The Pendulum Neutral Swing


Written by Maggie Percy


What Is The Neutral Swing?

Most people don't know what the phrase ‘neutral swing' means with respect to a dowsing pendulum. The pendulum neutral swing makes it easier to get a response from your pendulum.

Don't start dowsing with your pendulum at a standstill. Move it in a neutral swing to get some momentum going before you ask your question. A neutral swing is defined as ‘not yes' and ‘not no'. In other words, the pendulum is moving in some way other than yes or no, and when you ask your dowsing question, it already has momentum. So the response will be quicker to get.

The advantage of having a quicker response is that you don't have to stay in the dowsing state as long. And when you're starting out, that's a very good thing!

What a neutral swing looks like depends on your yes and no responses. If you're like me, and yes is like nodding your head up and down, and no is like shaking it side to side, a good neutral swing is in between those motions, at about a 45 degree angle to the horizontal or vertical swings.

So get the pendulum moving at an angle that is between your yes and no response, then see how much easier and faster your dowsing answer shows up. Cool, right?

If your yes/no response are circular motions, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise, then a good neutral swing is any linear swing. However, you will notice that it will take a bit longer for the pendulum to go to a yes or no in this case, because the neutral swing is not close to either yes or no. But it still works a lot better than dowsing with the pendulum motionless.

So start using the pendulum neutral swing to get faster responses when you pendulum dowse.

How did you discover the neutral swing of your pendulum? Share your experience in the comments section below

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