Save Money with Dowsing: An Injured Cat

save money with dowsing

Written by Maggie Percy


More Choices, Less Stress

You can save money with dowsing, lots of money. Dowsing improves your choices by helping you pick the best, easiest, least expensive solution to any problem.

Last week, one of our eight cats (yes, we have eight cats) named Merlin had an accident. We suspect that the loud yelp we heard in the back yard after a scuffle with the other cats was when it happened. Shortly after that, Merlin was hopping around the house, not putting any weight on his front right paw.

We carefully examined him. We found no cuts, punctures, swelling or obvious injury. But he clearly was hurting. All day long, he hopped around like a cripple.

Knowing that he could have a cracked or broken bone that we could not see, we decided we needed to make a decision about taking him to the vet for evaluation. We realized that it would cost $300 by the time we were through, even if nothing was wrong with him, as anesthesia and X-rays and the exam are not cheap. We also knew that the trauma of going to the vet and being examined would add to his stress, so we didn't want to do it unless it was necessary. But if he needed treatment, we wanted him to have it.

An example of how to save money with dowsing

This is a perfect situation for dowsing. Your rational mind can't give you the answer. You fear for the health of your beloved pet, but you don't want to stress him or spend time, effort and money unnecessarily. In cases like this, loving pet owners usually choose to play it safe and spend the money. They are afraid they will look like bad parents otherwise. But do you really want to spend money unnecessarily?

Nigel and I both created a series of dowsing questions to evaluate Merlin's condition and the benefits of taking him to the vet. Our dowsing agreed that while he was injured, no bones were broken or cracked, and that taking him to the vet was not going to offer any benefit over treating him at home. We dowsed that by the end of the week, he would be nearly recovered.

The end of the week came, and Merlin was walking on all four feet again. We gave thanks that our dowsing was accurate and helped both us and him. And saving all that money was a real blessing!

To successfully do this, you need to be an accurate dowser who can create clear dowsing questions. We urge you to have a dowsing buddy to back up your answers. Remember that nothing is 100% accurate, so always follow your intuition as to what to do. If you are fearful, you won't get an accurate answer. Thus, it is important to practice dowsing often in order to have a good level of detachment.

This is one example of how to save money with dowsing. What stories do you have? Please share them in the comments section below.


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