Money Dowsing Exercise


Written by Maggie Percy


What We All Want

I confess that dowsing about numbers or money were never my strong suits. I would try to dowse, and I'd get crappy answers. So I felt like I just couldn't be good at it. I knew it meant I probably had issues with money or numbers or knowing the future about them. But I was not able to easily identify and clear whatever was blocking me.

I was tempted to quit dowsing those things, but then I thought, “Why not just practice regularly and see if I can improve?” No harm in that. So each week, when it was time to do the weekly shopping, I would take my list and ask a dowsing question to determine how much money in total my shopping expedition would require. This was actually a very practical exercise, because I often needed to transfer money from one account to another, and I needed to know how much to transfer.

At first, my answers weren't very accurate. That caused me to feel like I shouldn't dowse about it, because it could lead me to make some mistakes, like not transferring enough money. In fact, that happened one time. But then I realized I was focusing on fear of making a mistake. I was focusing on not feeling competent to dowse. So I did a reframe and just regarded this as a practical exercise, without worrying about being wrong or right.

Getting better at money dowsing!

That turned things around. Within a few weeks I started consistently getting accurate answers. In fact, now I totally trust my dowsing about the total of a shopping expedition. Hooray!

Money dowsing may not be my best dowsing application. It certainly wasn't easiest for me to learn. But this experience proves that with the right mindset and practice, you can become good at just about any kind of dowsing. Now maybe I need to tackle finding lost objects….:)

Have you tried money dowsing? Share your success (or failure!) in the comments section below.

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