Talent vs. Skill: Why Most People Don’t Dowse Much

Written by Maggie Percy

Art and Dowsing

I had an epiphany today when I was thinking about doing the homework assignment for the art class Nigel and I are taking. Neither one of us considers we have any artistic talent. We've never taken any art classes. We became intrigued with colored pencils as a medium, and we've enjoyed coloring books, but we wanted to explore expanding our creativity. We recognized that to do that, we needed instruction.

I bought a book on colored pencil techniques. It is really nice, but every time I tried to read it and psych myself up to try it, I felt overwhelmed. It looked so hard, I didn't know how or where to start. I felt like a talentless bum. Yet I was still interested in learning techniques, so when a class opened locally, we signed up.

After going to class once and doing the homework for the next meeting, I suddenly realized I was confusing talent with skill. I kept looking at the next assignment, which was to do a large drawing, and I was paralyzed with fear. Right or wrong, I've always felt I had no artistic talent, and because of that, I thought I wouldn't be able to learn anything. But learning is a skill, and all it requires is study and practice. If I define talent as being a prodigy, obviously I have no talent. But there are degrees of talent, and it isn't right to limit the idea of talent to the level of perfection of people like Mozart. And it's totally wrong to think that talent is all it takes. If all you have is talent, you won't go anywhere.

So on a scale of 0-10, let's say there is a range of talent in the general population. If 8 or higher means you can make it as a professional (if you get proper training and work hard to hone your skill), I am definitely not there. I consider myself a 4. Nothing to brag about, but perhaps having enough talent I could enjoy art if I learned and practiced the skills involved.

Everything you do involves a level of skill. Skill is separate from talent. Whether I have any artistic talent or not, if I never learn the skills, I won't appear to be artistic. If I have innate talent, I can learn the skills faster than someone who doesn't, and if I practice, I can hone my skill and begin to produce things that reflect a certain level of accomplishment. I'm betting I'm going to be slow to learn the skills in art class, but I'm going to give it my all. And I'm pretty sure if I do that, I will have fun using those artistic skills at home.

Every artist, musician and athlete must work hard to develop skill. If they have lots of talent, they can take that skill to higher levels. But without training and practice, they wouldn't be successful.

Dowsing is a natural skill anyone can learn. It isn't a talent. It isn't a psychic gift. It's a skill. Now, if you are naturally talented at using your intuition, you may find dowsing easier to learn. I feel I have talent of that sort. But to master dowsing and use it to improve my life, I still needed to study and practice. A lot.

So many people are interested in dowsing. They listen to our stories about how dowsing has saved us thousands of dollars or brought us together or helped us make wise choices. And they think, “I wish I could do that, but I don't have that kind of talent.” Talent isn't what it's about. Skill is what it's about. Committing to learning how to do things well and practicing a lot is what it's about. Even if you don't have a ton of intuitive talent, you can develop skills that will teach you to use it in ways to measurably improve your life.

Dowsing isn't for everyone. We all make choices about what we want to focus on and spend our time doing. You can't become a good dowser by wishing. And if you are avoiding dowsing because you aren't masterful right away without practicing and studying, you have the wrong impression of dowsing.

If you aren't a good dowser; if you doubt your dowsing; if you don't use dowsing a lot, even though you are interested, it's just that you haven't committed to learning the skill of dowsing. If you'll do that, you can master it. Dowsing is a skill worth far more than being able to drive or even use a computer. Learn how to dowse the right way, and it can change your life. We're here to help!


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