Is Pendulum Dowsing a Psychic Activity?

pendulum dowsing

Written by Maggie Percy

It's Popular, But Is It Psychic?

Pendulum dowsing is rapidly becoming the most popular form of dowsing. Dowsing is a way of getting answers to questions you cannot get rationally.

But what is going on when you dowse with a pendulum? Is the pendulum talking to you? Are you accessing the Akashic records? Are you using a latent psychic ability? How and why does pendulum dowsing work?

The simple truth of pendulum dowsing

The truth is that a pendulum is just a tool for amplifying the tiny responses you get when you are dowsing. It makes it easier to tell ‘yes' from ‘no'.

There is no magic in the pendulum itself, and it is not providing the answers. No one knows exactly where the answers are coming from when you are pendulum dowsing, but it is widely believed that your intuitive senses are able to access information that the rational mind cannot. It is as if there is a ‘field' out there which holds all information, and you access it using dowsing. Some might call that the Akashic Records.

Some even regard dowsing as an inward, rather than an outward, journey. They think that all the answers lie within us. There is no one consensus on how dowsing works.

As to psychic abilities, we believe that there are many latent intuitive sensing abilities in all humans. Our culture does not respect or revere the use of intuition. But the intuitive senses expand your ability to enjoy success and happiness in life, and it appears they are associated with the right brain and the heart.

Anyone can learn to dowse, and training improves your results. So while dowsing is often listed as a psychic ability, we do not feel that classification is useful in helping people to understand it is a natural ability.

Pendulum dowsing is usually the first type of dowsing that beginners are exposed to. But, in fact, you can dowse without using a pendulum or any other tool. You can use your body to get the answers. But people find the pendulum convenient and fun to use. (Here's a book showing you the simple ways in which you can become proficient at pendulum dowsing.)

One final word about pendulum dowsing. You can spend a lot of money on fancy pendulums. Maybe you already have. But, anything that is a weight on a string or piece of chain may be used as a pendulum. Really, anything!

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