Pendulum Dowsing Techniques


Written by Nigel Percy


Pendulum Dowsing Techniques

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A technique is just another way of saying how you do something. It's about the method or the way you do it. So, in this case, it's about how you can dowse with a pendulum.

The technique of dowsing with a pendulum is quite simple, but what you can do with that simple skill is quite another matter!

Let's run through a few things to remember about pendulum dowsing.

First, keep the chain or string short. For a lightweight pendulum, one which weighs about one or two ounces, you only need a short length, because it will move much more quickly and be more responsive than a heavier pendulum. A heavier pendulum is one that usually weighs around four or five ounces. A heavy pendulum will take longer to respond and works better at the end of a longer chain. But we're really only talking here of a length of around two to three inches for the lighter pendulum, and up to about four or five inches at most for the heavier ones. Not a great deal of difference. As you become more familiar with your own pendulum, you will discover the best and most responsive length for you. Ideally, what you are looking for is something that responds as quickly as possible and which is as easy as possible for you to hold comfortably.

And make sure that you don't drape the chain over your finger, but have it pinched between finger and thumb, so it hangs straight down.

Second, it's no good if you have the right length of chain for your pendulum but you start off your dowsing by holding it completely still and spend ages waiting for it to move. One vital thing to remember, which will help you greatly, is that the pendulum, in fact any dowsing tool at all, only moves because you are making it do so. Therefore, if you have the pendulum dangling at the end of a length of chain, you are, in fact, waiting for yourself to do something. And, because you are so fixed on looking at it, you are almost afraid to let yourself move it.

The way around this is to have it moving to begin with. Of course, this movement has to be different from your ‘yes' and ‘no'. Such a swing is called a ‘neutral' swing. Once you have started this neutral swing, you will find that a very small movement on your part will make it change direction very quickly. You can try it for yourself. Get your pendulum spinning in a circle and keep it spinning with the least amount of effort possible. Then, when you're ready, make it change direction with the smallest movement you can make. You'll find that it's much quicker that way than waiting for a still pendulum to get moving! So, always start with a neutral swing!

Third, be as relaxed as you can be when dowsing. This becomes easier with practice. You will find that tension in your shoulder and elbow really makes itself noticed after a while. The more relaxed you are, the longer you can dowse. You can rest your elbow on a table, a chair arm or your leg. It won't matter. Find a position that is comfortable for you and you'll find that pendulum dowsing becomes much easier.

Happy Dowsing!

Did this video make sense for you? What are your thoughts about the fundamental things to remember about using a pendulum? Let us know in the comments section below.


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