Are You a Spiritual Know-It-All?

Written by Maggie Percy

“But I'm Right!”

No one wants to be called a ‘know-it-all'. Yet I have observed that one of the biggest temptations facing the recently awakened person is the tendency to try to convert others or persuade them that their new way of thinking is superior.

We all know someone like this. They quit smoking after years and years of trying, and now they are so anti-smoking, they are hard to be around. Or maybe you know someone who is a born again Christian or recent convert to some religion. And they can't stop talking about how great it is, and how you should get on board with it so you can change your life or get to heaven.

The temptation is just as strong in the dowsing, healing, spiritual community. I remember how passionate I was about Reiki, and how much I wanted to share it with my friends and family. Then there was dowsing, and how excited I was to share that. My family was largely unimpressed, and none of them ‘got on board'. In fact, I became aware that they regarded my passion for these things as a judgment against them, as if they were living an inferior life, and I could ‘fix' them. They treated me like I was being a know-it-all. Of course, I didn't mean it that way…

Getting over the ‘spiritual-know-it-all' phase

As we settle in to our new lifestyle, we are still passionate about how great it is, but we calm down a bit and learn that example is the best way to convince someone to take up a new way of living. If we are healthy, happy, successful and grounded, sooner or later people will come up to us and ask us how we managed to get that way. Then we are entitled to tell them the secret of our success. But telling someone who hasn't asked is a sure way to alienate them and push them away forever. That's how you get labeled as a ‘know-it-all'.

So keep your passion channeled into being the best example you can for what you love doing, and refrain from preaching to others about how they need to learn Reiki, dowsing or whatever your favorite spiritual tool is. You'll avoid alienating your loved ones, and someday they may even ask you what your secret is.

Have you been guilty of this? We have all been there, probably. How was it for you? Share your story in the comments section below.


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