Success and Failure


Written by Nigel Percy


Look Up!

I bet just about everyone has witnessed a spectacular sunset or two. It's always memorable, all those colors shifting and changing. The clouds being lit from different angles. It makes you stop and stare and appreciate the beauty of it all.

But how do you get those sunsets?

You need only two things. You need sunshine and you need clouds. If you only have the sun shining as it goes down, it is never spectacular, just a lessening of the light. If you only have clouds, it just gets dimmer and darker until it's night.

You have to have the two together in the right proportion in order to achieve that wonderful display.

So it is with dowsing.

Dowsing and success

If you only dowse one thing all the time, it's like having the sun and no clouds. There's nothing spectacular going to be happening. Nothing to witness.

And if you only have failures, then that's like having only clouds. Nothing to celebrate. Nothing to get excited about.

But, having the two, both success and failure, both the sun and the clouds, gives you light and shade. It gives you contrast. It gives you great joy as the sun bursts through at the end, after some failures. You get to experience the joy of success, of new understanding.

Without the clouds, sunsets are drab and dreary.

Without some setbacks, some small failures, you never get to appreciate your success, never recognize your breakthroughs.

Dowsing, enjoyable, happy dowsing, means that sometimes, you are wrong and that sometimes you have a new understanding.

Next time you see a sunset, what are you watching that gives you joy? The clouds? The sun? Both?

If the sunlight is your success, what are the blocks you can overcome, which the clouds represent?

How do you view your success in dowsing? What blocks have you encountered or overcome to succeed? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below.


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