Polarity Reversal & How to Fix It

Written by Maggie Percy

North Becomes South

There are plenty of possible reasons you are getting ‘wrong' answers when dowsing. But one of the most common–and easiest to fix–is polarity reversal. Understanding about polarity reversal and knowing how to fix polarity will improve your dowsing accuracy.


Your body has a polarity, or a north and south orientation, like a magnet. If your polarity is reversed, your dowsing answers are reversed. Yes becomes no. No becomes yes. This can be very frustrating and confusing, and it can put you off dowsing. The good news is that it's relatively easy to fix in most cases.

How to Determine if Your Polarity is Reversed

We usually advocate you begin each dowsing session with a polarity question. That question will be one that should give you a ‘yes' response. Our favorite is, “I was born in ______________in this lifetime.” (Fill in the blank with your birthplace.) You can use any question you know the answer should be yes, but preferably you will use a question you have no emotion about.

If you get ‘yes' to your polarity question, your polarity is balanced correctly. If you get ‘no', then your polarity is reversed.

Fixing Polarity Reversal

There are several ways to restore your polarity. A simple one is the thymus thump. Take either hand. Make a fist. Gently tap your breastbone (sternum) several times while thinking or saying, “Please restore my polarity to right and perfect function.”

Retest your polarity question. If you get the right answer, you're ready to start dowsing.

If you get the wrong answer, do the thymus thump using that intention again. Recheck the question. Normally once or twice doing the thymus thump will restore your polarity.

When You Stay Reversed…

Sometimes a person might find they cannot restore their polarity, but they still want to dowse. You can still dowse, even if your polarity is reversed. You just need to remember that ‘yes' is really ‘no' and vice versa.

However, it is not beneficial to stay reversed. It can lead to a number of symptoms. You might find you are clumsy and trip and fall easily. You perhaps will have difficulty putting coherent sentences together. You may feel prickly and not want to be touched. Also, it is common to feel unworthy and down when you are reversed. Healthy things won't attract you when you are reversed.

Obviously, you don't want to feel that way. So find out why you are reversed and treat the cause.

Common Causes of Polarity Reversal

  • Geopathic stress (noxious environmental energies)
  • Emotional stress
  • Attachment to answers
  • Strong emotions in general
  • Dehydration
  • Not enough minerals in your body

All of these can be resolved and your polarity restored. Dowsing will help you determine which is the cause and even how to help resolve it.

Check Your Polarity Often

Especially if you are in a very important dowsing session, working with clients or not sure you are in a zone of beneficial energy, test your polarity often during the session to make sure it hasn't ‘flipped'. Just do the thymus thump if it has. This is an excellent way to be assured your answers are more accurate.

If you find that your polarity is constantly reversing and you have taken care of all the usual causes, there may be some subconscious issues you have with being empowered or being able to use your intuition or dowse accurately. Usually this will relate to past lives that ended badly, and those energies or beliefs can be cleared, but more advanced techniques are required.

Being aware of the importance of polarity and making sure yours is balanced will go a long way to improving your dowsing accuracy.

Have you experienced polarity reversal? How did you know? And how did you fix it? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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  1. Amy

    Great tips, the thymus tapping worked beautifully. I usually start by checking polarity on my hand. This morning it was reversed, but I still got the yes answers to questions like “is today Tuesday?” (it is). Does it mean I was forcing my convention of yes/no while being reversed? Anyway, I now fixed my polarity so feel more confident in the results.

  2. Maggie Percy

    Please clarify ‘checking polarity on my hand’, as I’m not picturing what you mean. If you ask a question like “Was I born in _____(fill in the correct answer)?” and you don’t get a ‘yes’, then fix your polarity. I don’t like to use vague questions for polarity, which is why I prefer birthplace. Unless you have negative emotions about your birth, you probably get accurate answers when using that question. “Is today Tuesday?” It happens to be Tuesday where I am right now, but for someone in Australia, it’s Wednesday. Using your name can be confusing as well, depending on how many nicknames you have and how you feel about your given name. So my guess is either the ‘checking polarity on my hand’ isn’t a good test or your question about Tuesday was not accepted well by your dowsing system.

    I advise you to check polarity using a deviceless dowsing method like the body sway or blink dowsing and use a question that absolutely cannot be misinterpreted or defined otherwise by your system.

    Long ago, we started adding “in this lifetime” to the birthplace question after Nigel got ‘yes’ to the question of whether he was born in Hot Springs, AK. Turned out, he apparently was born there, but not in this lifetime. These incidents highlight a few of the pitfalls you need to avoid.

    • Carole

      I believe that “checking polarity on my hand” means putting the palm of your hands facing towards you. You align the line in your hand, the one that starts between your index and middle finger so that they become one line. You then look at the lines in your little fingers if they align. If your poles are reversed the lines will be down on one side. After reversing back your poles, you put your hands again side by side and if your poles are right, your lines will match. It works every time.

      • Maggie Percy

        I think I’m going to need a more detailed description. I can’t find the line you are referring to. Can you give us a bit more detail? This sounds like an intriguing way to check polarity. I’ve never heard of it, but I’m always up for new ways. Thanks.

  3. Chetan shah

    Hi .

    I am new to dowsing , my pendulim move anticlock wise for yes and up and down for no .
    Just wanted to check thats ok


    Chetan shah

    • Heidi Brown

      Yes, I have the same question as Chetan. My husband get “yes” side to side and “no” forward and back. Is that fine? Or is his polarity switched?

      • Maggie Percy

        It doesn’t matter how your pendulum moves for yes and no, as long as it’s consistent. It shouldn’t change frequently. While we have seen a person’s yes/no response change as they became more proficient, it was always a single event, and then the new moves continued consistently.

        If you have established what your yes/no is, and it reverses–yes becomes no and vice versa– that is probably polarity reversal. Strangely, you can dowse if that is the case. Then, restoring your polarity will restore the original yes/no response.

        There is no single right yes/no response. All that matters is that it be consistent for you.

  4. Malcolm Pendrigh

    I ask for a ‘clear sign for yes’ using my pendulum.
    I then ask for a ‘clear sign for no’.
    Both responses are consistent. On the odd occasion when the opposite response to the normal occurs, I know my polarity has reversed. I just use the new orientation as it is, using what is my normal yes as a no and vice versa. I’ve always found that the next time I dowse my polarity is back to ‘normal’. But now I know how to re-set a reverse by using the thymus thump. Incidentally I find that using the thymus thump stimulates the immune system and can prevent a cold taking hold and help towards fending-off the flu.

    • Maggie Percy

      Excellent observation. You can still dowse, even when your polarity is reversed. You just need to be aware your yes/no response is reversed. However, polarity reversal is often a symptom (as you point out) of something ‘not quite right’ in your system. It can indicate you are in a geopathic zone, that you are overly emotional about the subject you want to dowse, that you are coming down with a cold, etc. If polarity reversal doesn’t stay ‘fixed’ when you perform the fix, you will want to investigate the cause and deal with it. Long term reversal is not good for you for a number of reasons. It makes you prickly, hard to get along with, clumsy and contrary. And yes, the thymus thump has long been used to help activate the immune response.

  5. caroline fatemi

    hi – I think that my polarity has been reversed for many many years. I found someone to correct it for me. I pray that I feel better. I have had so many issues for so many years. I had a shaman healer once show me a way to do it with my fingers and eyes – I need to ask him again.
    many thanks.

    • Maggie Percy

      Polarity reversal is a complex issue. I hope the person you are working with knows all the many possible causes, so you can permanently fix the root cause. Sometimes a one-time fix works, but if you have chronic polarity reversal, you must identify the cause and fix that, rather than treating the reversal, which is merely a symptom. Use the Search box for polarity reversal and read those articles, because I think at least one article gives two ways to fix polarity. But for you, I think that is only temporary. You need to find out what the cause is: noxious environmental energies, poor boundaries, a tendency to feel ungrounded and have your spirit go out of your body (usually tied to fear of being in physical form), poor mineralization, chronic dehydration, chronic exposure to trauma, or a combination. This can and should be fixed, as it does affect health. I suggest you fix anything appropriate in that list and see how things go. Funny how proper diet and nutrition and good grounding and boundaries can resolve a lot of health issues. Good luck!

  6. K. Y

    thanks for the tip. I found my polarity had reversed overnight.. Your tips seems to have helped restore order. I’ve been going through a lot but this has never happened before, so it was puzzling to me. Now I’m working on finding out the reason why so I can fix them or set up boundaries to protect myself from whatever the cause is.

    Thank you!

    • Maggie Percy

      Dowsing can help you figure out what’s causing it if it continues. Among the possible causes are noxious environmental energies, strong emotions like fear and weak boundaries. Occasional polarity reversal is common; chronic polarity reversal is rarer and should be addressed, because it isn’t appropriate for your body to be reversed all the time.

      • K. Y

        I was able to figure out the cause. It was something outside of myself so I had to strengthen my boundaries after I was able to fix the issue with the suggestions from your article. It’s like night and day. And I’m happy that, with your article for reference, I was able to correct the issue and figure out the cause and be back on the bright side again.

        • Maggie Percy

          Congratulations! You have now had a glimpse of how powerful dowsing can be. We look forward to teaching you more about dowsing.Thanks for participating on this site.


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