Remote Dowsing


Written by Nigel Percy


Remote Dowsing

Remote dowsing is best described by saying that the dowser is in one location, and the subject of the dowser's focus, the thing, place or person he or she is dowsing about is somewhere else.

So that would mean that map dowsing is a form of remote dowsing, for example. Dowsing for the placement of a water well in a field, actually tramping about, that is on-site dowsing. If you are working with a client and using dowsing to help identify an issue, that is also in-person dowsing, not remote dowsing.

Remote dowsing is sometimes thought, by non-dowsers, to be a very strange thing indeed. After all, the dowser can ask exactly the same detailed questions of a place or person many thousands of miles away and get the same detailed answers as if they were there in person. That is what makes it hard for non-dowsers to accept.

But this way of dowsing is no stranger in some ways than how we look at maps. We can look at a map of a distant place and, according to the scale and the symbols, we can tell a lot about it without ever having been there. The size of it, the types of buildings, the types of transport in and out, whether there are lakes or rivers. All of those things and more can be told by looking at a piece of paper. We take it for granted, but it really is amazing when you think about it.

In remote dowsing, there is no single accepted equivalent of that printed piece of paper. Some dowsers might talk about holograms or quantum reality or some other such label to explain how this sort of dowsing works. There is no single explanation which everyone can agree upon, but that doesn't mean that there isn't one. It's just that we don't know it yet.

If distance really is no object, then, obviously, you can dowse about any place at all. Australia, India, Canada, the bottom of the ocean, even Jupiter's moons; they are all the same as far as remote dowsing goes. To dowse any such place you simply follow the same basics as any in-person dowsing. That is, you get a good, detailed dowsing question and then, after asking it, you get in the right frame of mind, the dowsing state as it's called, and let the answer come to you.

In a sense, therefore, remote dowsing is no different to any other type of dowsing because it's the same simple steps no matter what you are doing, no matter where you are. If you are new to all this, then don't let the label put you off, because it's not important. The only thing which is important is that you accept that remote dowsing is just dowsing, plain and simple.

Have you had success with remote dowsing? What happened? Share your stories in the comments section below.


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  1. aneeshchatterjee

    pls send all the videos for remote dowsing

    • Nigel Percy

      If you go to our Youtube channel (discovering dowsing) you’ll find all the videos we have are there.

  2. Barry

    I have wondered many times why dowsing is not used to locate the missing Malaysian Airways Flight MH370 somewhere in the sea.

    • Maggie Percy

      Dowsing ethics requires that you not use the power of dowsing about anyone except yourself without the express permission of the other person or persons involved. You might be curious about whether your neighbor is having an affair, or your boss is skimming, and you may wonder where a lost plane landed, but none of those things are your business, so you need to have proper permission to dowse about them. Dowsing can leave a false trail, making it hard to find what is lost, and I wish well-meaning people who lack skill would stay the heck away from lost object situations. They only make things worse. So both ethics and practicality dictate people not use dowsing except for personal issues without permission.

  3. Nigel Percy

    I think you’ll find that many people have done exactly that. Many different locations have been pointed out. Seriously, unless someone is actually asked to do something like this by the investigation team, it’s just an exercise in ego and really should be avoided.


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