Nigel Percy, Dowser

Nigel Percy

Written by Maggie Percy

Nigel Percy And Dowsing

Nigel Percy, co-founder of The Dowsing World Summit, and joint owner of Sixth Sense Solutions with his wife, Maggie, shares his views and experiences concerning dowsing. As with all “Meet the Masters” interviewees, he offers suggestions for reading that helped him on his way. Unlike many dowsing enthusiasts, he did not venture into dowsing to heal himself. He just became captivated with the idea and followed it with a passion.


Nigel Percy more or less stumbled into dowsing over a period of years, as you'll hear in the interview. In general, though, he was involved in education for many years, teaching (amongst other things) history and philosophy and information technology. After he discovered dowsing and that he could dowse, he slowly allowed it to take more and more of his time up as he became more and more fascinated by it. In fact, he gave up researching his Ph.D. because of it. The internet was not then able to provide much useful information, there were few books, so learning to dowse was something he undertook virtually by himself.

He tried it on anything and everything and learned what worked and what didn't, which methods were useful and which weren't. Eventually, he found an online dowsing community and joined in, and very soon discovered Maggie there. By this time he had given up traditional education and had moved into the healing arena, working in an alternative health center in the UK.

When Maggie and he finally officially joined together, they moved back to the States and started up their own business, based on dowsing.

He still hasn't lost his passion for this subject and loves any opportunity to talk about it, but nowadays only to those who are interested in it themselves.

Recommended Reading:

The Secret life of Plants (Tompkins and Bird)

The Power Of The Pendulum (Lethbridge)

How did you get into dowsing? Was it the same as for me, or totally different? Let me know your story in the comments section below.

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  1. Ravi Balraj

    Had a grand-uncle, a professional water dowser, my dad called him to mark streams underground in a piece of land he had bought–60′ by 120′ feets, — year 1978, I just was there ‘cos my dad wanted me to see what he was doing. Grand uncle “Siromani thatha” his name, used a copper pendulum, walked a grid , all over the place. Then he took out a heavy copper contraption –two half inch round rods, 1and1/2 feet long joined at one end by a pierced ring on which was pierced a pendulum shape of the kind masons use for vertical correction , and marked two places by hammering iron rods 6 inch L into the ground. —- I am 54 yrs now, that day is still a clear picture in my mind. –Well,–he then calls me and says- ” show me your hands ” takes my hands in his work worn hands–” you have the gift “– he says–then tells me to hold his heavy copper V rod with his hands over mine. He takes me around and over the places he marked and says ‘can you feel the jerk?’ I can’t –his jerk on the locations are severe, after that he said now you will be able to dowse, end. — For water I can,– have done three predictions for bore wells successfully, –but only at our own properties- when we needed a bore well– !983, 1990 and 2005, using a forked stick dipped in water overnight, and a stone on a piece of woven thin rope ( not twisted ) to get depth and sweetness readings.— now look to do more –regarding what is the right thing to do, decision to take . Circumstances have been oppressive to me though i am ethical and empathetic/ not sympathetic with everyone / rely on mostly myself to get me over bad stuff all around, where i live, Hey ! thanks –lesson on Polarity resounded ! Got to get myself back on the most important non-materialist frame of mind. —- — ——– . Dear Magi and Nigel, may blsssings of fortune shower on you!

    • Maggie Percy

      Thank you very much! It sounds like you have a talent for dowsing, and it would be worthwhile to do more dowsing. Water dowsing is not our specialty, but it is a very important and ancient dowsing application. We look forward to helping you hone your dowsing skills.


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