Written by Nigel Percy

I'm Not THAT Good!

Everyone thinks that, to be any good at a new hobby or skill you have to perform miracles. After all, you read or heard about them and that was why you got interested most likely.

Whenever you start something, and that includes dowsing, you hear of the most amazing things. It's enough to make you cry! When I started out, for example, I had the impression that unless I dowsed a 300 foot well accurately and then got the flow rate precisely right, I was going to be a failure.

Miracles aren't necessary

What I didn't really grasp at first was that the people I read about had been dowsing for ages and had had years of experience. I just assumed that, if I could dowse, then I should automatically be as good as they were.

It never occurred to me that I might need to learn! And anyway, what I considered to be a miracle of dowsing was something they were doing every day.

The truth is, miracles are what you consider to be miracles. Most people just do the stuff every day and never bother about it. It's not the miracles which count, it's the using which is more important.

Doing the dowsing is what counts, not what you do with it. For you, the miracle might be that you got the pendulum to move! Or it could be that you located those lost keys. But, in reality, those things aren't really miracles at all.

It's just dowsing!

But, hey, you never know, one day, you might have a miracle as well.

What did you think you had to do when you first started to dowse? Did you think that anything less than a miracle was needed to prove you could dowse? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Patrick

    When I first started dowsing I took it for what it was. I didn’t not necessarily expect miracles but I didn’t not expect them either. Well I would say at one point I did experience a miracle from dowsing. I was able to open up a completely random combination lock by asking for the numbers one by one. It’s been years since I’ve downed and I’m actually getting one express shipped to my house, it should be hear any minute!

    • Nigel

      Nice story, Patrick! Thanks for sharing it.


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