The Problem With Using A Pendulum

Written by Maggie Percy

The Popular Tool

In recent decades, using a pendulum for dowsing has surpassed water dowsing with a Y-rod or forked branch as the hottest trend in dowsing. But there is a problem. As popular as pendulum dowsing is, people aren't really dowsing that much.

I believe one reason is the tool itself. A pendulum is a cool tool. Pendulums come in all kinds of lovely materials and designs. You can get really attached to using a pendulum.

The problem with your attachment to your pendulum is you become convinced you can't dowse without it. You may even have special pendulums for certain dowsing tasks.

Unless you carry your pendulum with you (and the right one at that), you won't feel prepared to dowse all the time. But even if you start carrying your pendulum with you everywhere, you have a much bigger challenge to overcome.

Using a pendulum can hold you back

Pendulum dowsing isn't sweeping the country in part because of the pendulum itself. If you are a dowser, you probably have friends and family who do not believe in dowsing. Some may even be strongly opposed to it. Others maybe just mock you every time they see you using a pendulum. Maybe your spouse won't consider any suggestions you make if they come from pendulum dowsing.

Every time you start using a pendulum in front of anyone, either in public or in private with doubting family, you are put under stress. You may be mocked or rejected for your belief in dowsing. So, because you don't like conflict, and because you can't really explain your belief in dowsing or persuade others to accept it, you find it easier not to get your pendulum out. So you dowse less often than you would like.

There is a solution! Quit using a pendulum. It's just a tool. Dowsing without a tool is just as effective and has the benefit of not being visible in many cases. There are more ways to dowse devicelessly than you can imagine. And it's easy. Just try them and find one that works for you.

You can use your eyelids to blink dowse or rub your finger and thumb together to get answers. When you dowse using a deviceless method, your dowsing becomes invisible. You can get immediate answers to questions without pulling out a tool that causes people to sigh or roll their eyes. Find out what method of deviceless dowsing works best for you.

What are your thoughts about the ideas raised in this article? Is using a pendulum for dowsing holding you back? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Jorge

    I usually am a very accurate dowser with or without a pendulum. However, sometimes I get very wrong answers to my questions, especially important ones. When I go back and ask if my answers were lies, the answer I get is a resounding “yes.” I suspect that somehow I’m getting intentionally wrong answers–there is something somewhere interfering with the process. How do you prevent getting blatantly wrong answers that are lies? Thanks.

    • Maggie Percy

      This is a good question that many people have. There are many possible reasons for incorrect answers. The biggest clue in your case is that you say you are usually accurate, except when asking important questions. That seems to indicate that you lack proper detachment when asking big questions. That will cause you to get the answer you want instead of the correct answer.

      To overcome this problem, you need to practice detachment and getting into a better dowsing state. Practice is required for this. There is no magic switch to flick.

      Try to notice the difference in how you feel, think and dowse when asking a big or important question. Notice how your rational mind refuses to let go and allow the correct answer to come through. Fear of getting an answer you don’t want will cause the rational mind to refuse to step aside, blocking the correct answer.

      Learning to put aside fear and reframing so that you actually want to know the correct answer is another exercise you can use. Knowing what is best, even if it’s an answer you don’t want, helps you to live a better life. Train yourself to want to hear the truth rather than allowing fear to block the answers.

      Another thing you can do is practice meditation and learn how it feels when you are putting your rational mind to the side. Notice when you have strong emotions or the mind is gripping you. When that happens, you are bound to get the wrong answer.

      Good luck! It’s all about practice. Don’t give up, because it sounds like you are ready to go to a higher level of mastery. Our courses are very useful in guiding you in this learning process.

  2. Sherryl

    I feel comfortable using the pendulum, maybe I just don’t trust the other methods. Have a question but one of the lines it’s “Unless you carry your pendulum with you (and the right one at that)”. Do you mean by the right one is how it feels to you?


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