You Are Not Normal!


Written by Nigel Percy

Look Around

Next time you're out shopping, and waiting in line to pay, take a moment and have a look at the other people there. It's refreshing.

  • No two are the same.
  • No two look the same.
  • No two share the exact same history
  • No two act or react the same

And yet there is something called ‘normal'.

Normal is a useful tool to group people together and to get them to act or learn in the same way. Because it's easier to teach everyone in a group the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Not that that guarantees anything like a ‘normal' response, or even that everyone in that group will learn the same thing in the same way to the same depth of understanding as the person they sit next to.

It's much, much harder to teach one person at a time in a fashion and style appropriate to their needs. Yet, if you want to really learn something as well as you can, that is what it takes in most cases.

So, the next time anyone tells you that the correct way to dowse is in a specific way, using a specific ritual or tool or phrase or whatever, just yawn politely and tell yourself, you are not normal.

Normal and you…

You are never going to be normal.

You can't be normal if you tried.

You are exactly who you are and nobody else.

And that means you need to learn to dowse correctly, for yourself. Using techniques that work for you. And you know they work for you because you tried them out and evaluated them.

That makes you not normal.

Don't attempt to be normal, ever. And if you ever tend to forget that, remember what your fellow shoppers are like: unique!

Did you begin by thinking dowsing was not normal? Or was it always a normal thing for you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Sherryl

    Who wants to be normal. I want to be weird, crazy, silly, well you get me. Normal isn’t fun.

  2. Kelsey J Duncan

    I thought that Dowsing was Normal for me. When I was young, I made a dowsing tool made from a Amethyst Stone wrapped in Thin Wire hanging by a length of hemp string attached to a short length of Gum Tree. Very Australian Hey. I only ever used it for finding objects and people. Sexing Plants and Birds. I can see that I was undervaluing it by a long shot. I probably am doing it wrong and still get results. I put my little gum tree branch on top of my hand, put the string between my third and fourth fingers so my palm is facing down at the stone. I think the energy in my body is transferred to the stone which indicates a result. Am I right?

    • Maggie Percy

      Congratulations on being such a natural at dowsing! I’d say you can’t really ‘do it wrong’ and get good results, unless you are just hitting the 50/50 chance of guessing right. You sound like you have a lot of natural intuitive ability.

      The dowsing response is thought to come through the body in some fashion to make the tool indicate the right answer, so your theory would match that generally held explanation. No one can prove how dowsing works, but there are plenty of theories.

      Here’s what I suggest: just as I would say to someone whom I saw natural talent in, whether for piano or riding or dancing, I urge you to get training if you want to master this skill. Natural talent is great, but you don’t want to have to teach yourself the way we did, way back when. Our Discovering Dowsing course gives Basic, Advanced and post-graduate training that will help you become the best dowser you can be. We would love to help you master dowsing. We look forward to your comments on this site.


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