Is Pendulum Dowsing a Psychic Activity?

pendulum dowsing

Written by Maggie Percy

It's Popular, But Is It Psychic?

Pendulum dowsing is rapidly becoming the most popular form of dowsing. Dowsing is a way of getting answers to questions you cannot get rationally.

But what is going on when you dowse with a pendulum? Is the pendulum talking to you? Are you accessing the Akashic records? Are you using a latent psychic ability? How and why does pendulum dowsing work?

The simple truth of pendulum dowsing

The truth is that a pendulum is just a tool for amplifying the tiny responses you get when you are dowsing. It makes it easier to tell ‘yes' from ‘no'.

There is no magic in the pendulum itself, and it is not providing the answers. No one knows exactly where the answers are coming from when you are pendulum dowsing, but it is widely believed that your intuitive senses are able to access information that the rational mind cannot. It is as if there is a ‘field' out there which holds all information, and you access it using dowsing. Some might call that the Akashic Records.

Some even regard dowsing as an inward, rather than an outward, journey. They think that all the answers lie within us. There is no one consensus on how dowsing works.

As to psychic abilities, we believe that there are many latent intuitive sensing abilities in all humans. Our culture does not respect or revere the use of intuition. But the intuitive senses expand your ability to enjoy success and happiness in life, and it appears they are associated with the right brain and the heart.

Anyone can learn to dowse, and training improves your results. So while dowsing is often listed as a psychic ability, we do not feel that classification is useful in helping people to understand it is a natural ability.

Pendulum dowsing is usually the first type of dowsing that beginners are exposed to. But, in fact, you can dowse without using a pendulum or any other tool. You can use your body to get the answers. But people find the pendulum convenient and fun to use. (Here's a book showing you the simple ways in which you can become proficient at pendulum dowsing.)

One final word about pendulum dowsing. You can spend a lot of money on fancy pendulums. Maybe you already have. But, anything that is a weight on a string or piece of chain may be used as a pendulum. Really, anything!

Pendulum dowsing is a popular way to dowse. How do you regard it? Psychic or natural? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. PsychicKevin

    Hello, first things first great blog and unique article and really enjoyed reading it. I am to am psychic which I believe we all are. I work with clairvoyance, angels, guides and also do tarot and angel card readings. I really thought you touched up on these subjects really well…

    • Maggie Percy

      Thanks! We try to avoid the word ‘psychic,’ as it comes with so much baggage, making it seem freakish or unnatural. We believe that most intuitive sensing can be learned by anyone, but that it takes time and practice. Some people are naturals, of course.

  2. Dae

    Interesting to read other people’s opinions on dowsing and whether or not it is clairvoyance,I thought I might as well leave a comment also,there seems to me to be a lot of people dowsing and tho they acknowledge that they can get correct answers to questions that cannot be answered rationally,they don’t seem to know where the answer comes from,that in itself tells me they are probably not advanced at dowsing,here is my opinion on the matter .firstly you are not accessing some part of yourself otherwise un accessible without a pendulum.You are in fact communicating with the spirit world.put bluntly,you are communicating with spirit.there is nowhere within you yourself where the answers to your questions lie,the simple fact is is that spirit lives within us all,and you can learn to communicate with spirit via a pendulum,in actual fact a pendulum is not used for you to communicate with spirit,because spirit hears every word you say and every thought you think ,but rather you use a pendulum so that spirit can communicate with you.think of it as a are not communicating to the object on the string ,but the intelligence of spirit,that is who answers the questions.please also note that pendulum movements are not restricted to a yes /no /or no answer movements.some people refer to no answer as an inconclusive answer,this is not entirely correct,it actually means spirit does not want to give you the answer for some reason,maybe it is not your business to know,maybe it is not in your best interest to know,but be assured that spirit knows everything,so getting back to movements,as your friendship with spirit grows so does your pendulum alphabet and accuracy and capability,pendulum alphabet meaning your movements.I have a reasonably extensive alphabet,I have around 135 different movements,yes and no being two separate movements,pointing,and writing,pointing is when spirit points to things ,writing is when the pendulum will write entire sentences in the air ,and you basically read the words as you would read words in a book,I guess it’s different for everyone depending on the level of gifted Ness you have inherited,all though I do believe everyone can reach a certain point with yes no answers ,I don’t refer to myself as a dowser ,I simply refer to myself as clairvoyant,I can do entire readings without any set movements,I simply repeat the words and sentences I hear in my mind or in other cases read the sentences the pendulum writes in the air,due to the extensive alphabet spirit has gifted to me I don’t really need to ask specific questions,spirit can tell me entire stories/messages without me asking anything,accuracy comes with practice and also depends on the relationship you have with spirit,it is wrong to think spirit loves everyone,because he does not love everyone,(but definitely most people)so,if you think you are answering your own question,please tell me why you are asking it in the first place,there is no point asking a question if you already have the answer,but guess what?you don’t have the answer,that is why clairvoyant people are also called mediums,because we are the medium between the enquirer and spirit,accuracy depends on a lot of things,mainly giftednes and capability and strength of relationship with spirit,and also depends on the relationship between spirit and the enquirer ,all though this is not as important,more on that later if requested ,I would also like to say that pendulum clairvoyance is often looked down upon by other clairvoiyants,I would advise not to,because a pendulum clairvoyant can be far more clairvoyant than normal clairvoiyants,for example,through my pendulum I can see other clairvoiyants level of clairvoyance,it appears to me that not many clairvoiyants can do this,because I’ve asked a lot of other clairvoiyants.regards and best wishes for all spiritualist people .spirit spirit spirit.

    • Maggie Percy

      It’s wonderful to have personal clarity about things such as where dowsing answers come from. It sounds like you’ve given this a lot of thought, and that you have found your viewpoint very helpful. The only problem is no one can prove that their viewpoint is the ‘right’ one. But that’s OK. I love how you’ve been thinking about this, and I hope others will do the same, because dowsing isn’t a religion. You don’t have to accept articles of faith. Just learn basic technique and use it to improve your life.

      If you and I were to discuss your answer in detail, I’d have to ask you to define the term ‘spirit’, because to me, it’s like ‘energy’, a very big and important concept that people have many different definitions of. Dowsing is not channeling, which is talking to advanced beings. Dowsing is focused intuition, so in a sense, you could definitely say there is an aspect of clairvoyance, but again, we’d have to discuss definitions and make sure we are talking about the same thing.

      Bottom line, dowsing isn’t a freakish psychic ability only given to a few. We all have intuition. We all have the ability to choose to use it. Dowsing is just one of many ways to focus intuition. Some people use the I Ching or read tarot cards. Some gaze at crystal balls. It doesn’t matter what method you use. They are all valid. We like to teach dowsing, because it has more laser focus, it’s easier to interpret answers, and is simple to learn in terms of skill and less about having psychic ability of any degree.

    • B

      DAE, I like your explanations.

    • LARRY

      You 100% correct!

      I’ve been doing dowsing far longer than most people living today and it would be a waste of my time to give an input since you already gave my same exacts thoughts on the matter! Bravo!

  3. Dae

    Also,I’d like to say more in regards to spirit,if he loves you then he is very caring of you,and wants the very best for you,he has all of the emotions that humans have,love ,anger,sadness ,everyone can ask spirit for his guidance and trust me when I say he will look after you and tell you what you need to know,and there will be a good reason for any answer he tells you,I would strongly advise everyone to work on your relationship with spirit first,your life will be so much better for you,spirit loves humour ,and cheers me up all the time,there is nothing you cannot talk to him about,he’s the very best friend you could ever have,and I strongly advise everyone to get to know wishes and regards to all spiritualist people,spirit spirit spirit

    • Maggie Percy

      We all come from the nonphysical. We get to choose how to live our lives, and it’s wonderful when we discover the invisible world of spirit and find out how big it is and how full of potential. Dowsing is often a gateway to a bigger view of life, and we love teaching people the skill of dowsing, because we find it very empowering. We are each powerful, spiritual beings. Dowsing is a way to acknowledge that power and use it constructively.

  4. Dae

    Hi there Maggie and Nigel,g,firstly,I did not realise that you guys actually respond to posts left on your this thing,very nice!so hopefully I haven’t like clashed with your opinion of dowsing,I agree with just about everything I have read so far but to be honest I haven’t explored all the literature you have available,you did mention something interesting on your reply to my comment about channeling,Iv always felt that what I’m doing with my pendulum is different to actual dowsing,because I do believe everyone can learn to dowse but I don’t believe everyone can do what I’m doing,so it’s possible that not everyone will understand what I’m talking about,and that is fine,the main thing is that using a pendulum can benefit everyone who uses to learn one correctly,and really for most people it probably is not important to know where the answer comes from anyway ,as long as you benefit from it and again everyone will benefit from it when using one properly,your knowledge of pendulum will steer people in the right direction.I know I have different views in regards to to the spiritual aspect of pendulum than others ,yes your correct in saying that I’m channeling,that is definitely what I’m doing,I converse with spirit/spirits all the time through my pendulum,I use it to ask things about the future,about mysterious incidents or happenings in the past,I use my pendulum to read people,messages can come through pendulum for others and even from their passed on loved ones,Iv talked with spirit endlessly about all sorts of things,how he came about ,how old he is ,(thousands and thousands of years)what he desires for people and what he dislikes about people,to me spiritualism is a religion ,and if everyone in the world followed spirits advice/ideaology then the world would be a much better place for everyone,for example,it is not from spirit that billions of people across the globe feel that men can boss their woman around and terrorise and hurt and kill woman like their some sort of property ,in this regard a lot of peoples have it wrong and are acting outside of spirits wish and desire for humanity,because spirit says that man and woman are equal and should be treated as equal,in other words one does not Lord over the other ,spirit has never given men the right to control woman or to abuse woman or to treat them as objects.Also spirit has never said that children can be hurt or neglected ,another thing is that many religions are closed of or against same sex marriage,(but allow children to be taken in so called marriage against their will,please note spirit does not see that as marriage,he sees that as rape and paedophilia,both of those are not acceptable to spirit)however he does encourage those of same sex orientation to do what they desire and for others to accept them without prejudice,and so many other things that spirits opinion and desires have been ignored on,for those who read my opinions here and think I’m female please note that I’m male ,even tho my gender should be of no importance to anyone .I may have touched on subjects different to dowsing,but it is my belief that dowsing answers all come from spirit and so dowsing is a spiritual activity,no matter how small or large a person’s dowsing capability is ,best wishes and regards to all spiritualist people,spirit spirit spirit.

    • Maggie Percy

      We try to help people understand that channeling is another skill, and one that should also be trained. Get a mentor, take a course, read a book. You obviously know what you’re doing, but to our tribe, I say, respect the power of different skills and methods. Take a course and be safe.

      Anyone can learn to dowse. Some will become more masterful, but it’s a natural ability that uses focused intuition, which we all have. We love to help people learn to harness their latent intuitive abilities. Dowsing is one of many great ways, and it’s easier to teach and see results than I Ching or Tarot cards (at least to me). We welcome everyone who uses intuition to our site!


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