Spiritual Dowsing


Written by Nigel Percy


Spiritual Dowsing

Spiritual dowsing is something which didn't really have much of a history before the latter part of the twentieth century. Prior to that time, dowsing was more focused on subjects like water and mineral locations with the beginnings of health dowsing just showing up.

As the century progressed however, for no obvious single reason, there was a surge of interest in using dowsing on non-visible and not-easily-verifiable subjects such as the exploration of ‘energies' of places and people and objects. This segued into dowsing about the universe and the beings which might or might not inhabit it or interact in some fashion with humanity.

In other words, dowsing changed from being a simple tool with a limited range of applications to a full-fledged multi-purpose activity reaching into any and every aspect of life. One of those aspects came to be known as spiritual dowsing.

However, it is not especially easy to define what exactly constitutes spiritual dowsing. Admittedly, there was a book published under that title, written by Sig Lonegren in 1986. The promotion for this said that it was written for travelers on the spiritual path who would like to see if dowsing can help them along their way. The book itself explores dowsing as a tool for locating energies found at ancient sacred sites as well as for health and healing.

As you can see, that covers a wide range of possibilities! And that is what makes it difficult to be precise about what constitutes spiritual dowsing and marks it as different from other dowsing applications.

Probably for most people when they talk of spiritual dowsing, they mean using dowsing to explore the invisible realms. So, for example, they will dowse about angels and archangels or perhaps something to do with their own spiritual goals.

The point is that the term is so vague as to not mean anything very much. Sure, each person who uses it means something by it, but not everyone has the same definition.

One of the reasons for this term still to be used today is undoubtedly because, for some people, it sounds like something which, if you do it, makes you sound a better person than someone who doesn't do it. In other words, there is a snobbery of sorts about it. ‘Oh, I'm a spiritual dowser. I'm involved in non-earthly things.' You get the picture.

Of course, some people will have made a detailed study about whatever it is they have chosen to define as spiritual dowsing and I commend them for their dedication to it.

I can't really say that it's something I am interested in, mainly because I choose not to make a specific definition about one area of dowsing. To me, dowsing is dowsing no matter what. I might be dowsing one day about the health and diet of one of our cats and the next day dowse about something invisible and intangible, like what is affecting our home to cause a specific physical response.

In other words, dowsing is just dowsing; which is making questions and getting answers. To chunk it up into different areas is not that useful, as the same skill set is required no matter what.

What's your take on spiritual dowsing? What does it mean for you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Pendulum

    Spiritual divination was forced into me.in the beginning that was how I communicated with the spirit that was attached to me that’s what happens when you dabble but it also opened me up to a world I was blissfully unaware of lol. from cars and girls to Chackras spirits and pendulums yay

  2. pm5057

    Surely the question is : when we dowse, and a valid question is asked, where is the answer coming from, this world or the next ?

    • Nigel Percy

      As you can never get definite proof to such a question (so that another person is convinced by the evidence) it remains a purely personal question. In the end you go with your personal beliefs and attitudes and what feels right for you. Anyone can do that and I’m fine with it, as long as they don’t insist that I have to believe what they say is the truth of it all.

  3. Jann Wirtz

    I just don’t know what happens!
    Three years ago I had an accident, and my arm broke in 2 places. It was duly set in plaster and I sent home.. but pain relief was forgotten ( A and E were extremely busy and short staffed). My hand ( the bit sticking out of the plaster) began to swell and go dark.. and it became very painful. Rather than take whatever pain relief pills we may have had in the ‘medical drawer’..I used my pendulum over the two break sites. To find the break sites, In passed my right hand up and down over the plaster. For some reason, ( this has happened before) I am able to experience something like a tiny column of icy air above a ‘problem’ are on the human body. Having located the exact break sites, I used my pendulum, which rotated violently for a while, and then swung diagonally ( which i have learned means ‘finish’). The pain had completely gone, and the swelling had disappeared. This took about 15 minutes in all. I had a checkup 5 days later at the hospital, and was re-plastered because the existing one was considered far too loose. Because of the new tight plaster, the swelling and pain returned, and again was relieved by use of the pendulum.
    One could say this worked because of my focus and attention.. maybe targetted by the pendulum.. I just don’t know… but later I showed a fellow dowser how to do this, and he cured arthritic pain in a neighbours knees. This was woman who had taken to sleeping downstairs and was housebound. He gave her two treatments, and she had amazing relief.

  4. Nigel Percy

    Certainly your intention and focus were important. I think that many dowsers in the early stages of dowsing have some sort of similar experience of a healing process of some kind. I also tend to think that, where some people would think they don’t have the capacity or ability to help heal others by themselves, if they use a tool such as a pendulum it helps them to ‘distract’ themselves from such an idea, even though that’s what they are doing. Using a pendulum to pinpoint a place is something almost understandable and much more acceptable (for a dowser). From there it’s a short step to keeping the pendulum going while the interesting and unseen stuff is happening. Pretty soon, you get to link the pendulum and the healing together as one thing.


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