Resolve to Dowse

Written by Maggie Percy

I Think I Might…

Making New Year's resolutions is popular. I'd like to suggest a resolution for you. And you don't have to wait for January 1st to start doing it. Resolve to dowse.

You have inner knowledge, but instead you look outside yourself for answers. Dowsing is the easiest way to get in touch with your inner knowing, your intuition or your Inner Guru. Yet most dowsers dowse very little.

It's not necessarily their fault, either. It's usually due to the fact that they haven't really been taught very well about how they can use dowsing in their lives. Sadly, most haven't even begun to recognize the very practical ways they can apply this skill easily in what they do every day. Without that insight, that knowledge, they are naturally limited in what they will use it for.

Resolve to dowse today – don't wait for the New Year!

Start a new year by doing whatever it takes to trust your dowsing. Take a course; read a book; participate in online discussion groups. Expand your knowledge and polish your techniques. Then pick up your pendulum or other favorite dowsing tool and start dowsing about things that will make your life calmer, happier and more successful.

Dowsing has totally transformed our lives, and we're pretty sure it can work for you, too. But only if you dowse. Now there's really no excuse to extend your abilities. This site alone has more information on it than I ever was able to encounter when I started out dowsing!

We know it's a journey, and it can be bumpy. We're here to help. We resolve to help you become the best dowser you can be so your life can be happier, healthier and more fulfilling.

If you've come to a decision, that you've resolved to dowse, what prompted you to start? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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