Supercharge Your Manifesting with Dowsing


Written by Maggie Percy


Manifesting And Dowsing

Maggie and Nigel Percy show you how to use dowsing to supercharge your manifesting ability in this webinar.

You may at first be thinking how can dowsing be of help in manifesting. In fact, dowsing is simply one of the best ways you can use to help you bring about what it is you want.

After all, the reason you have trouble manifesting what it is you want in your life is because, at some level, and for some reason or reasons, there are blocks. The trouble is, those blocks are not normally very easy to get at in any normal way.

And that's where dowsing and manifesting work well together. To manifest you must have goals, right? Of course! But how do you know if those are good goals or even goals that you can really, deep down, believe in and follow? Answer: dowsing!

This presentation is just under 30 minutes in total, so it won't take up too much of your time. Go ahead and watch it and find out some simple things you can do to boost your ability to manifest by making goals and using dowsing.

Now, as I know from my own experience, it's one thing to watch something and another thing to follow up about it. But, you are interested in manifesting, aren't you? So we've put some extra help in here, just for you. Beneath the video you'll find a handout you can download. It costs nothing and you just have to click and save it or print it out straight away.

To get the best results from this presentation and to get your manifesting ability on the right track, you should use the worksheet. Be sure to download and use the worksheet for best results!

Worksheet on Manifesting Goals may be downloaded?here:

Supercharge Your Manifesting Power With Dowsing

How have you used dowsing to help with manifesting in your life? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Sam

    It is so nice to find an article on dowsing and manifestation! Thank you for making this post and presentation. I recently read many books on manifestation and wondered if dowsing can help in this process. And here I am! I understood in this presentation that our conscious and subconscious blocks may prevent or delay our desires from manifesting, and we can dowse to find these blocks and then use various tools/ techniques to remove them to speed up the process. I have few questions regarding this.

    1. If we find and remove most of the blocks/ resistance, should our desires manifest almost instantly? (like, stuff appearing out of thin air, miraculous healing etc)

    2. In goal setting, many manifestation books suggest that all we need to focus on is WHAT we want and WHY, leaving HOW and WHEN to the universe since HOW and WHEN would pose as filters and thus the universe won’t have a free hand to deliver the best match for our needs in the best manner in most suitable time. I would like to know your opinion on that.

    3. Many Law of Attraction books mention that all we need is our undivided attention to what we want, and we will attract it into our life, with no or nominal action required. So, if we decide to remain faithful to this methodology and refrain from doing anything at all, will our subconscious blocks get dissolved automatically before manifestation of our desires or the manifestations will take place even though the blocks still remain?

    4. If I am to depend only on dowsing to get to all/most of my desires, how effective would that be against using the methods of manifestation like visualisation and meditation for the same goals? For an example, I want a nice and expensive car, which I can not afford at this moment. With dowsing, I may form suitable questions to find ways towards this desired reality fairly quickly( like, cheap loans, discounts, gambling, lottery etc). But if I were to manifest it using methods mentioned in books, I would have to set my goal and then visualise it already manifested and then be detached. Repeat the process day after day till synchronicities or co-incidences take place or something happens that leads me to finding exactly what I wanted. This is slower and also not guaranteed to work the way I want it to.

    Thank you.

    • Maggie Percy

      All good questions. Nigel and I are now going beyond dowsing to intuitive living and manifesting, and we do follow the Law of Attraction.
      1. I do believe that if you remove all resistance to what you want, it can come to you instantly, or at least in the right time and way.
      2.Definitely don’t spend time on how and when. We can’t control that. I believe that by choosing what we want to experience in a general sort of way and then focusing on why and trying to feel joy, we let it come in easier.
      3.I don’t believe we have to identify and clear all blocks to manifesting something. I think focusing on the negative is a mistake. If you are working to live in integrity and focus on what you want and why and changing your behavior that is resisting it, the blocks will go away or just get run over.
      4. Dowsing is just one tool. The things you need to master for accurate dowsing are much like what you need for manifesting. You need clear goals. You need focus. You need to follow your heart. But gather a toolkit that resonates with you for allowing well-being into your life. We use many methods, and they change over time.


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