Pendulum Dowsing Exercise #1: Restaurant

pendulum dowsing exercise

Written by Maggie Percy


A Simple Pendulum Dowsing Exercise

One of the most overlooked benefits of dowsing is that you can (and should!) be using it in your daily life. Pendulum dowsing exercises build your confidence while giving yourself a tool you can use over and over.

This pendulum dowsing exercise is for all levels of dowsers. The process used in this exercise can be applied to many other situations with success.

Almost everyone goes out to a restaurant now and then. This exercise includes how to choose the best restaurant and how to pick the best item on the menu or wine list.

In order for this work well, you have to be willing to change. For instance, you have to be willing to change and go to a different place to your regular restaurant. Secondly, you have to be willing to change and eat something you wouldn't usually choose. Don't worry! You're not going to get something you hate. After all, you're going to be dowsing with a very specific question in mind in this pendulum dowsing exercise, so you're going to be safe!

For me, I can still remember wanting a lovely juicy steak, and I ended up with barbecue chicken! But, Oh! Was that good!!! I would never have ordered that if I had just done the usual thing and got what my eye was drawn to and what my stomach was telling me to get.

So, go ahead and download the pendulum dowsing exercise and give it a try. It really is a superb way of learning to trust your dowsing, because you eat the answer! :-)

And, of course, you absolutely do NOT have to use a pendulum if that is not your tool of choice. This pendulum dowsing exercise works just as well as a deviceless dowsing exercise or a bobber dowsing exercise.

Download the exercise here:

Confidence Exercises Simple Restaurant

How did that work out for you? Was it an outright winner or did something hilarious happen instead? Please share in the comments section below.

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