very modern’!

    The reason there are two copper rods in the vertical holders, is that they will act the same as if the operator has them in their hands. This was done, because pendulums don’t go so well for me. But as an aside, since I’ve done Tom Bird’s Write to Heal work, I have been feeling so much better, from having been dealing with PTSD, ADHD, and Asperger’s!

    With the map dowser, the operator places three fingers on each end of the flat copper bar (bearing in mind the device is around 15″ long) and gently slides the device over the map until there is a reaction. A line is drawn. The device is then placed at the 90 degree opposite edge, and then slid gently until there is a reaction. A line is drawn. A longer rule may be required to make both lines intersect.

    When I take a photo I will forward it to you.


    • Maggie Percy

      Thank you for the kind words. I don’t think it’s ‘modern’, really, as much as the fact that Nigel and I are passionate about helping dowsers. We love dowsing and want to help people do it and do it well to improve their lives. So thanks for the compliment.

      I believe I’m picturing your device now, and it certainly is an ingenious and effective way to cover map territory well and easily. You have engineering talents for sure. Dowsing does appeal to engineers and scientists, and they bring a lot to the skill.

      I don’t want to throw water on you, but if you accept even the most basic explanation about how dowsing works, this device isn’t really a dowsing tool; it is a fixture for holding rods while moving them over a map. The problem is, the reason the tool moves is that it amplifies the micro responses of your hand while you dowse.

      I’m not saying you cannot make a pendulum move when someone else holds it. I am saying that is psychokinesis, which is not dowsing. Dowsing is the unconscious micro response to a question that then moves the tool. When I’m dowsing, I should NOT be focusing on the tool. I should not be trying to make it move. I should be focused on the question. And I allow my hand to respond to the question and move the tool.

      Ideally, we shouldn’t be using tools. Because they aren’t needed. They are crutches. But in our society, most of us have been taught to ignore our intuition and intuitive senses. We ignore that unexplained feeling that says, “Don’t go into that dark alley.” We assume it’s only fear. Sometimes that is correct, but we also do indeed get feelings that are not fear that are meant to help us stay safe. Our book “The Nature of Intuition” goes into a lot of depth on that, and it is of interest to dowsers. So I won’t say a lot about that here.

      Anyway, if you accept the ideomotor response is what makes a dowsing tool move, then you need to hold the tool so that the microresponse moves it. Because dowsing is NOT a ouija board. You are indeed moving the tool to get the answer. But not consciously.

      So if I am picturing your design right, you are merely going to be touching the base bar. That’s not enough contact. And although it seems expedient to do two rods, it’s not like having a rod in each hand. You are intending to have them show different things at the same time. That’s pretty challenging even if you are holding the rods.

      So this is a great design that won’t work for dowsing, because it doesn’t take into account why the tool works. But don’t be discouraged. It’s true that this device would conquer one of the challenges of map dowsing, but whatever device you design, it must stay true to what dowsing is and how it works.

      I don’t pretend to know how much training you’ve had, but for others who read this post, if you will take our course, or even if you will read all the articles and watch all the videos on this site, that will give you a good basic foundation in what dowsing is and how to do it. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, or at least, save yourself some trouble and take a course from someone masterful, read several books, then go out and practice and see if you can come up with an improved tool, if you wish.

      My final thought is that we in modern society have a tendency to think of tools and technology and gadgets as our saviors. Guys, they’re just tools. And they may be fun, nice and time-saving, but dowsing is an ancient skill, and mastery does not come through devices, and in most cases, you will be a better dowser without a tool. A tool is not a magic wand. It does not give answers. Too many new dowsers misunderstand that, so I want to make that clear, even though you, Robin, may already know this.

      I know this goes counter to the values of modern culture, but that’s how it is. Simple is best. Remove what is between you and your intuition. Remove doubt. Remove tools. Remove negative self-talk. The answers are there for all of us. We just need to allow ourselves to connect with them, and dowsing can be a simple, natural, pure way of doing that. You and your body are the ultimate tool. Learn to listen to your intuitive senses and read your body, and you will be the best dowser around.

      Reaching this goal with map dowsing would take time and effort and practice, but in my opinion, that’s the direction to take, not making a device to hold your rod or rods. I understand the fascination with making things easier and more consistent, and that’s a good thing, but whatever you do must align with how dowsing works, or you won’t be dowsing. Does that make sense? I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to expand on some of the points in the article. Don’t give up on map dowsing. It’s a great resource.

  14. Kimberley O'Donnell

    Hi Maggie,
    In my search today to discover more about dowsing, I came across your website and discovered a lot more about dowsing, map dowsing, I read through some of the previous peoples questions and your answers and I was really pleased to know, that dowsing can be applied, to find a pet and I wondered, if you might be able to assist me please ?
    My cat escaped from his cat box, the box came undone whilst at the Vets Car park and my cat bolted and ran across the road, full of fear, we search, called and re-visited the same area for 2 weeks, but no sign and searched in other areas in the town, took to social media and although there have been a few sightings, it has not been my cat, fearing he might be trapped or injured as he has not responded to my voice and it is 3 weeks on Monday. He is microchipped and the Vets and the Cat Protection League have been helpful and asked around and placed leaflets up on Lamp posts.
    I also hear my cat, at different times of day or night, when on my own, his voice comes through, I don’t know where from, but I hear it and I call to him and I talk to him, as I hoped somehow he would hear me too and know I am looking for him, but I have no clear direction to go in.
    I have been dowsing on and off for a number of years now, but only applied it to food consumption, it the food was ok to eat, with circular swing to the right for yes and a swing to the left for no and it has always been like this, although I didn’t know that I could dowse, until my partner who can dowse, suggested I try, when I showed curiosity to his dowsing skill.
    Feeling desperate to find my cat and worried for his safety, I searched the Internet for what else I could do, to find him and came across a dowsing website that talked about dowsing for other purposes and then I came across you website.
    As previously I didn’t no know, that dowsing could be used for many purposes and I did not know any background about how dowsing worked, to give answers the questions asked.
    I don’t have much, I cant find a map to dowse on and I am own my out searching the streets, but I have a pendalum and I have a leaflet with my missing cats face and details on, I notice one of your questions was to address life question and to clear the mind, which is a lot harder than I thought it would be, I asked the question if my cat was still alive and it was yes, I then asked some yes and no questions, such as was my cat trapped or injured, it was no, I am trying to trust myself and that the answers are correct and not me answering them, if this makes sense, I would be most grateful if you could advise my next steps forwards and how I should go about dowsing on a map please ?
    I really wish that I had a lot more time to practice dowsing with a map and practice dowsing in general, but I currently feel that I am running out of time and need to pursue forwards quickly, the best I can, to narrow down my searching area to find my cat.
    Apologies this question is so long, I find a write more than I tend to say.
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Kim x

    • Maggie Percy

      I’m very sorry to hear about your cat. We hope he returns to you soon.

      During a time of crisis is not the best time to try your hand at dowsing something important. This is stating the obvious, but for all who read this, I know we all tend to put things off. Life is just so busy. And as you say, if you haven’t been reading and researching, you may not realize how much you can do with dowsing. To everyone, I say, now is the time to hone your skill, so the next time you have a crisis, you will be able to ask a good question, have confidence and be detached enough to hear the answer.

      This is truly a life and death situation, and from what you are saying, you are trying to dowse over your level of skill/experience. You won’t be detached, and that will ruin your answers. Better you should find an animal communicator or professional dowser who specializes in lost pets and pay them to help you. Another option is you go ahead and dowse and hire someone professional and compare your answers. In any case, I will include possible questions you can dowse, but be aware your answers may be wrong.

      When asking if the pet is alive, define your terms. Alive can mean alive spiritually, which we all are. But he may not be in physical form. Of course, don’t dowse this if you don’t want to hear he’s not alive.

      Some other questions you could dowse if you can be detached:
      If you find he is alive and in physical form at this time, you can ask:
      1. Is he currently being held/cared for by someone?
      2. Is he currently at liberty and moving about freely?
      3. Is he physically injured?
      4. If so, is he seriously injured?
      5. How far is he at this time from where he escaped? Less than 1/2 mile? Between 1/2 and 1 mile? More than one mile? Etc.
      6. What compass point should I face at this time to point toward his current location? N? S? E? W? SW? NW? NE? SE? etc. Narrow it down to one point. Get online and get a google map and draw a line from where he escaped, going in the direction dowsed for as far as you dowsed he went. Then verify that is the correct area and search well there.

      In addition to dowsing, check all local animal shelters and pounds frequently! They can’t keep track of who they pick up. Don’t assume his chip will save him from euthanasia if they pick him up. Good thing about the fliers.

      Consult a professional. I don’t have anyone I have used, but I have been told these people were good (when I was told about two years ago):
      Elaine De Carlo, (or it may be Di Carlo)
      Tim Link
      Lori Spagna
      I cannot guarantee they are still working, but that is a place you can start. Google others for finding lost pets.

      We wish you good luck. Please commit to learning to dowse well so that next time you need an answer, you are ready and confident. Nothing is more empowering in a crisis than being able to dowse.


    Great article Find it fascinating but if you are dowsing for areas that you would be happy to move to, how do you stay detached? Do you print a large map or use a uk map/atlas and ask which half is it in ?

    • Maggie Percy

      This is an excellent question, and the answer is simple, yet not necessarily easy. You are correct that when dowsing about anything, you must be detached if you want accuracy. This is especially true for big decisions like where to move. Proper dowsing technique is vital. Map dowsing is a technique you can use for this type of search, but as you note, you need good technique as well. The basics of dowsing are discussed in other articles and videos on this site, but in summary, they are:
      1. Take time to set specific goals, defining terms such as ‘happy’, which make it very clear and specific what you are searching for.
      2. Form a good dowsing question. This is critical.
      3. Dowse and get the answer.

      There are articles on detachment (use the Search box) and each of the above goals that will help you. Detachment is acquired in whatever way works for you, but usually takes time and practice. We suggest you start on small questions that aren’t life-changing and polish technique and slowly work up to harder questions (our free book “101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing” will help). Removing fear by using a technique like EFT is a good idea, as is meditation, etc. These will all help.

      Don’t dowse if you aren’t detached.

      You can use blind dowsing as a way to bypass your attachment, but you can’t blind dowse with a map. Ha ha. You’d need a list of possible answers to do that. You could use geographic areas like counties or cities; see our articles on blind dowsing for technique. Always include ‘other’ as a choice. But to map dowse, you will have to be detached.

      If you are detached and choose to use a map, you can quarter the area and ask your question, and if the question is good, you will only get one ‘yes’ when you point to each of the four areas. Then quarter that area, etc. Eventually you will narrow the search enough to make your choice.

      It is vital you have good technique when making big choices, and I urge you to get our Discovering Dowsing course, as it will really be a good investment. It also includes a chart on moving to a new location. Plus, you can directly email us with questions about applying any of the course material, such as for moving. Dowsing is a super tool for making big life choices, and it is worth the effort to master dowsing. It will improve your success. Good luck!

  16. Toni Johnstone

    Must you use a paper map or can it be on a phone, tablet or iPad?

    • Maggie Percy

      The quality or type of ‘map’ sometimes depends on your goals. If you are siting a well or trying to find buried treasure, you need a good, high quality map that is to scale, or you may not get the results you want. On the other hand, if you are doing a space clearing of a property, a simple sketch that is not to scale works just fine. I would prefer a paper map, but use your judgment based on your purpose.

  17. aJ LOPES

    Dear Maggie, I love all you do and you so well indetail you explain every process , i have a situation where im dowsing for buried gold and its at a spot where one group already tried looking for the gold and had no success, i now understand why im getting false positives with my pendulum, its how you explainded the thought forms and impressions left by the previous gold hunters, it took me three years and 6 holes with average depth of 3meteres to finally come across so so vital explainatuion on thought process and all i would like to konw is how can i get rid of all these thoght forms here on the site so as not to keep getting false positives? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE YOUR THE GREATEST ,

    • Maggie Percy

      That’s the $10,000 question, isn’t it? We think if only we understand how something works, we can then easily succeed. I wish I knew an easy way to overcome thought forms. They are so confusing because they appear real in every way.

      I’m not saying they can’t be overcome. There’s just no simple way to do it.

      Here are some things to try or work on:

      First, whenever dowsing treasure, make sure you are protected. That would include protecting yourself from curses that would lead you astray or cause confusion. General protection is important as well, because sometimes people who bury treasure intend ill to come to anyone who finds it. Our Energy Clearing book tells you how to clear curses, and you can get a digital copy free by signing up at, but the Busy Person’s Guide to Ghosts, Curses and Aliens gives a bit more detail on the process. See them both on this page: There are plenty of good books on how to stay protected, and dowsing will help you know how good your protection is for a given activity.

      Secondly, don’t bother trying to use dowsing to get rich in any way until you have cleared any energies you may have that would block success. Money energy issues would block winning the lottery, for example. Also they might block finding treasure. If you are already rich, you’re ok, but if you have any problems with wealth, you need to resolve them, as they will be blocks. We have a number of articles on this site about subconscious beliefs and our Discovering Dowsing course goes into detail on this and many other subjects.

      Detachment and excellent technique are also required. Most people lack both. Our course will help you in that regard.

      Thought forms are therefore not the only challenge, and they are hard to overcome. You could try to dowse if there are thought forms and if they are affecting you and word some questions in a tricky way to get around them, but unless the previous issues are handled, it probably won’t turn out well.

      If you get our course, as you do the work, we answer any questions you have. The online version allows you to learn from others’ questions as well. You sound eager to master dowsing, and we can give you more attention there and teach you in a stepwise fashion. You can see the course details at

  18. Angela Nanni

    hi Maggie, can I dowse a map on an electronic device such a tablet, or does it always have to be a paper map?

    Thank you!

    • Maggie Percy

      You can dowse any map or sketch on any medium, even a computer. Scale matters, depending on what you are looking for. So pick a map that is the best scale for your search.

  19. Elry

    I have used map dousing in the past I was with my Ex her daughter ran away I did map dousing , she ignored it, said she knew. It turned out I was right , in another direction in an apartment, map dousing found the right building .

    • Maggie Percy

      Well done!

  20. Deni Pavlovic

    Hi there this is Danny from Serbia, i read you comments and articles couple of times earlier, just want to share my experience , and to recommend your website as a really good and helpful source of information.
    I’m not a beginner anymore when it comes to the dowsing, I tried couple of times to dowse with a different instruments like L Rods made from copper, first i made them from cloth hangers , then later on i bough two L rods, anyway i dowse with these L rods and i have been very successful , i like to have a sample in my hand while i’m dowsing that’s basically any kind of coin my field is finding those coins out there in the fields, and i’m accurate like 92+ % , my next goal is to find some gold objects in the ground, i’m working on the Maps and in the fields as well. When we speak about the map dowsing its not easy and requires some time to find the errors, but i believe gonna be efficient same as in the fields as long as i spend enough time to find a good questions and errors .
    Thank you for sharing all information on your blogs, it was really helpful and wish you to have more visitors on this subject.

    • Maggie Percy

      It’s wonderful to hear how your accuracy has improved. We always tell folks just keep practicing and you will see progress. Your story is very inspiring and assures people that it’s a skill, not a psychic power. Thanks for sharing your story.


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