Polarization and Dowsing


Written by Nigel Percy


Seeing Things In New Ways

Polarization! Wonderful, isn't it?

Do you now own or have you ever owned a pair of Polaroid sunglasses? I suspect that most of you have.

I can remember my first pair. I was so intrigued that I could turn them 90 degrees and see the sky change color or reflections disappear from windows. Polarization was a truly wonderful thing to behold!

The best part of it though, was water. I could be dazzled by the sun reflecting on water, but, with my trusty sunglasses, I could banish the glare. The world was seen in a new way. I could see what was otherwise hiding in that tidal pool, or see the sky darken behind a yacht and make it stand out in a way I could not do just with my unaided eyes.

Dowsing is polarization for your mind.

Dowsing is like wearing polaroids. Suddenly, you're able to see things you never knew were there before, or objects will appear in a new light.

You get to understand things better and it opens your brain up to new ideas. These ideas you would never have had without using dowsing.

If polarization can change your view of the world, then dowsing can turn your mind around as well.

It's all there in front of you right now. But dowsing rearranges the way you see it.

You ought to try it! Polarization is such fun.

Have you got an example of this polarization effect of dowsing? If so, why not share it in the comments section below?


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