Pendulum Healing

Written by Nigel Percy

Pendulum Healing

Dowsing for healing, sometimes thought of as dowsing healing or pendulum healing, is really the result of confusion and misinformation. The two do not go together. At least, not in the way that many seem to think that they do.

As an example, you will sometimes find people asking about pendulum healing or which are the best healing pendulums. They sound reasonable things to be asking, but they are really showing that they have the wrong idea about dowsing.

Let's be very clear about this. Dowsing is a natural human skill. Essentially, it's a simple idea. You ask questions about things your logical and rational mind cannot answer. And that is pretty much it. You can use tools or not as you prefer, but there really is nothing more to dowsing than asking questions and getting answers.

As you can see, there's no room in that description for anything to do with healing or healing pendulums. So where did this confusion come from?

It probably came from the popular use of the pendulum as a dowsing tool. There's nothing special about a pendulum when used for dowsing. It can be as fancy or as plain as you like. As long as it works for you, that's fine. But, no matter what sort of pendulum you use, whether plain wood, or brass or a fancy crystal or a nut on a piece of dental floss, they all move in the same way; circles or side to side essentially.

Now, imagine the following scenario. There are two people. One is a dowser, and the other is someone who has an issue with her hand; pain perhaps in one of the fingers. The dowser is using a pendulum and it's swinging in some fashion over the persons's finger, presumably to locate the precise area of the problem. And, at the same time, the dowser is focusing on sending some healing energy to that finger.

Here's where it gets important. The dowser is not using the pendulum to send healing energy. The pendulum has absolutely nothing to do with any healing. She is using the pendulum to locate where the healing energy is to be sent. She might also have set her intention so that when she has done all she can, the pendulum will indicate that she should stop.

As an onlooker however, all you see is the pendulum swinging, some healing taking place and the pendulum stops when it's finished. It's easy enough to think that the pendulum has something to do with the healing. But it doesn't!

Therefore, there are no healing pendulums. There are only people who send healing. You don't need a pendulum or other tool for that. All you need is your very focused intention to send healing energy as well as you can. Intention is the key, not dowsing.

Even so-called healing pendulums will do nothing unless you intend an outcome. Otherwise, they would be the wonderful magic bullet that would work on everyone, everywhere all the time. It's intention which makes anything work.

So don't think you have to buy anything special. You don't. You just have to use your intention.

Happy dowsing!

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  1. Pat

    Thank you . I’ve wondered about ‘pendulum healing’ and your article had cleared things up for me.

    • Nigel Percy

      I’m glad it helped!

  2. Erich Hunter

    Dowsing- searching for hidden things using pendulum, rod, etc. – e.g. answers to questions, hidden water, etc.
    Pendulum Healing- use of pendulum as an energy healing tool that doesn’t require dowsing at all.

    They both use a pendulum but they are completely different disciplines. You can do dowsing during pendulum healing, but pendulum healing is not dowsing.

    I have the terms clearly defined and explained in my book “Pendulum Master”

    • Maggie Percy

      Thanks for taking the time to post this, Erich. For people who are interested in the topic of pendulum healing, Erich has written books on the subject that can be found on Amazon. It is not our intention to disrespect pendulum healing; we merely want to differentiate between dowsing and pendulum healing.

  3. Maz

    I don’t feel well today – dizzy and a bit nauseous. Can I use dousing to determine what was the cause of this? Eg, could I ask ‘was it the meal I ate last night’?

    • Nigel Percy

      You could do that, but it might be difficult to get your mind in the right mental state to be objective about it, as you already have a bias toward an answer.

  4. Olga Arango

    Actually your article is quite confusing.

    If pendulums do not heal, why are you stating the ‘Mer-Isis is good for distant healing and:
    ‘The best part is that you can give it a simple command, e.g. “Heal!”, and it will go to work moving in different direction until it stops – that indicates that the session is over?

    Doesn’t make sense, does it?

    Research the term ‘vortex and quantum healing’

    • Nigel Percy

      The piece you quote is from the website which sells the pendulums. It is not our website and we have no control over their content. I must say that I have a Mer-Isis pendulum myself which I quite like although it is somewhat heavy. I’ve only ever used it for ‘normal’ or usual dowsing.

  5. Olga arango

    Above you wrote:

    Therefore there are no healing pendulums. There are only people who send healing. You don?t need a pendulum or other tool for that.

    According to the intro in your Shop Page:

    When using a pendulum for healing, that is called pendulum healing, not dowsing. Some of the descriptions indicate these pendulums are good for pendulum healing as well as dowsing.

    So, can you please explain?

  6. Nigel Percy

    A pendulum is just a pendulum. When I bought my Mer-Isis pendulum way back when I had heard nothing about pendulum healing. I just like the pendulum, but found it quite heavy but also responsive. However, since then, the term has taken hold and people have decided that certain shapes of pendulum are better for pendulum healing than others. We have tried to take into account that some people are interested in pendulum healing rather than dowsing and that, accordingly, some pendulums might be considered better for that purpose. Remember, we are a site which focuses on dowsing, not pendulum healing. I hope that helps clarify things better for you.

  7. LARRY

    Curious, what is the fastest method you use in finding the location where the energy needs to be sent?

    I have performed ”energy healing” but I have never used a pendulum to find the exact location. I find using the pendulum in this manner interesting. It might improve the healing process.

    • Nigel Percy

      Personally speaking, I use my other hand as a scanner and when I get a response, then I narrow it down by moving more slowly across the indicated area, sometimes using my finger as a precise pointer if that is necessary. This can be done over a diagram for distant healing. Sometimes it’s not the physical body which is in need, but the energetic body in which case the location can be identified in much the same way, only focusing this time on the aura. With practice it takes only a moment. Hope that helps!

  8. fred mulch

    i have 13 pendulums . many crystal.but i do not like the idea of a pendulum holding my energy., i use my wood pendulum
    for yes/ no questions , and my brass 4 plate isis pendulum for past lives etc.. i came to this conclusion by asking my pendulum (intuition) which it prefered. simple chess.fred prescott AZ

    • Maggie Percy

      We prefer brass pendulums when we use them, which is rarely. We find deviceless methods are more supportive of getting in the dowsing state and also aid in allowing one to accept information that comes in other ways. I encourage you to read and watch all our info on deviceless dowsing and pick a method that works for you and polish it.
      Not to be picky about semantics, but we never use the phrase ‘ask your pendulum’, because that is not empowering. It implies the tool is giving the answers, and that is false. You are giving the answers, not some being or thing outside of you. Dowsing is empowering when approached properly. We like to foster that sense of empowerment. Yet another reason not to use a tool unless it provides an obvious benefit over deviceless methods. Deviceless dowsing reminds you it’s all about you, not a tool.


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