Mercury Retrograde for Dowsers

Written by Maggie Percy

Why Worry About Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that many of you are aware of. It can be filled with accidents and chaos. But Mercury Retrograde for Dowsers doesn't have to be the drama most people experience.

Since early in 2012, Nigel and I have noticed that Mercury Retrograde periods seem to be rockier for us, yet we are weathering them well. I have a few theories why that is so, and I'll share them with you later in this post. But first, let me tell you a story.

The June 2013 Mercury Retrograde began this week. For some time, we'd been finding our internet connection slow and patchy. But we had so much going on, we just pushed through it. Finally, Sunday night when we were taking a break and streaming a Netflix movie, the internet refused to cooperate.

Well, the next day I did a connection speed test and then called the cable company to figure out a resolution. What I found out shocked me. We've been with them so long that we had an old plan with much slower speed than their current lowest speed plan. In fact, we could get 50Mbps for less than we were now paying for 10Mbps. Thank you, Universe! We swapped out our modem, and we were so pleased with our internet connection.

The next night, the internet went down…We called for service and were told they'd come sometime the next day. Fair enough.

We got up the next morning, and my computer wouldn't start. So at that point we had no internet and I had no computer.

Our business depends on the internet and our computers being reliable. We had appointments scheduled, and we use VOIP for phone. Fortunately, we also have a cell phone, so I rearranged our schedule. But this was not a great place to be!

Mercury Retrograde for Dowsers

As always, when you're in a tough situation and aren't sure what to do, dowsing can bail you out. But you need to be a confident, accurate dowser!

Buying a new computer is costly. Repairing a cheap laptop can be false economy. We'd planned to upgrade our computers later this year, but we weren't ready to do so now. We needed to discover whether this event was the Universe telling us to change our plans, or something else.

It's vital to be detached. If you are upset or afraid to spend money, you won't get a good dowsing answer. If you rigidly want to cling to your plans just because, you won't dowse accurately. If you're afraid of making a mistake, that can cause you to make a mistake. If you're just looking for an excuse to spend money, that will also affect your dowsing.

Having said all that, you can use dowsing to find a smooth path through all this. Of course, the best way to do that is to have practiced and studied about dowsing technique before you need to dowse!

There is no one right question to ask, and I often ask a few different questions to make sure I cover the whole subject. First, as usual, I thought about what my goals were. I wanted to get our business up and running for the best possible investment of time, effort and money. I wanted to hear what the Universe was telling me. I wanted to create positive outcomes.

So I let go of the annoyance and frustration and focused on being constructive. This is an important step. Whatever is happening can help you, no matter how it looks.

Some of the questions I dowsed were:

  • Can my laptop be repaired?
  • If so, would the repair cost less than $200? (I set a limit based on the cost of the laptop.)
  • Is this happening (in whole or part) because it would be appropriate and better in the long run for me to buy a new computer now rather than later?
  • If I buy a new computer now, would it be appropriate and best for me in the long run to get the one I have been planning to get this fall?
  • If I buy a new computer now, will it be obvious at some future date that this was a blessing sent to help me avoid problems associated with my plan to buy a new computer this fall?

Nigel dowsed a series of questions he made up. We both got the same answers. So we went out and I got a new computer. (It's always good to have a ‘dowsing buddy' dowse for you using your own or their questions or blind dowsing, when the choice involves a large purchase.)

What Happens in Mercury Retrograde?

You can Google ‘Mercury Retrograde' and a year to see the 3 or 4 periods that it will affect you. Here's one link we found useful:

The article also gives you a list of what can happen during, before and after these periods that last a few weeks. Mostly, they have to do with all forms of communication (email, snail mail, talking, teaching); electronics and large purchases, projects or contracts.

Mercury Retrograde is so well known to affect these subjects that those ‘in the know' will avoid launching big projects, signing contracts or creating partnerships during Mercury Retrograde. We never schedule the Dowsing World Summit during Mercury Retrograde, for example.

Why So Bad Lately?

If you've felt Mercury Retrograde has been worse since about 2012, we agree. Perhaps an astrologer could give you an astrological reason for this. My theory is that 2012 brought in massive shift energy, as most of us know. This energy makes huge change possible, indeed, desirable. Those who resist change are going to experience pain, because this energy is very hard to resist.

I think that when Mercury goes retrograde now, combined with the powerful shift energy, those of us who are doing a lot of self-work, aiming to make changes, are perhaps a bit more vulnerable than in the past. We are moving into new frequencies, and we aren't really ‘comfortable' or established in them. It's like standing on top of a tall building in a high wind.

In a similar fashion, those who are un-conscious or just resisting change will often feel Mercury retrograde like a train wreck, as it combines its energy with the Universal shift energy present now, giving it more impact. The Universe wants to give us a chance to transform. Resistance is futile! Or at least deeply unpleasant.

I'm guessing that those who are solidly in the frequency they are meant to be in are not seeing quite the chaos the rest of us are. But that's just a theory. And I suspect they are a small segment of the population.

Put Mercury Retrograde to Work for You!

The energy of Mercury Retrograde can be harnessed to create positive change in some areas of your life. Read this article for details:

The above article is good. Transparency alert: I do not personally know the astrologer who authored it, but the subject matter is good. The author suggests that the energy of Mercury Retrograde is best used to:

  • Reorganize your home or office
  • Review, revise and edit written work
  • Reconnect with people from your past
  • Revisit past ideas, hobbies or interests
  • Discover past errors or oversights
  • Revive projects that were put on hold
  • Reconsider or redefine your goals
  • Review your finances
  • Re-establish your priorities
  • Conduct research and investigations

The astrologer we consult for business and personal advice is Eric Hughes, at He can give you advice for using astrology to help create the outcomes you desire.

We advise you to consult with an astrologer you trust. Check out the Mercury Retrograde periods, and avoid doing anything during those times that could backfire. Practice dowsing daily. Keep working on yourself using a variety of methods. Then when Mercury Retrograde comes calling at your house, you will be able to weather the chaos–even create more positive outcomes by harnessing the energy.


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