How Often Do You Smile?

Written by Maggie Percy

I'm Serious!

When I was young, my teachers had only a couple of complaints about me in school. One that came up often was that I didn't smile much.

Now, many decades later, I have learned the cause of my problem. Better yet, I've fixed it, or at least improved it a lot.

You see, I discovered later in life that I am energetically sensitive to everything and everyone around me. And there were a lot of negative energies in my environment. My family, God bless them, were a real challenge. I lived in an area that had terrible environmental energies. I also had a pattern of subconsciously trying to heal and ‘fix' everything that wasn't working.

I became a sponge for toxic energies. It made me very serious, sometimes depressed and often ill. It was as if I carried the weight of the world on my small shoulders.

I believe that many people have similar patterns. These patterns are not healthy, and they drag you down emotionally. For the past ten or so years, I have done lots of energy therapies, dowsing and studying to help myself disengage from noxious things in my environment. It is making a difference.

Learning to smile…

Now, I find myself smiling often throughout the day at absolutely nothing. That never used to happen. I am aware that I am happier than I have ever been.

While there are many things I have done that contributed to my healing, one that has helped me the most is the simple practices Dr. Patrick MacManaway outlines in his books here:

If you aren't smiling often, you're probably not manifesting the life you desire. Find a way to change that. Patrick's methods worked for me. They're easy to do. (I don't make any money from recommending his techniques.) But do whatever works for you. Then share the love by helping others to smile.

Dowsing and smiling? Do they go together for you? Let us know how, in the comments section below.


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